June 19, 2017


Old Albuqeurque Airport, home to the TSA

Romeo and I took a quick trip to the old Albuquerque airport building, which I understood has been renovated.  We could only look around the main concourse of the building, as the remaining rooms now house the TSA offices.  It's pretty cool ~ literally it was cool inside, as we are experiencing more triple digit temp's (or close to it).  The thick adobe walls are likely 18 inches thick, and are typically thicker at the base and thins somewhat as it rises.
Interior...note the beautiful beams and vigas on the ceiling.

As we were driving home ~ omg is it hot, thank god for a/c ~ we discussed again our earlier thoughts on moving back to Texas upon retirement.  Which granted, isn't for another 5 to 8 years.  This came about earlier in the year right before I traveled to Austin to visit the boys, Mom, and my sister.  Once I was there, and recalled the absolutely horrible traffic (Austin has become notorious for it), and the sheer number of people (San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the U.S.), I began to have my doubts right about the time Romeo was beginning to warm up to the idea.  

I had a discussion with a friend, and mentioned the reasons I wanted to move back, which is mainly for family.  And I would like to be closer to them.  And I realized that I was assuming that my sister and I would engage in a wonderful re-creation of my visits.....and just how unrealistic that thought is. She has two grandchildren from her husband's kids, and my nephew and his wife are expecting in August.  She has a lot going on.  And when we did live in the same city ~ at one point we lived less than a mile from each other ~ we didn't really see each other that often.  Family get togethers, sure, but otherwise, not so much.  Perhaps once we are both retired (she's already semi-retired) I suppose we would spend more time together.  

But, then I looked around me.  The mountains, the turquoise sky, the urban/suburban feel of Albuquerque.  The beauty of the countryside around us.  The smell of the desert.  And I began to have misgivings about the very idea.  Romeo and I decided to put the decision on the back burner for the moment.  I think it's kind of funny how a place can get into your soul, and before you know it, you feel as though you belong.  You are home.

Love, 365

June 18, 2017

A hidden gem in the heart of Albuquerque

Los Poblamos, Albuquerque

Our Architecture of New Mexico class went to Los Poblamos yesterday to view a style of architecture that is unique to NM.  But mostly, it was just fun, and amazing.  I never even heard of this place!  I will be going back soon....

The main crop is lavender.  The plants were beautiful and of course, smelled heavenly.

John Gall Meem was the architect for many of the buildings here....and also designed the Zimmerman Library on UNM campus.  

Professor Norman Crowe joined Prof. Karla Britton to give us the low-down on the details of the NM territorial style.  Sweet guy.

Our group photo for this trip....
This building would be the area for a wedding that was to take place that evening.

We had a real scorcher yesterday, and we were tempted to jump into this pool....

I was obsessed with this tractor and silos....I love this photo.

We arrived at 9am, and by the time we left around 11:30, the heat was pouring it on.  We went to have lunch at Flying Star....and for some reason they chose to eat outside on the patio.  Which was covered, but omg, really?  I took 2 ibuprophen as I left, to try to get rid of a building headache.  Soon after I abandoned my last errand and went home.  After a few hours rest, I was feeling better.  I decided to order a cooling neck wrap for next week's travels, as I don't want to deal with a migraine when we're an hour from home.  

Regardless of the headache/migraine, it was fun.  I purchased some lavender lotion and lavender honey (wow! is that stuff good) at the farm store.  I plan to visit again, and purchase gifts at the store. It is a historic inn and organic farm, and I'd love to spend the night there sometime...although it's a bit pricey.  

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's, Step Dad's, and men who fill the roll... 

My Romeo.....

Love, 365

June 15, 2017

Oh, good grief

I have class tomorrow morning at 8am  I've spent the week reading the material, and working on our assignment (there are 2 this week).  Basically, I worked 2 to 3 hours Monday and Tuesday, not including reading stuff during lunch hour.  ~ I though I had already gone through the reading material before I received her e-mail on what to read for this week, which was a little depressing.

Tonight, I planned to put the "finishing touches" on my assignments, print them up, put everything together, and be done.

But no.  Fate, or kismet, or whatever decided to throw in a little fun.  I couldn't print anything.  We've all had that happen....the printer won't connect.  For whatever reason.  I tried all the tricks I knew (which are dismally few).  Nothing.  I spent an hour before I threw my hands up and asked Romeo to help.  He gave me a memory stick, had me put the items on it and printed it on his computer.

