August 20, 2017

The trouble with husbands.....Part 2

Me, before the hair was pulled out.......

Our house, just like any house, sometimes needs repair.  Romeo is great at "handyman" repairs.  We've never ever ever paid anyone to do anything to our house with the exception of a plumber friend of mine that replaced a toilet in the master bath ~ which turned out to be one hell of a job.  He does maintenance on everything, including the roof.  Has replaced at least 2 hot water heaters.  Shuts down the evap cooler himself, when most folks pay someone to do what Romeo would call "a shitty job".  He is meticulous and likes to do it right.  Keep this in mind.

For a couple of years now we knew that some of the boards on our small second story deck were experiencing dry rot.  Not surprising in our climate.  90+% of our fences are made from cinder block or brick, which was quite the novelty to me when I first noticed them in El Paso.  This summer was Romeo's first ever "teacher summer" ~ he was off from June 25 until August 3.  He intended to tackle the deck this summer, but because of a snafu with his contract, he wasn't paid.  So, he didn't make much headway with the deck, other than to remove boards a bit at a time.  I wasn't really happy with this development because the backyard looks like a war zone.  Plus, the old rotted out deck did provide some shade from the setting sun.  Sadly, our backyard is on the west side of the house, something I will keep in mind if we ever sell this one and move.  

This weekend, he announced he would be removing the rest of the boards.  It was pretty noisy.  I was trying my best to ignore it while watching the semi-finals of the tennis tournament in Cincinnati.  After an hour or so, he comes in and tells me that the column that holds up the southwestern side of the deck is wobbly.  "It might have to come down," he says.  I told him I wish he wouldn't, and for about 15 minutes we have a rather loud argument where he accuses me of not believing him and I counteract that with that's not the point.  At any rate, I told him to do what he thinks needs to be done.   Some short time after that, there's a loud noise, and he comes in to tell me that he dented the grill when a board came down.  It's not too bad, he says, it's just the lid.  No problem, I say ~ it's still usable if not a little battle weary.  

Another short period of time later, there's an even louder noise, rather like the house is falling down.  Where he comes in to tell me that the column wasn't at all supported, and when he removed the last board the entire thing (probably 8 ft tall) crashed on to the grill.  This is where I started pulling out the hair.  Of course, I'm thankful it didn't fall toward the house (oh so thankful!!).  I suppose my first thought was why didn't you move the grill somewhere else, but our backyard is very small, so there were limited options.  I mentioned that I didn't think we were going to have fajitas for dinner, but he assured me the grill still works, it just took off the side panel.  "Once we get a new grill cover (the original was destroyed in the crash), it won't even be noticeable!".   Sigh.......

So, now not only do we have a huge stack of boards from the deck, there's a sad column laying on the ground as well.  I wonder how long it will take before we actually have a deck again.

Love, 365

August 19, 2017

Wherever my thoughts take me.......


Recently we had an older lady come into the office for her teeth cleaning appointment.....all very routine.  Moments after she checked in with us I was completely over powered by her perfume.  I have a feeling it was "Youth Dew" which is ~ funny enough ~ very popular among the over 70 age group although this is based solely on my own observations.  What ever it was, I felt sorry for the temporary hygienist who was working for one of ours that was on vacation.  I am sitting 20 feet away and could barely tolerate it.....I can't imagine leaning over that person for an hour.  So, please consider that when you go to your dental appointments.  Not just perfume, but if you're a smoker, please don't smoke one right before you go in.  I know you pop in some gum or a mint before you step into the office, but the smell clings and can make non-smokers feel nauseated.  Just go to the gym for an epic work-out?  Please.....take a shower first.  Oh, you think I'm kidding?  Nope.  But trust me that a shower of perfume doesn't remove that smell.....just think of how it smells in the bathroom when you spray that air freshener.  *Now it smells like poop and flowers.  Nice.  
**************Brought to you by everyone who works in close proximity to humans, like hairdressers, nurses and doctors, masseuses, and the person who does your nails.  ************

Yep, Bing again....

