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November 17, 2017

I'm jumpin on (the sexual harrassment bandwagon)....

Al Franken, the lastest harasser to be accused....

Romeo and I were watching the news this morning before he left for work, and saw the story of Leean Tweeden revealing Al's forced kiss, and likely we've all seen the "pretend groping" photo by Al while Leean was asleep.  
She explains that many have experienced worse, but it was a week of harassment with Al at a USO function a decade ago.
I was furious to read that: (and you can go to the article here)
     Congress rules on holding lawmakers accountable re: sexual harassment are as follows:
     ~Accusers can file lawsuits only if they first agree to go through months of counseling and mediation (Does this sound fair to you?).
     ~Then a special congressional office is charged with trying to resolve cases out of court.
     ~After all that your lawmaker-harasser is found guilty & there's a settlement, they don't have to pay.  Confidential payments come out of a special US Treasury fund (that's right, your tax dollars go to pay for the sins of congressmen).

One representative who's chief of staff is a woman reports she doesn't know a single woman in her age group that hasn't experienced inappropriate conduct in the workplace.  NOT ONE.

For myself, I'm all for calling out these men.  I've been sexually harassed in so many situations, it's not even funny.  
~Asked to sit on the lap of a man I worked for in a nursery (plants), while he groped my breasts....I should have gone to his wife and told her.  Afraid I would lose my job, which I needed.  Never got close enough to him for that to happen again.
~While married, have had friends of my husband ask me for sex.
~Had another boss put my hand on his erection and state: "Look what you've done to me", as though I should then agree to have sex with him, because it's my fault.
~A man I know who is married & who knows I'm married constantly ask me for "dates".  All turned down of course.  He knows that I know his wife, and he's met my husband.  What is the deal???

Am I the only woman who is sick and tired of all this shit?  I would think not.  But I am angry with myself for allowing it to happen without speaking up.  

We can't simply let this sort of behavior continue and keep quiet.  
We have a voice, and we need to use it.  
We aren't at fault.
We don't need to feel guilty, or think we "asked for it".

To the men who enjoy using their power to harass women, shame.  I hope you all burn in hell.

Love, 365

November 14, 2017

Almost naked??

Yeah, I'll get to that in a minute.....

Fall, New Mexico style...

Well, here I sit, trying to make time speed up.  It's a bit past my bedtime now (10:30), and I still have an hour and a half to go ~ my class registration time begins at midnight.

Last year I waited until about 5am figuring that would be safe enough to get the class I wanted.  Wrong.  By then, the class was not only full, but the wait list was full as well.  Lesson learned.  But in order to be absolutely sure, I have to register right at midnight.  Worked for me when there were only 2 slots for the class I took this summer (what a great class that was!).  But, wow, staying up until midnight for something that is necessary but not fun is not my cup of tea.  

So, a little post to distract myself.  Maybe a bit of online window shopping.  

I'm afraid if I go to bed & set my alarm, I'll either not want to rouse myself to get up, or if I do, then I might not be able to fall asleep after.  The wonders of getting older....
So now the nearly naked part....

Naked might be taking this subject a little too far....but have you noticed that so many women are wearing yoga pants or leggings?  I have noticed this trend at UNM, although I see it at the grocery store, library ~ just about anywhere.  At the university, I would guesstimate that 50% of the girls wear leggings or tights instead of jeans.  Some are fairly modest, and their shirt or jacket covers the backside, but most don't.  I'm all for comfort, but I think this trend is nearly as bad as wearing pajamas to the grocery store.

I tried to find some decent photos on Bing, but I would say the majority of the pics were a little too.....suggestive?  Sexy?  Pornographic?   ~ OK guys, I know what you're going to do next, haha.

What do you think?  

Love, 365

***Reminder to those of you who might enjoy reading The Faithful by James O'Toole:  class will be over by Dec. 14th, so let me know if you are interested!  Probably best by e-mail, so leave your comment & I'll drop by with the e-address.

November 11, 2017

Mud slog....


This morning I viewed a very interesting Ted Talk about higher education ~ mainly college education.  About how the existing system is antiquated and hasn't changed since the 1900s.  It was almost like someone was trying to put a message in front of me.  I wasn't able to post the video here (mostly because I didn't want to spend one or two hours figuring out how), nor could I find the video on its own so that I could provide a link.  Basically, the presenter voiced his concerns that higher education is still running the same model for the last 100 years.  
Think about that for a moment.
Everything else ~ our computers, our cell phones, cars, television have all advanced incredibly in just the last 5 years.  Gautam Khetrapal, the man who gives the speech on TedXU, describes the model as based on linearity, conformity, and "batching people".  That what we learn is basically obsolete by the time we graduate.  This isn't true in all fields......although history remains the same, there are different ways to interpret the stories of history, or a new discovery changes the status quo.  Mathematics doesn't change, although the way we arrive at our answer may.  

This is relevant to me because I'm in a program at a university attempting to earn a degree.  I'm so close to graduation.....but now am running into problems finding the specific classes I need to complete my requirements.  There is a possibility that the advisor can help me with substituting a class for one that I need, or even give me credit to meet a final requirement.  I made my own not meeting with an advisor every semester or at least twice a year.  After my meeting yesterday, I discovered that I might be able to graduate at the end of next year.  IF the substitutions and credits are accepted.  But, what I wish is that, as Gautam mentions in his video, is that I could design my degree program based on my interests, especially once the junior and senior year are reached.  

During one of my first advisor meetings at the community college I asked why I had to take a class like music appreciation, and was given the age-old "we want you to have a well-rounded education".   
This is a fallacy.  
It's all about money.
Money is the reason I need 128 hours of education to be awarded a degree.
I've understood this for awhile, and understand that meaningful change takes a very long time.  I do hope that someday education will be for everyone that wants it, and that we will be allowed to choose our own path.......

Love, 365 

November 6, 2017

Hold on while I get my coffee......

Ahhhh, that's better.
Onward, through the fog....