Then, about 15 minutes later, mentioned that sometimes the wi-fi will ~ for some ungodly reason ~ chose a different wi-fi, which isn't connected to the printer.  And that was it.

I have bald spots now.....thanks to wi-fi.  And my own stupidity.

Love, 365

June 11, 2017

Reminiscing and remembering....

(Bing images)

Once upon a time I had a blog that I loved ~ but I had to erase it.  Delete it from existence.  I was pissed at myself and at the person who found the blog and then mentioned to my (then) boss, who was understandably quite upset ~ not only did I write about him, but other co-workers, and some of them were not ~ shall we say ~ charitable.   This was almost 4 years ago (how time flies! oh my god), but I was thinking about it this morning.  Since then I no longer work for the same person (thank you, god) and I have broken my vow not to write about work, but it's a rare thing and I don't go into much detail.  Besides which, none of my current co-workers would give a shit about my blog.  I'm certain I've never even mentioned it.  

My erstwhile employer, who had been vilified in the newspapers for tax evasion, is quite sensitive to criticism.  I just heard on Friday that he is soon selling his dental practice.  I asume this is likely due to his shoulder issues, and not a desire to spend all of his time with his bitchy and unappreciative wife, who prefers to spend $$ keeping up with the higher echelon of society in NM.  Which is funny, because there's not much society in NM, other than Santa Fe, which has its share of famous people. 

One of my friends, who is a hygienist for the erstwhile and crabby employer, texted me the news, and is now worried that the dentist who purchases the practice may not keep her on.  Which would be stupid, because her patients love her.  I think she has a legitimate concern, who wouldn't feel unsettled in that situation?  But if the new Doc wants to retain the patients currently in the practice, he or she would do well to keep her.  If a patient called and wanted to see her, and couldn't remember her name, they would explain that they want "the singing hygienist".  She has a lovely voice, and likes to softly follow along with the music while working.  I miss working with her.   

Well, I sort of rambled on longer than I intended.  Today I am enjoying the final game in the French Open.  Wawrinka and Nadal are playing....players that I like, and enjoy watching.  I believe Nadal is favored to win, although Stan has been playing well lately.  As I write this, they are neck and neck.....

Thanks for coming by, and have a great week ahead!

Love, 365

June 10, 2017


Watching the French Open and sadly reporting that Ramona Halep lost to Ostapenko......sad because I like Halep & hoped she would win.  Them's the breaks.  Tomorrow is another day.  Win some, lose some.  Etc........

I filled my injectible migrane medication, and discovered they have redesigned it.  Now instead of a pen where you remove the cap, press it to your skin and inject, you have to attach the injector to the medication.....I read through the instructions, and figure I ought to read them again, or attach the directions to the package.  It's great for carrying, but looks a bit more complicated to put together.

I watched a video of a woman giving herself one, and it doesn't look difficult.  I was concerned because when I have a migrane I can't think very well....suppose that's to be expected.   The pens I had that just expired were a lot simpler, but longer and didn't fit easily into whatever you're carrying.  A friend of mine uses them, and said to keep the expired ones even though the medication might not be as strong.  I suppose it's not a terrible idea.  

The best part was that I paid only $8 with insurance, and without it I paid $65, with a coupon from Good Rx.  The pharmacy told me it would be $200 without insurance (or coupon).  Good grief.

It's going to be a hot day here....I think this doggie has the right idea.  Perhaps I'll just hang around the house today and do laundry and cleaning.  Although that sounds like a horrible way to spend a Saturday.......

Love, 365

June 9, 2017

This and that and everything between......

View of Mount Taylor from Acoma Pueblo

I have today off.....when I registered for the class I took off the Friday's I have to work (every other one), then the class dates changed and as it turned out I don't have class today.  I pondered whether I should just work today, but decided that if my racquetball peeps were going to play on Friday I would just keep the day off and play, and luckily enough of us were able to make it.  I did not mention any of this to my co-workers, or the OM.....it's nice to believe that I have some control over my life.  It's just too bad that it's an illusion, ha ha.