It's either YAY!  or BOO! depending.  Believe it or not, lots of kids enjoy school ~ I enjoyed school but was still sad when we went back as it signaled the end of summer.  Who doesn't enjoy the freedom of summer break?  My sister and I loved it.  We never had camps or sitters after I turned 13. I suppose my Mom figured we had enough common sense to stay out of trouble.  :-)  

 Romeo started back on 8/2 where teachers perform various enchantments get their classrooms ready, discuss challenges, have meetings, sign their contracts and choose insurance options ~ all pretty boring stuff. Romeo was telling me that they have a new special education teacher, which was a relief to everyone.  Last years special ed teacher was fired because he didn't do anything.  Seriously, he probably played with his phone and tried to keep things quiet.  I don't really know the whole story, but after he was let go, the kids in that program were placed in regular class rooms, which made teaching the other kids rather difficult.  The new special ed teacher is apparently very accomplished and had to take a major pay-cut, making me wonder how long he will stay.  I suppose that it depends on how necessary money is.  Romeo took a major cut in pay when he started teaching, but is happy enough that he recently mentioned he had no interest in going corporate ever again.   

My class starts on Tuesday ~ a history class ~ "Catholicism in America".  No, I'm not Catholic but it's a history class, and I need those to finish my minor requirements.  I just need to clean out my back pack and reorganize and I'll be all set.

I hope you all have a great weekend!
Love, 365

August 15, 2017

The trouble with husbands

Last night we had a thunderstorm, which the dog hates (what dog doesn't?), so Romeo decides to shut  the only open window, thinking the dog would calm down.  So, I had to open the window in the bathroom for air circulation.  We have an evaporative cooler, so it's common to crack open a window that creates cool air circulation in our bedroom ~ or any other room for that matter.  Evaporative cooling is an old technology (snort) that drags air over a mesh of some kind that water drips over, and cools the air as it does so.  I realize I'm probably not explaining it very well.  All I wanted to point out was that closing the window reduces the cool air coming into the bedroom.  Sheesh.

Anyway, then Romeo asks if we need to put towels on the window sills downstairs.  Sadly this requires another explanation, but a quick one.  If the rain is hard enough and blows in a certain direction, we sometimes have a leak.  We've done everything (except replace the roofing) we can to stop the leak, but sometimes it still happens.  I said I didn't know, and a moment later he went downstairs to put the towels on the window sill.  Then comes back upstairs to announce that I can re-open the window if I want, he's going to sleep in the spare room.

Just this little tiny thing and he huffs himself into the spare bedroom.  Likely I'm just ridiculous.  Ha ha.

Just so you know, ladies ~ you younger ones that haven't reached your 50's and 60's ~ he's gonna change.  And you just have to roll with it.  Romeo is much more sensitive these days.  And it's not always easy to deal with.

Do I love him still?  Of course!!  He's a wonderful husband, a great dad.  Doesn't mean he can't drive me crazy.

Love, 365

August 13, 2017

Catching up ....

Street musicians at the Santa Fe farmer's market

I called a friend for a train trip to Santa Fe for the farmer's market on Saturday ~ it was a lot of fun, although I was a little unsure about basically spending a whole day on the trip.  The train is nice and relaxing  ~ although you have to get to the station early at 8:45 ~ but the return train doesn't leave Santa Fe until 3:15.  So, I spent the entire day on this one activity....I tried to keep myself from thinking of all the other things I needed to do and just enjoy.  The weather was perfect, probably around 80 with a slight breeze.  We had a wonderful lunch at The Cowgirl cafe....

Shrimp tacos and ice tea.....

The Unbroken Horse band...

I still have a week before classes begin, and my boss left for a two-week vacation on Thursday, so I decided to take a few days while he is gone.  I have a few projects planned for when I go back so that it won't be so incredibly boring.  If I don't find something to do, I'll lose my mind....ha ha.