I've been obscessing and taking pics of the sunflowers that were in a flower arrangement I purchased recently.  I think this is one of 5 I've taken the last few days.
Although I consider myself reasonably intelligent, I bought this arrangement simply because I love the 3 small vases (and it looks like old fashioned milk bottles!).  Very handy for small bouquets!  See how I saved $$ buy buying shit?  I wish I could recall the comedian who said that...

Ok, I'll stop now.  But aren't they pretty?
Romeo.....oh how I love thee.  But seriously, you're driving me batshit crazy.  I know I've mentioned the second story deck issue.  Romeo removed it after he discovered dry-rot in the boards.  Since then, he has done......well, really nothing.  He's measured where to put the posts that will support it, and he has drilled the holes and placed the metal support thingy in.  Because we'll be out of town during Thanksgiving, he's not planning on doing anything else until Christmas vacation, although really, isn't it going to be a little cold?  He plans to place the posts and the framework.  Then, according to Romeo, "it'll be easy to do the rest".  Hmmmm.  I'm always suspicious when someone tells me something will be easy.  

The only issue currently, is that we used to access the roof by way of the deck.  So, closing down the evaporative cooler is tricky, and the roof can only be accessed with a ladder.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate ladders?  Romeo mentioned "Oh, I think I'll shut the cooler down next weekend, since it's going to be windy this weekend", where I promptly stated that the wind usually comes in the afternoon, so he should have no problem doing it now....not to mention that the following weekend is right before we leave, so we might be busy.  I felt only a teeny bit guilty manipulating him into doing it now.  I know chores like that one aren't fun.  I understand procrastination (I'm the queen!).  I'll be so glad when the deck is done, but I guess I'll just have to be patient (I'm not the queen of that one).

Just to clarify, I'm farrrr from perfect (remember the procrastination).  We've been happily married for almost 40 years, which I attribute to each of us complimenting the I can manipulate him into a chore, and he is great at keeping me grounded.  It just works, haha.

So, Thanksgiving.  This will be the first Thanksgiving that I haven't prepared everything.  Turkey, stuffing, rolls....the only thing I don't do is my own cranberry sauce.  The plan is that I will kick it out of the park for Christmas.  I just need to dial down how much food I cook or we'll be eating the leftovers for a month.  It's great on the day of, and still enjoyable the next day....but 3 weeks later that frozen turkey is taunting you from the freezer, and you've already used up all the ideas on how to fix it in different ways.....

Enjoy your week!
Love, 365

November 3, 2017

Oh, I have bald spots......

Shots from the garden

Apparently, I have been neglecting visiting the "adviser" at UNM to plan out classes I need.  I ran an audit to check on what I would need for the spring semester.  I already know I need history classes, but I was hoping to take a break from history for a semester.  But, no.  I need 9 more hours of history.  I won't be taking any breaks.  I haven't taken a semester break for two years, and I won't be able to take one the summer of 2018.  I'm afraid to take a break ~ I might not go back.  I got myself into this, I'm not going to quit now.

We've made our plans to drive to Austin with the dog over Thanksgiving.  Although it will be a long drive, I'm looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with the family for the first time since we moved here.  

We have seen dogs that are up for adoption and when I see one that will work with Sioux, I inquire.  Sadly other people seem to beat me to the punch.  I'm not very thrilled with these groups that foster dogs, as they never call me back, and a few days later I look on the website and the dog we were hoping to adopt is no longer listed.  I don't know how this all works....I guess next time I will ask them to let me know my chances.  The last one asked me if I could go that evening, but I couldn't, so I guess that meant to her that I didn't really want him, since I wasn't able to drop everything and go.  Argh.

Well, looking forward to our beautiful weather forecasted for this weekend!  I hope you have the same.....
Love, 365

October 29, 2017

I just don't get it

We have approximately 30 students in the class I'm currently taking ~ Catholicism in America.  There is quite a mix ~ most are in their twenties, more than half of the class is female.  There are two native Americans and a few that attend class in military uniforms.  There is one girl that wears her hair in dreads.  She is a pretty girl, with dark blonde and capable.  So, why does she wear her hair in this horrible style that looks like a rats nest?  I just don't get it......

It doesn't quite look like this, but bad enough.....(Bing images)
I was reading a website on the care of dreads, and if you decide you don't want them anymore, the process of removing them is daunting.  
Especially the section on ~ bugs.  OMG

At the first class, the professor usually reviews his/her expectations for the class...rules included.  Our professor prefers we not bring our computers unless we are discussing a reading that was posted online.  Likely this rule is simply due to how cramped the class is.  The first couple of weeks ~ before students dropped the class ~ we were sitting 3 to a table, which only seats 3 if you have a small notebook.  Now the average is 2 per table, including those that prefer to sit against the back wall at the tiny desks that were put in to handle the overflow.  Of course, she also mentioned to please not use your cell phone either, but on Thursday, one student spent nearly the entire class texting and surfing.  She noticed but opted not to call him out on it.  I thought it was disrespectful and rude.  
This weekend was the annual Breast Cancer Walk in Albuquerque.
It was a lot of we all met our goal for daily steps/miles.

We treated ourselves to Mexican food at El Pinto....
Very "fallish" in the decor....

It was chilly at first, but warmed up nicely!

The Rio Grande ~ yep, it's usually pretty muddy.  You could walk across and probably only be in water to your waist in the deepest parts.

Enjoy the last bit of your weekend!
Love, 365

October 21, 2017

My thoughts turn to........

Our beautiful blue skies are the perfect backdrop for fall color.

UNM campus color.

I was listening to NPR (I listen every morning during my commute) and they were discussing the healthcare issues that just aren't ever solved ......... in my opinion, they never will as long as healthcare is a FOR PROFIT enterprise ~ the CEO's of insurance companies ~ like 17 million just for Metlife alone (in 2011).  I don't have a problem with the idea that people need to be paid for their work.  Can you imagine what American health care might be like if the CEO was paid a few hundred thousand and some of those millions were used to help subsidize health care for the indigent, or simply to reduce the premium for families and individuals?  Staggering.  Won't ever happen.
Happily, the new WD season starts tomorrow.