Romeo had a rather nasty surprise last week, discovering that because he had a late start to the school year, his "contract" ended on May 24th ~ the last day of school.  Which means he will not be paid for the summer, which we had been discussing just the week before.  The principal of the school sent him an e-mail letting him know, and apologizing for it, and stating that she didn't realize this would happen.   We'll have insurance until the end of June, then a break from coverage until school starts again in early August.  I have my doubts as to whether she understood how his contract worked, but it's all water under the bridge.  As Romeo stated "it's been the year from hell", from his perspective.  It's really not a huge problem, we can survive a couple of months without the extra pay, but I do wish the insurance coverage wouldn't have that gap in it, although 4 to 6 weeks isn't much compared to the 10 months of 2016. 

 I guess the individual(s) who painted this should have spent more time studying....

Have a great Friday, y'all.
Love, 365

June 5, 2017

How things have changed........

Ah, the waiting room.... (Bing images)

I'm willing to bet that at some time or another, all of you have noticed that our medical care system has become more automated.....picking numbers and having those numbers called out by a computer generated voice.  The above photo is similar to the waiting room I expereienced this morning.  I arrived at 8am, but probably should have arrived at 7:30.  It was really full.  The facility I was in has a Tricore lab in it, which is where I was going ~ but it also has physicians, nurses and mental health doctors too, which probably accounts for how busy it was.  Monday seems to kick us in the backside more often than any other day of the week ~ just sayin.

I hit the button on the kiosk that spits out the little piece of paper with a number on it.  With that little piece of paper comes the hope that there aren't too many ahead of you....until the computer voice says "A025 please report to desk #3", and your paper says A054.  I settled in.

At first it was fairly quiet.  The occassional rustle of paper, shoes scuffing on the floor.  But it didn't take long for some folks to haul out their phones and make arrangements for the day.  At least I didn't have to listen to someone fighting with a spouse or family member.  As grandparents entered with grandkids in tow, it got a bit louder.  It's interesting to people watch, but I prefer not to in a medical office....you just know that some of these people have some serious issues.  I brought something to read....and took breaks by playing a game on my phone.  I think Candy Crush was developed for the waiting room, ha ha.

Finally got out of there an hour later, which I suppose wasn't too bad.  I have a nice little hole in my arm where they drained me of blood, and in a couple of weeks I will find out the result of the tests, which are basic.  I haven't had a cholesterol test in over 10 years, and the Doc wants to check my thyroid function.  

How was your last Dr/lab visit?

Love, 365

June 4, 2017

Mikey! I think she likes it!

One of the many pics I took yesterday at Acoma Pueblo ~ "Sky City"

IF you read my blog with any regularity, you might recall the debacle of the 8 week history class.....I ended up dropping it after asking myself to list the pros and cons of it, and could only come up with one pro and a whole list of cons.  And yet......I did it again.  I registered for "Arch of New Mexico" (erroneously thinking it mean archaeology of NM, instead of architecture of NM).....this is the class that I had to stay up until midnight to get.  It's weird, that this class was listed under art history, architecture, geology, history, and a few others.  Truth is, I could have registered under some other designation than history and likely had my advisor change it to history ~ which is what one of the students in the class has done.  What's done is done though, and I still would rather stay up late to sign up under the class I need (history) rather than go through the trouble of having to beg the advisor to change it.......and as stupid as that is, perhaps not be successful.  Now, wouldn't that suck the big one.

Admittedly I liked this one because of the sun rays that seem to bless Acoma....

At any rate, I became a bit irritated before the class began, as suddenly we received e-mail notice that the class would start on 6/2 instead of 6/9.  Why irritated, you ask?  Well, because I had already taken off the Friday's I thought I would need.  So, that's one.  Secondly, I received a notice on Wed that the "course packet" would be available at the copy center on UNM campus after 3pm.  Just as I was getting ready to leave work to pick it up I checked it's location and discovered that the copy center closes at 4:45.  I would have been so pissed if I had driven down there to discover it was closed.  My only option then was to spend my lunch hour on Thurs to go pick it up.  The problem was that I had to read the 3 articles and write a one page paper to turn in on Friday.  I was also noticing that they extended the class by one more Friday because the professor is out of town on 6/9.  I didn't ask for that Friday off.  I'm likely not going to be able to attend the last class.  I guess I'll have to make arrangements to turn in my final paper by e-mail or something.  I doubt seriously that I'll be able to take that day off.  I decided to attend one class and see how I felt about it.