Usually I write something every weekend here, but the last few weeks I just couldn't find anything I wanted to say.  I suppose everyone who blogs hits a snag now and again.  I've been working on figuring myself out....sounds weird, doesn't it?  I just need a bit of introspection.  That's one of the reasons I texted my friend about the trip to Santa Fe.  I find myself in a rut, not really getting out and doing things, and I don't want to spend my life sitting in the house.......sure, I'm doing things, but it seems rather like going through the motions instead of experiencing something new, or doing something I've done with a friend I haven't done much with.....but the next time I plan on going to the farmer's market I'm driving.  It was a constant struggle to keep my newly purchased fruits and vegetables from getting squished.....I probably should have brought bubble wrap!  

Hope all of you have a great week..
Love, 365

July 30, 2017

It's a crazy world, ya know?

Hamster gets hung up on running wheel.....

Racoon slips into jail in they can't find him/her.....

Denmark has an annual "Santa Congress" ~ who knew????  & why???

They look very sweet...but they decided to visit every Cracker Barrel in the country ~ 645 of them.
Why, oh why?  Blech...

Enjoy your week!
Love, 365

July 29, 2017

Fun times.....

My "interpretation", which admittedly was influenced by a few beers...

Paint nite was a lot of fun.  I went with a friend I play racquetball with and her was only the tiniest bit awkward that they were celebrating their anniversary.  I felt a little like a 3rd wheel, but they didn't seem to mind.  This particular event was sold out although there were a few people who didn't make it ~ evidenced by the few canvases and paper plates with paint that were taken away once we started.  It was easy to follow the directions of the host, who had a great sense of humor and admonished us not to make derogatory comments about our own and others work, that it's supposed to be a fun night out.  Two hours later, this is what I had.  Perhaps I shouldn't have had the beer, ha ha.

After we were done, we walked around the tables to see the results.  Some people added dragons and UFO's....I would say these were folks that didn't intend for paint nite to be anything other than a fun night out.  Others were a little more serious.  If you decide to go to one of these events, invite as many people to go as you can.  The more the merrier!  

Some of the best results were from people that don't have any "artistic" abilities!  Again, it was a lot of fun ~ I highly recommend you try one just for the experience.

Love, 365

July 28, 2017

This and that...........

Bing images....

Today marks the start of my 4 day weekend.  I'm really lucky to work where I do as we work Tues-Fri and Mon - Thurs alternately, so that every other weekend is 4 days.  I work for the older of the 2 dentists, and my co-worker and I were speculating that he will cut down the number of days he works, so she is hoping he will cut Friday's out of his work schedule.  You know, hope springs eternal, ha ha.  Friday's are very popular....I'd rather he cut out Monday ~ cue even bigger ha ha.

About a month ago (where does the time go????) I accidentally "returned" a book from the UNM library to our public library system.  When I called the library to ask them about it, they told me that it does happen, and they would eventually return the book to UNM.  I correctly assumed that when there was a large pile, they would deem it worth their time to drive them over to the university.  My UNM book is due on Monday, and I could renew it and just wait for them to gather enough books, but since I have other UNM books due, I figured I would stop by the public library and pick up the misplaced book.  What a pain in the ass, which could have been avoided if I had been paying attention.  Sheesh.

In the meantime, we needed to purchase another slow cooker, as Son #2 took the one we had been using before the move to Austin.  I did some research and found the one I wanted which was delivered yesterday.  Romeo said I received two packages, and I said that one would be the slow cooker.  Turns out that somehow, I managed to order 2 of the same thing.  I'll be returning the second one tomorrow ~ sheesh again.  I think it takes a special kind of ding dong to mistakenly order two of the same thing ~ on the same day.  

I still have 3 weeks before classes start.  I have really enjoyed the lack of reading, homework, test study, and paper writing.  Even better, this particular class does not require the purchase of a book, although that may mean I'll have plenty of articles to print from home.  Maybe I can sneak printing some of them at work.  I don't always pay attention to the ink levels on my aging ink jet printer, and the low ink status doesn't pop up until I want to print something.  

