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August 20, 2016

Blathering about this and that....

Quail at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

Firstly, I hope all of you enjoyed watching the summer Olympics...our team made us proud!  What an incredible event to participate in....especially with the controversy regarding the pollution and the zika virus.  I was not sure what to expect.  On the other hand, I've had enough, and am glad it's nearly over, so I can peel my eyes away from the TV and get something done.

Cranes at Bosque del Apache

I am poised to encounter a new experience at UNM ~ my first "honors" class.  After all of the drama of having one of their professors suspended, then brought back only to be suspended again, I was relieved to see they have placed a different professor.  Then I read his reviews on "Rate My Professor" and began to feel apprehensive again, as most (8 out of 10) didn't care for him.  But, I will just have to judge for myself.  

Vermillion flycatcher (I think) at Bosque del Apache

Poor Romeo had a very rough first week of school.  I was becoming concerned with how quiet he was after work, even though he assured me that the problem was just his becoming accustomed to teaching.  He was really glad for Friday to come was I.

I had an interesting week at work as well, that revolved around ~ Christmas.  Yeah, apparently taking time off around Christmas is quite a harrowing affair.  I didn't get involved much as I don't really enjoy taking time off during that holiday (stemming from 14 years of being required to take a week off at Christmas).  But it was interesting to hear from the sidelines all the drama.  Our newest co-worker put in for 3 days off at Christmas, sparking a bit of concern from the more senior employees.  Who believed that because of their length of employment should have "priority" over those of us that are new.  One year our office manager told me that things became so crazy everyone put in for vacation time (for Christmas) the first week of January.  Wow.

I am fervishly studying for my Renaissance mid-term.  I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out what to study as this on-line course doesn't really give me much individual guidance.  I might e-mail the school for a bit of help.  But I have the test scheduled for a week from this coming Monday.  A deadline I fully intend to keep.  I must get this class completed by the end of October, and time is really running out.

Well, back to it....
Love, 365

August 15, 2016

Why no one likes to diet...

About 6 weeks ago, I decided it was time.......time to lose a few pounds.......let go of the potato chip bag, and get serious.

My co-worker and I discussed the situation:

"I need to lose a few pounds ~ or just forget the whole thing and buy new clothes"
reply ~ "I got ya, sister.  Let's walk at lunch"

So, we do.  At least twice a week, we go out at lunch and walk between 1 1/2 to 2 miles.  It's hot.  But we don't use that excuse, we take a bottle of water and go.  98 degrees?  No problem.  We did make a few changes, like taking clothes to walk in.  Extra undies and a sport bra so that we can change back into work clothes that aren't sweaty and stinky.  One day Dr G commented on how red our faces were, and I said "no, it's just a glow".  Ha ha.  We are anxiously awaiting the fall temp's so that we can walk further without coming back dripping.  Lately we have cut the walk to no more than 1 1/2 miles, as it gives us plenty of time to cool off and eat a bit of lunch.

And it's working.  I've lost 4 1/2 pounds since I started.  It's really not the excersize that is doing it though, it's the calories.  So I use an app that helped me set a calorie goal, then I add in what I've eaten.  It's really annoying to count calories, especially when you want a milk shake.  Have been avoiding Starbucks for the frappucino ~ even the plain coffee one is 250 calories.  But I do indulge every now and then.  I went to dinner with a friend on Saturday, and had 2 (2!) beers with dinner.  It was a real treat.

It's the old fashioned way to lose weight without pills or diet guidelines.  You just have to decide if you want to eat something that is nutritious (like an apple, or yogurt) or blow your calories away on a bag of chips.  Sometimes, the chips win.....

Love, 365

August 14, 2016

Dental matters.....


Good morning!  I had been catching up on everyone's blog posts, and along the way I was reading about dental stuff.  So, I thought I would pass on my thoughts on what to think when you go to a dentist and he tells you your dental work will cost (insert any number from $80 to $5,000 ~ or more).

The mention about dental work involved root plane/scaling (or deep cleaning, whatever).  Usually performed by the dental hygienist, with local anesthetic (OK, they give you a shot).  RPS (shortcut) is recommended when there's hard calculus build up under the gumline, which, over time, creates little pockets that can become infected.  Periodontal abscesses are not fun.  It's rather like having a tooth abscess as far as pain is concerned, but a short round of antibiotics clears it up quickly.  These little pockets and the bacteria will ~ again, over time  ~ eat away at the bone around the roots of your teeth.  So, eventually your teeth become lose and fall out.  So, periodontal disease is insidious because (unless you have an abscess) quietly goes on, and then "BAM" you need dentures.  Well, that's a bit of license on my part, but basically that's what happens.  

But, let's get real.  Although most dentists are interested in keeping their patients healthy and out of pain, some are more interested in making enough money to put their 3 kids through college, or supporting a spouse that really wants to spend money (on a house/furnishings, or travel, or jewelry/art).  In my humble opinion, there is no need for a dentist to "recommend" treatment that isn't necessary.  All you have to do is be observant.  There are lots of people out there that desperately need dental care.  But, I am moving away from the basic advise I wanted to give you.

If you have any doubts at all, by all means go get a second opinion.  As in the post I was reading, the second opinion resulted in the "you don't need that" variety.  If you are of the habit of having a teeth cleaning with a hygienist every 6 to 8 months, the likelihood you will need RPS is small.  It just depends on your home care (do you floss at least 4 times a week?  brush twice a day?).  I happen to work for two dentists that just simply don't recommend treatment to a patient that isn't needed.  Whether or not the patient decides to have the recommended work done ~ that's a whole other story.  There's the $$ ~ many of those people who don't have the work done simply can't afford it.  There's anxiety over dental work ~ just getting those folks in the door is a challenge.  And then there's the folks that believe putting some kind of herb or essential oil on the area is going to cure the problem.  