The Acoma people began building on the mesa top in the mid 1100s

I unhappily set my alarm for Friday at 5:30am, and left with my backpack in tow at 7:25 ~ not as early as I'd hoped because I thought I might get caught up in the Friday morning traffic.  As it turned out I arrived just in time.  Only to find that all of the doors to the building the class was being held at were all locked.  I could see a room with a few people in it....I wondered how they got in.....and shortly after that I noticed a man walking from one door to another, and finally got in.  I don't know what I expected, but certainly more than the 10 people who wandered in.  Apparently some of the students could not rearrange their schedule to attend a week early, although the professor said she would hold a make up class on Sunday.  Now that caught my attention.  Not many would do that.  

I liked that you could see the adobe bricks under the stucco....

Well, I love the class.....the instructor isn't a completely unadulterated nut bag who wants you to do nothing but her class for the next four weeks.  Sure, we have assignments.  But they are REASONABLE.  Wow.  Realism.  Not a concept I often experience in college classes.  Anyway, we went to Acoma yesterday, and it was great.  We're going to discuss our experiences and observations. She actually wants our observations, not a prescribed reiteration of what she expects.  Refreshing.

Here we are.....our instructor is the one in the straw hat.

Our next field trip will be to Santo Domingo Pueblo, where we are apparently going to get a very inclusive tour.  I've been there, but only for an art sale, which they have every October.  Can't wait!

Love, 365

May 27, 2017

Oh, how I love you, coffee......

(Bing images)

I'm currently on my second cup....and that's where I generally quit for the day.  But, you really shouldn't talk to me before cup #1.  Dangerous territory.  

Romeo is off for the next 9 weeks or so ~ I think he returns the first part of August.  He has a lot to do, although he has already finished painting the spare bedroom, along with treating some of the carpet stains.  Son #2 is ~ as I lovingly describe his housekeeping skills ~ somewhat of a slob.  He has improved a lot, but he just doesn't mind living in chaos.  Romeo has a desk set up on an old fold away table, and bought a new printer (which I wanted to do 6 months ago, but he poo poo'd that idea then). I am doing my best not to resent his two month time off.  He does have testing he needs to complete in order to obtain his final license, as opposed to his provisionary one.  So, I know he will be busy.  There are a few other projects around the house that need to be done.  Still.....=sigh=.........I will have to work on it, and be happy for him.

Last night we went to a movie ~ at the movie theatre! ~ something we've not done in quite a while.  We saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which was entertaining, but not quite as good as the first movie.  So often the case.....but the best part was the theater.  They have recliner seating, and it was really nice to watch the movie with my feet up.  Of course, you can't choose the folks who sit next to you.  There was a man and wife sitting to my left, and although it was a bit annoying to listen to them chewing on massive amounts of popcorn (this theater has free refills), the husband seemed to have breathing problems, and was snorting, coughing, and hacking up phlegm.  Gross.   Otherwise, we will be back ~ at least in December, when the new Star Wars movie comes out.  Romeo loves Star Wars (as does my boss).  

After the movie we went to Staples (to pick up previously mentioned printer) and a notebook to put all my last class notes in.  I was amazed at how large some of these notebooks are.  Over 800 pages!  I didn't go that big, but it does hold up to 650 pages.  See below......

Massive.  This includes all of our readings, notes, and tests.  It will be a good reference, which is why I wanted to put it in a single notebook.  

I also found a recipe on FB for Blueberry Lemon cake.  I've found a number of recipes there that turned out delicious.  This one is a keeper....not too much sugar (1 cup in the entire cake) and a pound of blueberries. 

I want to leave you with this:

Sioux.....looking for the car keys, ha ha.

I was taking out a few groceries, and she just jumped in and made herself at home in the drivers seat. There has only been one other time she's done this.....we think she's hoping we'll take her to Texas where her owner is....Son #2.  I know he misses her, but is waiting until he gets into a house with a fenced in yard. 

Have a great weekend!
Love, 365

May 19, 2017

It's all good.......

My boss (on the left) gave us a few self defense pointers.  
One of our hygienists was having a bit of fun with the big guy...
His skills are amazing...but then he is a karate master.  

We had a great time practicing self defense skills at our most recent staff meeting.  I wish we had meetings like this more often!  It certainly beats listening to the newest greatest toothpaste, floss, techniques, etc.  

The ocotillo plant ~ looks like a bunch of sticks until we have some nice showers, then leafs out and produces these delicate flowers.  
The photo would have been better if the sky had been blue.....