I'm not watching many of the previous episodes from last season because......well if you watch it you know that last season was tough.  Our protagonist met a particularly wicked villain.   We shall see.....

 Poldark on PBS

We've been watching the new season of Poldark on Sunday nights too, and were worried that they would be on at the same time.....we don't own a DVR and didn't really want to chose which one we would watch, but I think they are one after the other.  Again, we shall see.  Have you watched Poldark?  It's an old British show, remade at least once.  We've enjoyed it, although dang, he has some mighty bad luck.  

Enjoy your weekend!
Love, 365

October 16, 2017

It's that time of year.......

Oxidation.....can you guess what this is?  
Answer at the bottom!

I love fall.....the cooler temperatures, the beautiful blue skies against the backdrop of colorful's tough to work inside when we experience this excellent time of the year here in New Mexico.  However, I don't love the allergies I've been experiencing along with the low grade cold.  I've been chasing Romeo out of bed around 2am with snoring.  Which is ironic because I spent years sleeping on the couch because he used to snore every night.  

It's also that time of year that I begin to lose my enthusiasm for the university.  I want to be done.  But I can't do two classes a semester because I just can't handle that much homework and reading along with working full time.  And I can't afford to take two classes financially either.  It's become a tradition of sorts for me to feel frustrated this time of year.  Dissolusioned.  Anxious that it will never ever end.  Somehow I just need to put it out of my mind, but I haven't found an answer other than just turning away from the thoughts, sort of like how you look away at something distasteful.  sigh....

I did manage to complete a huge project this weekend, so I feel good about that.  I had been letting the shredding of documents, and mail that I can't just throw away pile up.  I ended up with two large bags ~ satisfying to put it in the recycle bin.  Now I need to move on to the closet.  

I doubt seriously that we will receive our mid-term exams back tomorrow, but hope springs eternal, huh?  I need to start on my oral history report soon, but I haven't yet heard from the person I hope to interview.  I'll likely move on after Friday of this week.  I can't wait forever for her to decide if she wants to participate.

The aforementioned picture of the colorful leaves and sky.....I took this pic on Sunday.

This is the answer to the "oxidation" issue up top.  It's just a close up 
of the hood, but I thought it was cool.

Enjoy your week!
Love, 365

October 8, 2017

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta!

2015 pics

For the next 10 days, Albuquerque will be busy with visitors (lots of folks have out of town guests this time of year).  The balloon fiesta is huge here.  Apparently we host the largest balloon event in the world, and there are balloons and pilots from all over.  It is truly a unique experience!  There is the excitement of watching the balloons inflate ~ which as you can see from the bottom photo, spectators are allowed on the field with the pilots, balloons and their crew.  We went 5 years in a row after we first moved here, and manage to go every 3 to 4 years since.  

This year drones are bringing video that is truly breathtaking.  If someone posts it I will show it here or give you a link (it'll probably show up on youtube soon).  Santa might bring a drone to Romeo this year ~ he's been talking about them, and I think he would have a blast with one.  

If you ever get the chance, come an experience it.  It's a unique experience you won't forget.

I can laugh now....yesterday when I pulled into the garage, Romeo came out and looked completely frazzled ~ his hair looked like he had been nervously running his hands through it.   I asked him what was wrong, and he explained that he thinks he left his phone somewhere.  He had already driven to Lowe's again, retracing his steps, and had gone through every room in the house.  I called his phone ~ it was in the bathroom on one of the floating shelves we have.  :-)

Love, 365

October 7, 2017

35 cents! Wow!

Flowers always make me happy.....

Time is always short when I study for an exam, and the mid-term is coming up on Tuesday.  I do need to take a break soon to go to UNM's bookstore to purchase a "blue book", which I've never had to buy before.  I checked out the price ~ 35 cents.  Nice price as this time of month the money is tight.  All my life it seems that the first of the month is when all the big bills come due.  =sigh=

Romeo is making very little progress on the deck.  The handyman that was supposed to come and estimate the rebuild never showed.  I suppose that's a hidden blessing.  Although I thought maybe we would be surprised at the cost, Romeo was hurt because he thought I didn't believe he could handle the project.  So, that conversation has faded away, and I've decided to just let him do it.  If he comes to the realization that he might not be up to it, I can call the handyman again.  You have to really work at marital bliss, it doesn't just jump into your lap and kiss you.  Haha.

I have all these organizational plans that I just don't ever seem to have time for.  I guess I'll look at the calendar and just put it in.  That might be the only way it's ever going to get done.  For one, I really need to revamp the closet in my office, which has - over the years - become a repository for junk that we thought we would find a use for.  Old frames, and old clock I bought over 40 years ago ~ the list really goes on and on.  Our snowboards are in there ~ something I don't have the desire to do anymore.....I'm thinking of using them to decorate my walls in here.  As for the rest of the gear, I suppose I'll put it on Craig's List, or LetGo, or something.  It's a good time to sell winter sports gear, although I doubt seriously that I'll get much for it.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping in!
Love, 365

October 2, 2017

History lessons which are never learned.....

Flowers along the sidewalk in Austin....

History is such a bitch.  I mean, you've got dates to remember, details and names to recall.  I really suck at dates, but luckily, our professor also sucks at dates, so won't be giving us those types of questions on our tests and quizzes.  

History is written ~ usually ~ by the winners.  Look at us.  In Texas they never discuss the reasons for the Battle of the Alamo.  All we hear about is the American heroes.  We never hear about how we decided to annex through violence, a large portion of what was then Mexico.  In New Mexico you don't read about how we lied to the indigenous (& we don't call them indigenous, we call them Indians) and stole much of their land or killed most of them with war and disease.  

The same is true of immigrants.  My current class is Catholicism in America, which is more about people than it is of Catholicism.  I am enjoying it much more than I thought I would.  We are currently reading "The Madonna of 115th Street" by Robert Orsi.  I figured I would be bored.  It's a fascinating glimpse of the lives of the early immigrants from Italy in the 1800s.  If you are interested in what it was like for those early Italians, it's a book I would highly recommend.  (also cheap as a used paperback on Amazon)  Orsi discusses in detail of life in the "domus" which is a term to describe how life revolved around family and friends in the community that these early immigrants (in Italian Harlem) fought so hard to protect.  Nor is it all fun and games.  The Italians really knew how guilt and shame were powerful motivators.  He does go into the Mafia a bit too, with a view point I had never considered.  