In short ~ if you have trust issues with your dentist, it's time to find a new one.

Love, 365

August 9, 2016

It's like "Days of our Lives" around here......

UNM prof again suspended over sexual harassment complaints

Headline and photo from the Albuquerque Journal, 8-9-2016

Well, folks.....looks like I needn't worry about my honors professor, as it appears as though either  more women came forward to lodge complaints, or the outcry of everyone (?) put enough pressure on the powers that be at UNM that they suspended him again.  Really, I can't imagine that he will be given anymore classes to teach, although I don't know if they will fire him.  Although they should, without fear of a reprisal in the form of a lawsuit.  He kinda looks like a regular guy, right?  Of course, after having read all these stories, I'm not sure.  Perhaps a bit of predator in the eyes.  Very interesting.  Now I am wondering who will teach the honors class.  It would be so cool if Prof. Stewart could do it, but I don't think he would want to, as he's basically inching his way toward retirement.

How embarassing for New Mexico, UNM and the general state of academia.

Love, 365

August 6, 2016

Because it would be too easy.....

Censured professor returns to UNM after sex harassment investigation

Are ya wondering why I posted that Albuquerque Journal headline?  Read on.......

So, for the past two years I've been hoping that I can work it out to take the honors class.  The Anthropology department ~ for whatever reason ~ holds the class only in the fall.  And there is only one class.  There are no choices in time of day, day of the week, or instructor (I see you are figuring it out).  Last year it was Prof. Wills.  One of my other professors didn't really have a high opinion.  Plus I had been at the new job for 6 months, and it didn't seem like a great idea to ask for the time off to attend the class.  

This year I managed it...

I kept seeing a story about the UNM professor, but keep missing the name, mostly because I'd be drying my hair and the noise prevented me from hearing it.  However, I was shocked to learn the name on the radio on my way home a few days ago.....he is the professor teaching the honors class this fall.  

Friends asked me if I could switch to another instructor, or wait and take it next year.  Some who had read the story felt that UNM is going to be keeping a close eye on him, so it should be no problem.  I'm not sure how I feel yet, other than a profound sense of disappointment.  


Romeo has been in training for the past two weeks, and has this coming week off until August 15th, his first teaching day.  So far he's been impressed with their attitudes and policies.  The teachers are allowed to try new classroom management and teaching techniques, and then discuss them with their coworkers for input.  As the classes are 90 minutes long, none of the kids has "homework".  Everything is done in class.  Sadly, it's been so many years since I was in 9th grade, I don't recall how much homework I used to have.  Today's parents are always complaining about their kids having so much homework ~ like 2 or more hours worth.  So I like the idea, although I wonder how they will keep the kids attention for that long.  He seems happy to be there though.  It will be interesting to hear his stories once classes begin.

For myself, I am thrilled to have insurance again.  I've already set up an appointment with the dermatologist.  I have a small area that looks funny to the same area where I had all of that radiation therapy.  Of course, I couldn't get an appointment until October.  I keep calling to see if there has been any cancellations, and feel a bit baffled that they seem so nonchalant about a possible skin cancer lesion.  And I've been noticing these lumps in my right palm that may be Dupuytren's Contracture, so I need to see a hand specialist to find out.  There's no contracture yet, but I need to find out if that's what it is.  

Well, better get busy with laundry & cleaning.  Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, 365

July 31, 2016


Time to (re)write.....Bing images

Seems like anytime I have a paper due, I end up posting some blah blah nonsense.  So, since I have to rewrite and turn in my paper tomorrow, I wanted to keep with the tradition of procrastinating.  Lets see, how else could I waste my time?  I'm sure I'll come up with something.

A rewrite is not as difficult as a virgin paper.  But I am rather tired of this one, as this will be rewrite #4.  I keep adding to the data.  It's a research paper that I've been working on and off for over a year.  So, I guess I better get going and finish, because I don't want to be making any last minute scrambles to get it done.  =sigh=

I will be a bit sad that this will be the end of my last class with Prof. Stuart.  I hope that we can meet up every other month or so just to chat, because he is a very interesting man with a lot of knowledge. He was supposed to teach a class this fall, but apparently put it off until the spring.  So, maybe it won't be the last class!  I suppose it depends on how he feels about it.  Lately he has been disgusted with the "powers that be" at UNM ~ at least we share that attitude (as far as offered classes and the times they are available).

Enjoy your week!
Love 365

July 29, 2016

It's a scam, people.....really?

All we have to do is hear "IRS" and we have to run to the toilet to throw up.....

Lately I have been on the receiving end of scammer phone calls and voice mail messages that say that I am being sued by the IRS.  Final notice.  Please call back at ------.  Blah blah blah.

But, funny enough, the first time I heard the recording (on Wednesday) I actually called back on my office phone.  And the guy who answered had an accent that sounded to be from India to me.   The conversation was really strange, and at least I did not give him my entire phone number, because I realized that if I did, the harrassment might get worse.  And, after the initial rush of adrenaline, I realized this was a scam.  Not only that, but a bit of research indicates that the scam has been going on for awhile.  

So, please....all of you (myself somewhat included) gullible people, do not call these people back, and no THE IRS IS NOT SUING YOU.  Nope, that would be a big fat audit, and you would be fully aware.  I worked for two dentists who were audited ~ the first was just a bit too enthusiastic to write off everything as a business expense and the second was convicted of tax evasion.  I should have known better.  I admit to moments of total stupidity.

So, what's up with you?  

Love, 365