Some of the racquetball ladies...I'm on the right end....it was pretty windy, our hair doesn't usually stick up like that, ha ha
Geez, that shirt makes me look like a cow.

Barb is one of my favorite people...so sweet.  
We're in a garage playing ping pong, as explanation of the background.

This is my long weekend....I'm off today and Monday.  I have a few projects to do.......take my notes from last class and put in a binder (which will have to be HUGE to fit it all).  Maybe find a new desk lamp, as the one I have sucks.  I prefer a more diffuse light source than the harsh glaring light of my current one.  I need to clean up my desk, which I have totally ignored since class ended.  I have a framed print that I need to hang, reorganize the closet....well, there's lots to do.  I probably won't get it all done, but hope to put a nice dent in it.  

Our weather has been truly crazy....wintery temps in the morning, spring wind mid-day, with the promise of summer in the temps in the afternoon.  We've also had rain, which has greened up the west mesa...it's really amazing to look across the valley to see all of that green.  

Well, gotta get busy!  
Love, 365

May 15, 2017

Computer fun

Make sure you read the last line carefully....
Please ~ redirect me.
Sounds like a comedy routine.

A Belated Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mom's out there.  Romeo asked me what I wanted, and I gave him the answer any self-respecting Mom gives: take me out to dinner (so that I don't have to cook or clean up after).  Let's go to Ruth's Cris.  Yeah, I know it's expensive, but we so rarely go out to eat I didn't care...plus I'd never been, but Romeo has, and Albuquerque just recently had a few open up.  It was very good, but I probably won't ever need to go again.  There's a great restaurant in Santa Fe called Geronimo's that is just as good (5 star rated), not as expensive, and has a really wonderful atmosphere that I enjoy.  All in all, a wonderful Mother's Day....the boys sent me Amazon gift cards, so I can shop for books or movies...lots of options.  

Do you hate Monday's?  I do.  For all you Monday haters:

Here's to Friday.

Love, 365

May 13, 2017

The sun is shining.....

Son #1 & Grandson

#1 on left, #2 on right......so handsome!

Well life in our household has somewhat adjusted to Son #2 moving to Round Rock/Austin.  We've settled in, but haven't yet had the time to convert the third bedroom to Romeo's office/guest room.  I did check out beds at Costco, and I saw a contender....nice enough, but not terrible expensive.  This way we have something for two people to sleep on, and if necessary, an inflatable as well (which I hate ~ I've slept on it before and always felt I was about to slip off).  The daybed that Romeo made & carved is so beautiful that I hate to get rid of it, but we must in order to fit the full size bed I intend to put in there.  I'm still trying to figure out what could be done with it ~ maybe I can take the back of it off and use it for a headboard.  I'll have to do some measuring. 

Work has been going OK.  I still enjoy working there, but also have some issues with *Linda, who is, at times, an obnoxious blow hard.  Although I admire the confidence she apparently has in abundance, I find her ..... well, obnoxious.  Last week I met with the OM and told her that yes, I'm intimidated by her and don't feel comfortable confronting her.  This is in response to scheduling for the Dr., which she is supposed to be responsible for, but has pushed that responsibility to me, even though I already have so much to do, that I don't feel I have the time to manage - not to mention that it's not up to her.  Yeah, I'm not comfortable with confrontation.  I'm not clever with words.  I'm more of a "you're fly is open" instead of "you need to check your clothing for errors" kind of person.  She voiced her displeasure over a schedule change the Doc asked me to do, and the best I could do was say "I think you're over-reacting".   

The exams went well....I did better on the final than I did on the other two exams.  I also managed to get 20 out of 25 points on the extra credit, which brought me up to an A for a final grade.  I'm convinced the extra credit pushed a solid B to the A, so I'm glad I put the effort into it!  I'm looking forward to the 4 week break between now and the start of the summer semester.  

Tonight is our semi-annual racquetball party....we eat, we drink, we play ping pong!  I'm taking "fiesta salad" which is really delicious, and Denise always brings her famous stir fried rice dish.  Guess I better quit blathering and get ready for the day.