Tonight I am doing something I've never done ~ going to Paint Nite.  We're supposed to paint this:
Of course, I'm not a painter.

They apparently have painters at the event that help you.  We'll see!  

Have a wonderful weekend.  
Love, 365

July 22, 2017

Saturday energy....

Mini garden......

Maybe it's just because it's Saturday and I don't have to go right to work, but I woke up feeling good and energized this morning.  I've already done 2 loads of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, emptied the trash and recycling and wanted to swiffer the floor, but apparently we don't have the cloths that you use with it.  I may feel great and energized, but I'm not really interested yet in vacuuming, tee hee.  I'll save that for later, which could mean tomorrow.  I have books to return to the library, and I need to go shopping for a few things.  

I don't like shopping as much as I used to, and do much of it online these days, but there are some things that I prefer to try on, despite my dislike of dressing rooms.  Is it the lighting?  The mirrors?  All I know is that I'm always horrified at how I look in dressing rooms.  

I spoke to my co-workers on Tuesday about the class I'd like to take this fall and was pleasantly surprised that there was no real opposition.  I think I've found a great way to approach them, giving them a list of 3 classes, and basically let them chose which one would be the least disruptive.  What I didn't tell them was that there is a class on Tues & Thurs that starts at 5:30.  I didn't want to take that one partly because it wasn't a subject I'm interested in, and partly because taking a class after work makes for a very long day, and I'm not as thrilled at walking around the campus after dark.  The bosses don't have to pay me while I'm gone, and I get a nice break from work.  Win, win.

I hope to get around to working on a project, doing some chalk lettering for the office.  It will give me some practice for my office chalk board, which has been leaning against the wall for 6 months now.  I really need to get to it while I'm on break from classes.  

Well, looks like the dryer is done, so need to empty that and get ready to run my errands.  I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

Love, 365

July 16, 2017

Winter is coming.........

"I drink, and I know things...."

After a long wait......couldn't really tell you how many months it's been........Game of Thrones, the final season begins tonight.  We didn't watch it at first for lots of reasons, like not wanting to subscribe when we were already paying a huge price for cable.  Just didn't seem right.  It was costing us over $150 per month!  We finally cut the cord some years ago, and stream our shows now with Roku.  We can add HBO for a few months until GoT is over.  Truthfully, I think that picking and choosing what we want to watch is the way of the future, instead of paying a fortune to Comcast, Direct TV, etc.  Anyway.....

The hero, who returns from the dead....

One of my co-workers said he doesn't watch it, although he might if he decides to watch a soap opera.  and perhaps it is, perhaps it is.  It's a bit more brutal than a soap though.  A tiny taste of what the quest for power was like when we rode horses and had simple tools of war, like maces, axes, swords and the like.  But....
The weak and despicable....

There is loyalty, betrayal, heroism, intrigue.  Best of all.....there are dragons.

Not pretty dragons....fierce and fire breathing dragons.

Yes, the sets are beautiful, but it's the story.  Winter is coming.....

Love, 365 

********(the next day)
So, the first episode started out with Arya taking care of her list....the list of people who must die.  Afterward, I wondered if the "many faced god" did indeed accept her, as she is able to impersinate others with no apparent suspicion.  Interesting as I thought she had left that all behind.  But, understanding Arya's deep seated desire to erase from existence anyone who murdered her family members (& there aren't many left), perhaps that was why she was "chosen" in the first place?

Other than that, this episode seems to be setting the stage for the season.  Not a lot happening, other than Daenarys finally returning home, and that Sam Tarly will likely be instrumental in the living vanquishing the dead.  But we don't know, so we'll just continue to tune in on Sunday evening until the season ends.

July 14, 2017

Wilted strawberries.....

A car in our local grocery store parking about that homemade spoiler?