So, at the end of class, I'm going to mail the book to one of you.  I'll let you know when.  No essay required!


September 30, 2017

It's gonna be a bright, sunshiny day

(Bing images)

(;)) It's a lovely Saturday morning, and I'm sitting here with my coffee at hand trying to plan out the day.  I need to get the tires rotated ~ start studying for the mid-term exam on 10/10 ~ do a bit of house cleaning :-( ~ go to the gym for a little workout.  Why "a little workout"?  Because I've been horribly negligent and will need to start out slow.  Bad, bad me.

Trivia: did you know Frank Lloyd Wright's son John developed Lincoln Logs?  I still love those......

I did finish my essay and turned it in on Thursday ~ my philosophy is, it's all in the professor's hands now, no sense being anxious about it.  Because I was out of town the weekend before it was due ~ and because I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on it while I was out of town (although I had my notebook and books with me, smh) I had to kick it every evening after work to get it done.  I missed Ladies Nite racquetball too.  Lazy, lazy me.

Although the mid-term is 11 days from today (and she's not giving us the study guide until the 5th) I figure I will start reviewing my notes.  Although she does spend about 15-20 min each class reviewing the material from the previous class, we still cover a lot of ground.  I'm still fretting over the class I missed, as I don't see many people in class taking notes I didn't feel there was anyone worth asking to give me a copy of theirs after I returned.  I suppose I take tons of notes because the simple act of writing them down helps me remember.  I've already learned that there are times that the professor mentions things during the lecture that are on exams but not in our readings.  Oh, and the older woman I mentioned I didn't see in class is back, so I guess I've just missed seeing her.  I don't know if she's taking the class or just auditing it, not that it matters.

Suppose I should get started.....hope you all have a great weekend!
Love, 365

September 25, 2017

Oh, the humidity.........

It was lovely....

I should begin with how great the wedding was....and it was!  It was a non-stop affair from the moment I stepped off the plane until I went home.  It was a short trip, from Thursday to Sunday, so there was a lot to do.  Thankfully, I only had to help with the incidentals that simply took a bit of my time and freed up #1 son to do other things.  

However, there were a few glitches.  Like Allegiant Airlines.  Really, you just can't fly to Austin from Albuquerque for less.  It was less than $150, and there's no stick you can shake at that.  SW would have been (at it's cheapest) $276.  Having said that, when we landed, I couldn't figure out where we were....other than the fact they said we were in Austin, because we weren't at the airport I was expecting.  Later I found out that the "south airport" is a new area for Allegiant.  From there you are invited to take a 25 minute shuttle ride to the main airport.  It was not a surprise that I enjoyed.  

From there I went to the rental car building.  As I'm walking up, I see that the only rental car counter with a line was Budget.  There was only one person at the counter and a line of 6 people in front of me.  That was another 45-minute wait.  All of the other rental car counters were shooting people out to their rentals in 10 minutes or less.  Made less enjoyable by the fact that I had to pee but because I was by myself, I didn't want to ask a stranger to hold my place in the line while I took care of business.  Again, not enjoyable.  

After that it was smooth sailing ~ my phone map/directions didn't take me to unknown parts of Austin as it did the last time I was there.  I had a wonderful dinner with my soon to be daughter-in-law.  I met her older (5 year old) son the next day as my son and I ran errands, had lunch, and hung out.  He's an adorable kid.  Tiny, with glasses.  Very polite and nice.  The next snag was at the reception.

My ex-husband and his wife were there (of course), and I had said the perfunctory "good to see you!" to him, but hadn't had a chance to say hello to his wife.  I asked him and he told me she was "having difficulty" due to watching my son and his bride take their first communion together, which is a sore spot for her ~ she is Catholic, and my ex converted, but because he hadn't sent me the paperwork to annul our marriage, they are unable to participate in the sacraments.  Which I have learned from my class is a very big deal to Catholics.  I asked him if he was concerned I wouldn't sign (or whatever it is I have to do) and he said no, he's just been putting it off........for 10 years.  So, I kind of had to laugh at that (not out loud of course), and was also just a bit annoyed that she would pick this particular event to become a pouty, unhappy woman.  She walked out of the reception and didn't really come back, I assume because she didn't want to put a damper on the party??  Or something.  Sheesh.

I know it sounds like I didn't have fun, but I truly enjoyed my visit.  And was super happy to come home where the humidity level is 8-15%, and 74 degrees outside.

Love, 365

September 21, 2017

Look out Texas......

I'm leaving today to go to Round Rock for son #1's wedding.  Tonight I will be meeting my soon to be daughter-in-law.  My son already told me she's "shy".  I used to be shy ~ now I can talk to anyone anywhere ~ thanks to my job which forces me to converse the social niceties every day with lots of people.  *Stephanie is a dental assistant.  I've met lots of those over the years, and not a single one is shy.  I suppose my son is prefacing our meeting in case Stephanie can't figure out what to think of, or say to, her fiance's Mother.  Hahahaha   This outta be fun.

I'm kidding!

Love, 365

September 17, 2017

I miss George......

Do you remember George?  I was scrolling through the HBO lineup of movies for something to watch and came across what was purportedly his favorite of his performances ~ "Jammin in New York".  I miss his honesty and weird wacky way of analyzing everything.  Of course, it's always fun to listen to a smart, logical, non-sensical individual bash government, golf courses, "the war" on (countries, drugs, etc).  

I miss him.  He brought something to America than we hadn't seen before but desperately needed.  Someone who could shine the light on all the bullshit.  We don't have George anymore, but his humor is unsurprisingly current.  The only thing missing is our current "leaders" in his monologue.

You can find much of George's work on youtube.  If you have a spare hour and a half, you can watch Jammin in New York at this link.  