Love, 365

May 6, 2017

The beginning and the end.......of a semester

Coming to the end of the semester is always crazy.  There are final exams, sometimes they're compreshensive (everything from the 16 weeks), sometimes not.  I haven't had a comprehensive final in awhile.  I think the last one was statistics.  Whatever the reason, I'm glad I don't have a comprehensive final in my current class....I have 3 notebooks full of print outs, readings and notes.  In this class we also have the option of writing a final paper for extra credit.  I always take the extra credit offer unless I already KNOW I have an A.  If there's any doubt, I take it.  As I haven't taken the final exam yet ~ and probably won't until Monday ~ I will spend some time writing the extra credit option.  Hedge my bets and hope for the best.  Ha ha

My favorite part of a semester is the beginning and the end.  In the beginning, you get a feel for what the subject matter will be (and sometimes I really didn't know for sure until it starts, although some classes are obvious, like math or chemistry...anthropology classes are sometimes ambiguously worded, like my current one, like Human Behavioral Ecology), and I can decide to continue with it or drop it (like I did the history class).  The end means you've almost finished and will be rewarded after with some down time.  I have 4 weeks off between the end of this class and the start of the summer semester.  I have two classes I've registered for, but I've been doing some contemplation about taking on so much during a time when Romeo is off, although he has 3 tests he needs to complete this summer to obtain his final licensing.  Guess we'll have a little chat about that this weekend, and see what he thinks.

I also want to talk to him about the possibility of adopting another dog.  Sioux seems fairly content with being the only four legged furry member.....but that doesn't mean she wouldn't enjoy having another friend during the day when we're at work.  The only thing I need to keep in mind is that Romeo may not want to invest that much time and energy to adding another pet to the mix.  Last time we added another dog, it took about 4 weeks before everyone felt comfortable.  So, I guess I'll add that into the discussion.

Well, it's time to shower and get on with it!  Enjoy your weekend!
Love, 365

April 30, 2017

From snow to sunny skies...nature "takes it back", ha ha

It's been a rather crazy weekend...snow and cold temperatures one day, sunny skies and temp's in the 60's the next.  One of my gardening friends who plays racquetball said her garden was unaffected by the weather, as it didn't dip below freezing at her house.  Because Albuquerque has a valley running through the middle of it, it was most likely the valley areas that experienced the coldest temp's, so I'll find out from our OM at the office who lives by the river if her garden is OK.  She likely covered the most tender plants.  I haven't planted anything yet, but plan on doing that next weekend.  Ahhh, procrastination as a plus.  Doesn't happen very often.

I only have about 8 more days of class left.  I need to finish writing an assignment due tomorrow, and so far have about half of it done.  I can tell I am ready for the semester to be over, as I kept finding things to do instead of write....I washed the sheets and made the bed, took recycling trash out to the bin, restocked the bathroom, and fiddled with the damnable "sleep iq" technology on our new bed.  Which, by the way, I finally got working.  Last weekend they replaced the unit, and I didn't get around to working on it until today...which allowed a half hour of NOT WRITING.  This week's subject is menopause, and how odd it is that we women experience a complete shut down of our reproductive system and yet still live for decades after the fact.  The only other mammals that experience the same are two species of toothed whales ~ killer whales and the long-finned pilot whale.  So, from an anthropological point of view, it's an oddity.  Funny, I consider most humans odd anyway.

So, the sun is setting on another Sunday.....and you know what that means.  Monday.  Ugh.


Happy Monday tomorrow........
Love, 365

April 29, 2017

#WTF, it's snowing outside.....

Saturday, April 29th, 6:30am

Woke up thinking of what we have planned for the day, looked out the window....holy cow, it's snowing.

Doesn't really change our plans (except for dog walking), but really?  Most everyone I know has planted their gardens.   I'm sure the nursery's are giving each other a high five this morning.  

This is the second latest snow here in Albuquerque.  It's 29 degrees.  A few weeks ago it was near 80. Humph.  

Of course last weekend, Romeo decided to shut down the furnace.  It's not cold in the house, but it's chillier than I wish it were.  I have the bathroom space heater going here in my office.  Drinking plenty of hot coffee.  Keep looking out the window to see if it's stopped, but instead it's snowing harder.  

What happened to spring?

Love, 365

April 23, 2017

It's been lovely......

Hot tubs at 10 Thousand Waves, Santa Fe

I was going to post some photos from FB's "Memories and Photos in New Mexico", but thought better of it.  We have some truly talented photographers out here...go here if you'd like a look.  This FB page is limited to photos of NM, so you can get an idea of how beautiful this place can be.

Having said that, we are #1 in unemployment and car theft.  So, with beauty, there is a beast.  