I woke up this morning starving......Romeo has already taken the dog for a walk, so I stumble down the stairs for coffee and see the bowl of strawberries I didn't eat at dinner, still sitting on the counter.  They looked dull, and a little dehydrated, but I ate them anyway.  I wouldn't call it fine dining, lol.  I then grabbed a piece of multi grained bread (Romeo bought it, which surprised me ~ he used to call stuff like this bird food) and poured a thin layer of lavender honey on it and scarfed that down too.  I guess I'm ready to take on the day.

Just heard a news report that people living "downwind" from the Trinity bomb test site that were exposed and are now plagued with cancer have ~ once again ~ been denied compensation from our illustrious government.  Is this America?

Have been reading "A Handmaids Tale" ~ mostly because I've been hearing about the hulu original series (I don't have hulu & don't plan to subscribe) ~ I've likely read a third (or a fourth?) of it, and the story is interesting, but the book bugs me.  I'm an avid reader of fiction (who needs reality? we're living it ~ and I rarely read biographies) and admit to all who might care (ha ha) that some of my favorite reads are pure entertainment, and not very "literary".  I think the reason I'm not thrilled with the book is the constant and unrelenting descriptions.  I want the story, not a paragraph long description of how the room looks, smells, the lighting, the dust motes....I want the story.  I can fill in my own backdrop.  I think my reaction is due to my lack of patience.  I will keep reading though, because I'm cheap, and already paid for it.  There's another clue to my personality :-)  Plus, I'm really bugged by the fact that these women just do what they are told.  Come on, there has to be a way!  I think I'd rather die than live in a society like the one described in that book.  =shudder=

Enjoy your Friday ~ Love, 365

Well!  I did receive my final grade for the summer class ~ an A.  I read through some of the final projects (which were posted on Google Drive, and truthfully took me a few minutes to figure out how to download my paper), and was impressed.  One was particularly good.  I can't figure out how I achieved an A in comparison, lol.

**Word of warning when scrolling through blogs (by hitting the "next blog" button....I ran across an extremely pornographic blog, so be aware.  I was surprised, then surprised that I was, because the world is full of that kind of stuff.  There was a warning, but I've seen those before and figured they might use a few choice words, but no.  Sheesh.

July 9, 2017

Re-organizing after the craziness...

Dahlia in the garden....6-20-17

Here I am, in front of the computer again, ha ha.  I need to clean off my desk, throw out the papers I no longer need and sort the books to return to the library.  Speaking of libraries, last Monday I drove to the main library of Albuquerque, for info for my research paper.  Before I left the house, I grabbed a book that I decided that I didn't need for return ~ which I did....but instead of giving it to a real human, I dropped it into the book return.  The next day I realized I returned a book from UNM to the public library.  I called on Wednesday, and they assured me that it happens, and they'll return it to UNM ~ eventually.  I'm not too concerned, as the book isn't due until early August, but I'll have to keep an eye on the status of it...I don't want to have to buy a book for UNM....I already give them too much of our money.

The beautiful dahlia in the photo (took with my i phone, the camera is really amazing) lasted a long time, but the 3 buds have all bloomed and are gone now.  I have no idea if it will send up flowers again during the summer, but it's really a fantastic flower.  I haven't had a flower garden in a long time, so I'm re-learning what I like, and what does well.  This one is certainly my favorite.

On the 4th, I received an e-mail from my oldest son, who informed the family he is going to jump into marriage again.  I was a little disheartened....he's only been divorced a year, and I hoped he would wait another year before taking the plunge again.  Although I told him I hoped he would wait a little longer, I don't have a good argument since I married again a bit over a year after my first marriage, and Romeo & I are going on 38 years now.  My niece is getting married again this summer as well, and my sister and I had an interesting conversation about the two yesterday.  Mostly we said to each other "what can you do, except hope they are happy".  I have no idea how son #2 is taking it because the reason he moved back to Albuquerque was due son #1 was getting married, and she not only had my new grandson but 4 other kids as well.  Yeah, it's kind of a soap opera.  It's family, after all.

Enjoy your week!
Love, 365

The trouble with husbands.....Part 2

Me, before the hair was pulled out....... Our house, just like any house, sometimes needs repair.  Romeo is great at "handyman&q...