Enjoy........Love, 365

September 15, 2017

Oh, for the love of Pete....

Bing images

This semester has been an eye-opener for me......I've never had a class this early (9:30am), so my first trip to class surprised me with the sheer numbers of students rushing to class.  I had to find a new place to park as all my usual haunts were full and discover a new route to UNM due to construction.  

The class I'm taking "History of American Catholicism" sounded interesting.  I would have preferred "History of Religion", but this was the time frame my coworkers agreed upon for me to be gone from work as the least disruptive.  Although I was initially skeptical about the class, it is slowly becoming more interesting since the prof. is approaching the subject from a historical point of view.  We have our first essay due in a couple of weeks, but it should be fairly easy.  I'll probably have to pull the words out kicking and screaming, but I don't anticipate any other problems.

I must say though, that I feel more cognizant of my age.  Most of the students I encounter this time of day are quite young.  There was a student in the first two classes that was older than I am, but she has apparently dropped the class.  This is the time when classes typically thin out, with students figuring out they've overscheduled, or the class wasn't what they hoped.

One of our co-workers quit as her partner had an opportunity present itself in California.  We are hoping that a new dental assistant is found soon, although since the Dr they will be working with is going to be out for a week with their new baby.  So, although there will be tons of rescheduling, at least we'll have a little more time to look.

It's been a loooooong week.  I'm glad for the weekend, and some time to get things done before I leave on Thursday for son #1's wedding.  And what a knock-up that's turned out to be.  I did end up renting a car, which cost twice as much as I thought, and as my son isn't going to be out of town, he offered to get me a hotel, which I gratefully accepted.  Truthfully I would have felt a little weird sleeping in his bed, haha.

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.....
Love, 365

September 9, 2017

Two weeks from today......

Los Poblanos, Albuquerque

My oldest son is getting married again a week from today....I puchased my ticket on Allegiant which flies from Abq to Austin on Thursdays and Sundays, so I fly in on Thursday.  I hadn't planned on renting a car since I'll only be there for 3 days.  

My son said that *Suzanne would pick me up from the airport (his fiancee) which would give us an opportunity to meet each other.  Ok, so I thought, that will work.  Awkward, but willing to go with the flow.  This last Wednesday, he called to let me know that she can't come and pick me up because she'll have to be picking up the kids at school. 

Him: Michael will come and pick you up.
Me: Who is that?
Him: He's a friend who owes me money.

Ok, so unless you didn't pick up on that, he's sending someone I don't know, because everyone else is busy, and ~ oh yeah ~ he owes my son a favor/money.  

Excuse me if I'm not thrilled with this idea. My sister thinks I should tell him that I'm uncomfortable with this arrangement.  I want to tell him "what am I, a UPS package?".  My sis isn't thrilled with this idea.  I'm still thinking about it.  I know son #2 can't do it, he's a new employee at his workplace.  I'm looking into a car rental.  Or a cab.  Romeo won't even let me consider Uber.  =sigh=

Love, 365

September 3, 2017


And so one dragon rises from the dead.....(bing images)

Here we were, happily planting ourselves in front of the TV on Sunday night to watch Game Of Thrones....for 7 blissful weeks.  Even though the words "season finale" were on the last episode, I didn't notice or think that meant we would be forced to wait until 2018 to see the rest of the final season.  Stupidly I thought that the entire last season would be played out.  I guess I'll cancel my subscription to HBO until next year.  

Wow, it was a great beginning of the end though, wasn't it?  Especially gratifying was Little Finger's demise.  Terrifying though to see the white walker dragon make its debut.  Not surprising to see Jaime finally realize that Cersei is a pathological killer who knows almost no bounds.  Surprising that Tyrian left that meeting with his life.  

Oh, well.  Now I'll have to wait at least six months to watch the final ~ final ~ season.

Sunday didn't go its usual way all day.....I left for racquetball at the usual time, but no one else showed up.  One had tweaked her back, the other complained about her shoulder.  I think that in the future, I will not plan on playing the Sunday after a major tournament.  I suppose everyone was tired and sore.  I just wish they had let me know!  I practiced for awhile, then did a workout, which left me tired and exhausted.  I really need to work on improving my fitness.  I've been a slacker.

I did manage to do some touch-up painting that has been waiting in the wings for months and months.  I only managed half of it though, because I discovered I don't have a nice touch-up brush or painters tape.  I made do with a disposable brush and a damp microfiber towel.  It looks good though.  Now I'm ready for the larger job with the lighter paint color. Today I touched up the darker color, and all of this is on our stairwell which we upgraded to wood early last year.  It was a long project, and really the treads need touch-up already.  We should have sprung for the oak, the pine is too soft.  

No matter how disappointing Sunday was ~ well, only partially disappointing anyway ~ I am glad to be off tomorrow.  It'll give me a chance to catch up on class reading and do some other chores.  

Happy Labor Day!
Love, 365

September 1, 2017


I copied these from FB....cute little chippies

Ahhhh, it's Friday afternoon and I have 3 days off thanks to Labor Day.  I sincerely hope all of you have a paid day off as well.

I had a nice massage, and then came home and watched tennis and caught up on reading everyone's blog.  Well, not everyone ~ just the ones I follow that I haven't read in a few days.  And I ran across this post from "The Chubby Chatterbox" which brought back this memory:

I was probably 6 years old and found a box that was sitting near the trash which I grabbed and took to my room.  I probably spent a couple of hours fashioning it into a book back that I could carry my books to school in.  I put on a handle and used tape to make a larger opening so my books would fit.  After I was done, I proudly showed my creation to my Mom.  Who looked at me with absolute horror, and exclaimed: You can't take that to school!!  I didn't really understand then, and watched sadly as she threw out my hard work....which I had made from an empty Kotex box.

Love, 365

August 30, 2017

The politics of work

Ah, the happy "work" family...

I don't know about your work place, but there's always something going on at mine.  Recently the issue of "turning in hours" ~ for our pay ~ has become an issue.  One of my co-workers, a dental assistant, always seems to crow about how much more she works than anyone else.  This frustrates and infuriates her counterpart (dentists usually have two assistants).  Everyone knows that she's just spouting off.  Everyone.