It has been so lovely taking a mini vacation from work.  In truth, I only took one day off, which happened to coincide with my long weekend.  Which I have every other weekend.  So, am I spoiled?  Yeah, sort of.  It's still work.  And most people in the dental field work about 4 to 4 1/2 days a week.  So, I realize most of you work 5 days a week and likely wish you had my schedule.  I wish you had it to.

I finished my quiz for class early this time....instead of waiting until late Sunday or even Monday, I took it Saturday, but as we had two chances, I retook it this morning so that I could improve my score from 70 to 100.  Worth it, I'd say.  In a few weeks we'll be offered some extra credit, which I will take advantage of....no telling how the final will go!

I have a lot to do tomorrow....my jalopy will go into the shop tomorrow for the repair from being backed into at the Trader Joes parking lot.  It will be kind of nice to drive a newer car for a few days.  I've had mine for going on 14 years.  It shows...there's some wear and tear on it.  It drives well, and doesn't quite have 80,000 miles on it yet.  I do want a new vehicle, but will wait at least another 2 years before I go there.  It's really easy to get used to no car payments.

Well, I hope all of you have a great week!
Love, 365

April 22, 2017

It's amazing the difference an extra day off makes....

Lemon herb mediterranean chicken salad

Yesterday's dinner....if you are interested, this recipe comes from a web site: Cafe Delites.  Tons of great salad recipes, and probably more.  My sister made "fiesta salad" while I was visiting, which is amazing.  I especially liked the homemade dressing, so have been keeping that on hand for other salads.  

So!  I have been doing this and that ~ a bit of study, laundry, house cleaning, dog walking, racquetball (lately my game has been ON!).....it has been very nice to take a break from the usual hectic workday.    I think I've never realized how much pressure I put on myself at work, because frankly, it doesn't seem like anyone else really cares that much.  That is stopping now.  I will do what I can do, but I'm not going to take everything upon my shoulders in the future.  Wake up call.....And I am feeling much more "normal".  

Today the Sleep Number people are coming to replace the Sleep IQ thingy.  If it works well in the upcoming months, I will keep it.  If not, out it goes, and give me back my $$.  I will not keep crawling underneath the bed to reboot it.  

And now, for my parting thoughts, a little bit of fun from Peggy:


Love, 365

April 20, 2017

Unexpectedly taking a day off.....

This blooming tree outside of Target was too pretty to resist...

Mondays are always a drag, right?  I did not want to get up, get dressed and go on Monday.  I briefly contemplated calling in with the "Monday virus", but did not.  I sometimes get this urge, but 99.5% of the time I go anyway, probably like many of you.  Tuesday was the same, and I considered calling in again, with more intent.  But again, I got up and went to work.  It's not so much the workplace, it's just I have been so tired lately.  And, it was good that I did, as one of my younger co-workers said she would be late, came in for 30 minutes, then went home for the rest of the day not feeling well. 

I suppose I should back up a bit.  Last week, I was distracted and just not myself.  I had actually looked at a credit card sales slip and asked *Jenny "who's signature is that", and immediately realized that its a sales slip.  Not sure I've ever felt so ...... discombobulated.  And I had been transposing numbers so often that the OM said "maybe you shouldn't be the one to add the deposit slip today", and even though she was only half kidding, I agreed.  This week has been no better.  So, on Tuesday I put in for the day off today, Thursday.  I told her that I know it's short notice, but I feel in need of a "minute", and she approved the day off.  Thank god.  

I think it's just the accumulation of so much happening here, what with the work up to helping #2 son to move to Austin.  I guess it stressed me out more than I thought.  And I suppose I should admit that I'm not 25 anymore, even though I hate the idea that age will slow me down ~ ha ha, that's just insane, right?  Of course it will, but I'm ususally fighting the idea.  Almost as though fighting it will prevent it from happening.  Again, insane.  

However, I am off today, and as it's our long weekend, I don't have to go back to work until Tuesday. Hopefully by then I will be back to my "normal" self.  

In the meantime, it's great to be off today.....Sioux (the dog) and I will be going for a walk soon, while the air is still cool.

Love, 365

April 16, 2017

Wishing all of you well on this Easter Sunday.....

Why eggs?

Happy Easter to all of you!  