Last pay period she was discussing her hours with one of us ~ not me obviously ~ and mentioned how many hours she had put in.  Which I knew was untrue.  In fact, I added up her hours, including her "I worked through lunch EVERY DAY!" announcement and came up with far fewer hours than she claimed.  Although I felt rather hesitant about it, I spoke to the OM about it.  She assured me she was aware of the situation, and that due to this issue, everyone will be ~ in the near future (?) ~ required to make use of the time clocks that are already part of our software.  Easy to use.  Maybe will take a bit to get used to doing, but easy.  Apparently, I'm the only employee out of 12 that uses it.  I use it so I won't get cheated out of getting paid for when I'm actually at work.  I am already anticipating the groaning and moaning that will go on when they announce this requirement.  No one in this office likes for anything to ever change.  It's like working with a bunch of really old people who are stuck in their routines.

Today, one of our hygienists just had a major hissy fit because the "lunch and learn" we were scheduled to have with a vendor canceled.  He was supposed to bring lunch to the presentation and apparently she didn't bring lunch as she figured there was no need.  One of the docs actually bent over and gave her his credit card so that she and her hygienist coworker could go to lunch ~ on him.  I hadn't brought lunch either, but I did what I thought was a no brainer ~ went to Target and bought some Lean Cuisine entrees, plus a few extras for when this might happen again.  It never occurred to me that I should think the docs are responsible for feeding me because the presenter had to reschedule.  Not to mention we have an hour for lunch with tons of restaurants around us.

It just goes to show you how a person who is over 60, and a smart cookie to boot can act like a willful, spoiled rotten brat.  One of my other coworkers became infuriated which seemed like an over reaction to me, but sheesh.  Can't these adults just grow up?  I need a Xanax.

Love, 365

August 29, 2017

It's no wonder........

Bing images...

When I was a kid, Mom was pretty regular about taking us to church on Sunday.  Mostly we attended United Methodist churches, and for a brief period (where I think Mom had basically given up on the idea of religion, although that came back later) we went to a Baptist church that was close to our house.  Maybe Mom stayed home to watch over Dad.  He was not much of a gem ~ he was an alcoholic among other things, and had a regular tendency to disappear for a weekend, with Mom in the dark as to where he went or what he did (although it was an unspoken truth that we all knew he partied with his friends, and likely had affairs).

As a child, I never minded church, although it was mostly boring.  I enjoyed singing the hymns, and the communion once a month (why didn't they give us more bread ~ again ~ haha).  I loved the smell of the church, especially the older ones.  They smelled of old books, beeswax, and candles.  It's a very distinctive scent, similar to a library, but not.  Does that make sense?  

After becoming an adult (I use this term loosely, haha) I sometimes would attend  ~ maybe two or three times a year.  You know, Easter, Christmas, etc.  After Romeo and I moved to Albuquerque we tried to find a "church home", but were discouraged by every - single - one discussed tithing more than anything else.  It was a major turn off.  Religion is no different from the government.  You are punished if you don't give them enough of your hard earned money, and usually we were living paycheck to paycheck anyway.  At any rate, we quit going, and basically quit believing.  Romeo professes Buddism, but I just can't buy into that either.  Even Buddism has had its controversies and scandals.  Religion seems to be an ancient construct wherein someone has the upper hand which is always held out for money ~ you know, so they can "do good works" and all that.   I'm not saying that religious communities don't do a great deal of good, they do.  In fact, Catholic Charities is very highly regarded (from what I've heard) and is also a big one ~ #9 on the Forbes list.  

I didn't even know there was a Forbes list, I just found it on the internet.  :)

So, now I'm taking a history class on Catholicism in America.  I've already mentioned my sleepless night after some of the readings for the class.  They aren't alone with their not very christian actions of the past and the current.  All you have to do is pay attention.  I suppose I shouldn't take every negative news story to heart ~ after all, the news is (and hasn't been) interested in reporting the facts.  They have to put their own political and personal beliefs into the story, which leaves one not sure what is true and what isn't.  

Oh crap.  I forgot what the point of this disjointed and rambling rant is.  I suppose that I believe that we should:
~be kind 
~help those who need it
~refrain from lying or cheating or stealing 
~remain faithful and loyal (but not to the point of detriment to self, like staying with a spouse that cheats on you or beats you)
~raise your children to be decent human beings
~be humble
~have love in your heart, which kind of includes all the above

I don't need a church for that.  I already know it.

Love, 365

August 28, 2017

Monday, monday.....

Saved from a post on parents and kids on FB..

It's my every-other Monday off, and I have been making good use of my time.  I've read everything and made notes on the readings for class, so if there is a quiz, I should do OK.  Last night I was reading The Spanish Frontier in North America by David Weber...she asked us to read three different sections of the book, and I truly hope it is all we will have to read.  I couldn't sleep much at all last night due to how angry I felt knowing just how horribly our Native American's were treated by the Spanish colonialists, in Florida, New Mexico, and California.  *It could have also been the coffee I had mid-afternoon.  I really shouldn't drink coffee after 2 pm.  It sure was good though, Romeo bought me a container of Starbucks cold brew.  It's just plain coffee and I add what I want to it.  It's just too good.

I also did a trial run on a new (to me) route to take to class, now that I discovered there is more than one multi-storied parking garage on UNM campus.  If last week is any indicator, I will always be running to class since the prof. starts class at the moment her watch hits 9:30.  I might need to leave work about 10 min earlier than last week.  

An hour ago our electricity went out ~ probably for about 15-20 minutes.  Our stupid alarm system back up battery has been dead for a year, and we're going to have to replace it.  The noise was deafening.  I very nearly ripped off the plastic box off the wall that held the speaker.  

I'm planning on making another peach pie to take to work tomorrow this afternoon.  I won't make any changes to the recipe except to add just a tad bit more corn starch since these peaches are just so juicy!  Maybe I'll make a few cookies too since Romeo was searching the house for something sweet that wasn't pie.  He had already eaten 3 peaches along with the pie and wanted something different.  