As with many Christian holidays, the tradition of eggs comes from ancient times.  Spring comes after a long cold winter, with less and less food to eat.  The birds and chickens begin to lay their eggs again, and in some cultures, decorated eggs were given to the special people in their lives in celebration of the "new life" of spring.  In Africa, the practice of decorating ostrich eggs goes back 60,000 years.  And so, as with so many other ancient heathen practises, Christianity applied the celebration to the church.  

Easter candy is my favorite.  My Mom made the two of us girls Easter baskets up until we had our own kids, then made them for her grandchildren.  We were allowed to have a few jelly beans or a chocolate egg before church, where we sat squirming around until we were, at last, back home to hunt the eggs.  There is a funny photo taken of me looking everywhere for the last egg, which was in the crook of a tree right by my head....all I had to do was look up.

Son #2 has made it to Round Rock.  Friday night no one slept very much, as he had planned to leave at 1:30am to start the drive.  After he left, we could barely make it back to dreamland.  Saturday was spent with our phones in our hands to catch the text messages letting us know he was ok.  Much of the trip is in the proverbial "dead zone", because there's a whole lot of nothing between Albuquerque and central Texas.  The drive on I10 is undoubtedly one of the most boring.  We've done it many times, as we used to visit Romeo's Mom in El Paso when we lived in San Antonio.  Of course, the drive from Albuquerque to El Paso is almost as boring.  But, we have all sighed a breath of relief that he has made it safely.  His last text to me last night was that he could barely keep his eyes open.  I'm sure it was as boring as it was exhausting.  

I am supposed to be studying (as always) and need to get back to it.  I will have another late night tonight....I need to decide if I want to stay up until midnight to register for summer classes, or go to bed at the usual time and get up for it.  I'm a little worried that if I go to bed I won't get up in time.  I guess I'll figure it out this evening.  There is one class that I really want that is likely to be very popular.  I learned the hard way that popular classes fill up quickly.  


Love, 365

April 14, 2017

Why it's such a drag to read scientific papers. And the universe.....

Gee, thanks Google search...

I recently saw a post on FB that poses the question of why scientific papers are so blasted hard to read.  Since I happen to be reading one, and felt the need to take a break, I thought I would add my 2 cents....while complaining about it.
~using words like "ecological radiations", frugivory, folivory (which the computer keeps attempting to correct to flavory, ha ha), epiphenomenal, etc.
~using graphs that require 30 minutes (sometimes) of review before you finally get the gist of what the information is attempting to convey.

Truthfully, I spend so much time looking up words so that I can understand the content that it takes twice as long to read and absorb.  It's really too bad I didn't use one of my small notebooks solely to words I had to look up.  I would likely have filled up an 80 page notebook by this time.  I probably didn't do this because I would have to do it with the words as I come upon them, because doing it alphabetically would be logistically difficult.  How much space for words that start with A, or W??

I get that they feel they have to create a paper with so many complicated words so that they won't be laughed at.  I have come across papers that are soooo full of them that the content is over shadowed by all of the obscure words they use.  Perhaps there is some sort of unacknowledged contest we don't know about.  For me, I would appreciate a paper that is written in such a way that anyone could pick it up, read it, and then be able to inteliigently discuss it.  Ugh.

Son #2 leaves for Round Rock, Texas tomorrow morning ~ probably 2am, as he wants to get to his destination before the sun goes down.  The u haul is packed, and his truck is on the trailer.  Smart enough to wait until just before he leaves to put his guns inside, lol.  

I know we aren't the only parents of adult children who have come back home and stayed for economic (and other) reasons.  Most of the time it seems that those parents are pitied by friends.  But I've loved it.  He's a great kid.  I'm really going to miss him, although I think he's anxious to move on (which is how it should be).  I wouldn't take back the past few years for hitting the lottery....we have all grown close, and have been able to learn a lot more about each other as adults.  So, we are becoming empty nesters again, and the second time around doesn't make the loss feel any less.  =sigh=
If you've read any of my recent posts, you know we purchased a new sleep number bed not long ago. I had a devil of a time getting the "sleep iq" going again after an app update.  It happened again mid week, so I went through the process again (which is really irritating), and now, it's offline again.  I'm thinking I will pull out the processor and take it back for a refund.  It's certainly not worth it to have to constantly reboot the damn thing.  I'd rather have the $$ than the aggravation.  I don't know if it's because our internet has been off and on lately, or if it's the processor.  No matter, it's still pissing me off.  

And, on that cheery note, I guess I better get back to reading!
Love, 365


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