Well, I still have a lot to do, so will leave you with best wishes for a great week!

Love, 365

August 27, 2017

Peaches, baby!

Palisade peaches from Colorado....

Remember the trip to Santa Fe a few weeks ago?  My friend *Brenda and I took the Railrunner train for a day in Santa Fe to visit the farmer's market there.  While on the trip she mentioned that she will be getting her peaches soon.....and with my inquiry of what that meant, she said that the peaches from Colorado are the best ever and asked if I wanted some, to which I answered YES!  The truck arrived yesterday near the old Octopus Carwash ~ of Breaking Bad fame ~ I managed to buy one box of peaches and placed my name on the list for next year so that I can order however many I want.  But the photo above shows just how many peaches are in one box......I made a pie out of 9, and barely dented the surface.....

Yeah, the aesthetics weren't as good as I envisioned, but the flavor is out of this world...
Who cares how it looks anyway????

After I posted the above photos on FB, one of my co-workers asked: "did you buy any for the office?".  No.  I did not.  It didn't even occur to me.  Why would it?  I told her I would take her a few, and that next year they can order however many boxes they want.  It annoyed me because it made me feel like a self-centered buffoon.  But still, the simple truth is that if you hadn't pre-ordered you could only buy one box.  

Gotta go....I need to look up some recipes using fresh peaches....

Love, 365

August 25, 2017

Gorilla or Guerilla.....things are just becoming ridiculous

This is Doug Adler.........

Doug is a tennis commentator.  While we are watching a match, he's one (of usually two) people that make comments on and critique plays of the two players in the match.  Apparently he made a comment about the style of play of Venus Williams during a match of the Australian Open earlier this year.  I don't recall the exact sentence, but the word guerilla was used, which social media and other misinterpreted as "gorilla".  Everyone went nuts.  Doug was fired.  Even though the company that fired him was well aware that guerilla (as in warfare, tactics) was a common word used to describe a particularly aggressive form of play on the court.  

I think we've all gone a little nuts.  I sense a lack of backbone from his previous employer and hope that Doug wins his lawsuit.  I looked for any response from Venus but found nothing.  

I might have to go to Whole Foods ~ formerly known as "whole paycheck" ~ beginning this coming Monday when Amazon takes over the company.  I never shop at Whole Foods unless there's an ingredient I can't find anywhere else.  Even my former boss (whom I call "asshole") complained when his wife would grocery shop there.  

Good news for those of us that have Amazon Prime ~ a staggering 50% of American's subscribe ~ will be able to take advantage of additional discounts when shopping there.  Another incentive to give Whole Foods another try, especially since it is on my way home from work.  
Did I go to a bakery?  Nope....

I took a vacation day yesterday, and my friend *Francis and I made rolls.  She is currently enrolled in culinary school and is poised to take a class on baking next semester.  In the meantime, she has launched a bread business ~ trust me that her bread is incredibly delicious ~ and works on a food truck, where her boss asked her to make kaiser rolls.  We also made three other types of rolls with the same dough.  It was a lot of fun, and the rolls turned out great.  I can't wait to do more baking with her in the future!  It's not easy to find a friend who is interested in baking, and we are both thrilled to find that we compliment each other in skills and ideas.  
School started this week.....on Tuesday, I was about 10 min late to class partly because I couldn't find a place to park (more on that in a minute) and I had written down the wrong room number.  I spoke to the professor after class to let her know of my circumstances, which she dismissed by telling me that if I am late and miss the quiz, it's a zero.  So much for consideration, huh?  I get it, she wants students to be on time, and my petty concerns are just that ~  but I can't control the traffic from work to class, so I guess I'll have to do my best and hope I'm not late on a quiz day, which are completely random and never announced in advance.  :(

Parking and driving near UNM on Tuesday at that time of day is totally out of control.  I was shocked at the chaos.....but then, I've never taken a class that starts this early (9:30).  My usual paid parking lot was completely full, and the traffic around UNM was so congested I ended up parking in lot C, which is reserved for employees.  I didn't care, I just needed to get to class on time, but next week I'll have to take that option off the table, as I don't want my car booted or towed.  I did find a parking garage close to class, I just need to find an efficient way to get there.  

All of my previous classes were no earlier than 11~11:30.  Lesson learned as I will have to leave even earlier than I had planned to get to class on time.....I plan on taking an online class next semester, so this won't be an issue.  I had hoped I could purchase a pass for lot C until I discovered that it is reserved for employees.  Drat.

Otherwise the class is interesting.  I'm not impressed by the lecturing style of the prof.  She starts a sentence and then goes on a tangent of a related topic.  There's a graduate student from Germany in the class who raises his hand for every single question.  It's funny to watch the professor try to ignore him....sometimes she states emphatically "let's hear from someone who hasn't commented yet".  He doesn't seem to get it though...I suppose he believes he has a real gem of a thought and we should hear it.  I swear, he really does keep his hand up nearly the entire 1 1/4 hour.  
Well, I have chores to do, and this is long enough, eh?

Love, 365

August 20, 2017

The trouble with husbands.....Part 2

Me, before the hair was pulled out.......

Our house, just like any house, sometimes needs repair.  Romeo is great at "handyman" repairs.  We've never ever ever paid anyone to do anything to our house with the exception of a plumber friend of mine that replaced a toilet in the master bath ~ which turned out to be one hell of a job.  He does maintenance on everything, including the roof.  Has replaced at least 2 hot water heaters.  Shuts down the evap cooler himself, when most folks pay someone to do what Romeo would call "a shitty job".  He is meticulous and likes to do it right.  Keep this in mind.

For a couple of years now we knew that some of the boards on our small second story deck were experiencing dry rot.  Not surprising in our climate.  90+% of our fences are made from cinder block or brick, which was quite the novelty to me when I first noticed them in El Paso.  This summer was Romeo's first ever "teacher summer" ~ he was off from June 25 until August 3.  He intended to tackle the deck this summer, but because of a snafu with his contract, he wasn't paid.  So, he didn't make much headway with the deck, other than to remove boards a bit at a time.  I wasn't really happy with this development because the backyard looks like a war zone.  Plus, the old rotted out deck did provide some shade from the setting sun.  Sadly, our backyard is on the west side of the house, something I will keep in mind if we ever sell this one and move.  

This weekend, he announced he would be removing the rest of the boards.  It was pretty noisy.  I was trying my best to ignore it while watching the semi-finals of the tennis tournament in Cincinnati.  After an hour or so, he comes in and tells me that the column that holds up the southwestern side of the deck is wobbly.  "It might have to come down," he says.  I told him I wish he wouldn't, and for about 15 minutes we have a rather loud argument where he accuses me of not believing him and I counteract that with that's not the point.  At any rate, I told him to do what he thinks needs to be done.   Some short time after that, there's a loud noise, and he comes in to tell me that he dented the grill when a board came down.  It's not too bad, he says, it's just the lid.  No problem, I say ~ it's still usable if not a little battle weary.  

Another short period of time later, there's an even louder noise, rather like the house is falling down.  Where he comes in to tell me that the column wasn't at all supported, and when he removed the last board the entire thing (probably 8 ft tall) crashed on to the grill.  This is where I started pulling out the hair.  Of course, I'm thankful it didn't fall toward the house (oh so thankful!!).  I suppose my first thought was why didn't you move the grill somewhere else, but our backyard is very small, so there were limited options.  I mentioned that I didn't think we were going to have fajitas for dinner, but he assured me the grill still works, it just took off the side panel.  "Once we get a new grill cover (the original was destroyed in the crash), it won't even be noticeable!".   Sigh.......

So, now not only do we have a huge stack of boards from the deck, there's a sad column laying on the ground as well.  I wonder how long it will take before we actually have a deck again.

Love, 365

August 19, 2017

Wherever my thoughts take me.......


Recently we had an older lady come into the office for her teeth cleaning appointment.....all very routine.  Moments after she checked in with us I was completely over powered by her perfume.  I have a feeling it was "Youth Dew" which is ~ funny enough ~ very popular among the over 70 age group although this is based solely on my own observations.  What ever it was, I felt sorry for the temporary hygienist who was working for one of ours that was on vacation.  I am sitting 20 feet away and could barely tolerate it.....I can't imagine leaning over that person for an hour.  So, please consider that when you go to your dental appointments.  Not just perfume, but if you're a smoker, please don't smoke one right before you go in.  I know you pop in some gum or a mint before you step into the office, but the smell clings and can make non-smokers feel nauseated.  Just go to the gym for an epic work-out?  Please.....take a shower first.  Oh, you think I'm kidding?  Nope.  But trust me that a shower of perfume doesn't remove that smell.....just think of how it smells in the bathroom when you spray that air freshener.  *Now it smells like poop and flowers.  Nice.  
**************Brought to you by everyone who works in close proximity to humans, like hairdressers, nurses and doctors, masseuses, and the person who does your nails.  ************

Yep, Bing again....

It's either YAY!  or BOO! depending.  Believe it or not, lots of kids enjoy school ~ I enjoyed school but was still sad when we went back as it signaled the end of summer.  Who doesn't enjoy the freedom of summer break?  My sister and I loved it.  We never had camps or sitters after I turned 13. I suppose my Mom figured we had enough common sense to stay out of trouble.  :-)  

 Romeo started back on 8/2 where teachers perform various enchantments get their classrooms ready, discuss challenges, have meetings, sign their contracts and choose insurance options ~ all pretty boring stuff. Romeo was telling me that they have a new special education teacher, which was a relief to everyone.  Last years special ed teacher was fired because he didn't do anything.  Seriously, he probably played with his phone and tried to keep things quiet.  I don't really know the whole story, but after he was let go, the kids in that program were placed in regular class rooms, which made teaching the other kids rather difficult.  The new special ed teacher is apparently very accomplished and had to take a major pay-cut, making me wonder how long he will stay.  I suppose that it depends on how necessary money is.  Romeo took a major cut in pay when he started teaching, but is happy enough that he recently mentioned he had no interest in going corporate ever again.   

My class starts on Tuesday ~ a history class ~ "Catholicism in America".  No, I'm not Catholic but it's a history class, and I need those to finish my minor requirements.  I just need to clean out my back pack and reorganize and I'll be all set.

I hope you all have a great weekend!
Love, 365

August 15, 2017

The trouble with husbands

Last night we had a thunderstorm, which the dog hates (what dog doesn't?), so Romeo decides to shut  the only open window, thinking the dog would calm down.  So, I had to open the window in the bathroom for air circulation.  We have an evaporative cooler, so it's common to crack open a window that creates cool air circulation in our bedroom ~ or any other room for that matter.  Evaporative cooling is an old technology (snort) that drags air over a mesh of some kind that water drips over, and cools the air as it does so.  I realize I'm probably not explaining it very well.  All I wanted to point out was that closing the window reduces the cool air coming into the bedroom.  Sheesh.

Anyway, then Romeo asks if we need to put towels on the window sills downstairs.  Sadly this requires another explanation, but a quick one.  If the rain is hard enough and blows in a certain direction, we sometimes have a leak.  We've done everything (except replace the roofing) we can to stop the leak, but sometimes it still happens.  I said I didn't know, and a moment later he went downstairs to put the towels on the window sill.  Then comes back upstairs to announce that I can re-open the window if I want, he's going to sleep in the spare room.

Just this little tiny thing and he huffs himself into the spare bedroom.  Likely I'm just ridiculous.  Ha ha.

Just so you know, ladies ~ you younger ones that haven't reached your 50's and 60's ~ he's gonna change.  And you just have to roll with it.  Romeo is much more sensitive these days.  And it's not always easy to deal with.

Do I love him still?  Of course!!  He's a wonderful husband, a great dad.  Doesn't mean he can't drive me crazy.

Love, 365

I'm jumpin on (the sexual harrassment bandwagon)....

Al Franken, the lastest harasser to be accused.... Romeo and I were watching the news this morning before he left for work, and saw t...