July 31, 2016


Time to (re)write.....Bing images

Seems like anytime I have a paper due, I end up posting some blah blah nonsense.  So, since I have to rewrite and turn in my paper tomorrow, I wanted to keep with the tradition of procrastinating.  Lets see, how else could I waste my time?  I'm sure I'll come up with something.

A rewrite is not as difficult as a virgin paper.  But I am rather tired of this one, as this will be rewrite #4.  I keep adding to the data.  It's a research paper that I've been working on and off for over a year.  So, I guess I better get going and finish, because I don't want to be making any last minute scrambles to get it done.  =sigh=

I will be a bit sad that this will be the end of my last class with Prof. Stuart.  I hope that we can meet up every other month or so just to chat, because he is a very interesting man with a lot of knowledge. He was supposed to teach a class this fall, but apparently put it off until the spring.  So, maybe it won't be the last class!  I suppose it depends on how he feels about it.  Lately he has been disgusted with the "powers that be" at UNM ~ at least we share that attitude (as far as offered classes and the times they are available).

Enjoy your week!
Love 365

July 29, 2016

It's a scam, people.....really?

All we have to do is hear "IRS" and we have to run to the toilet to throw up.....

Lately I have been on the receiving end of scammer phone calls and voice mail messages that say that I am being sued by the IRS.  Final notice.  Please call back at ------.  Blah blah blah.

But, funny enough, the first time I heard the recording (on Wednesday) I actually called back on my office phone.  And the guy who answered had an accent that sounded to be from India to me.   The conversation was really strange, and at least I did not give him my entire phone number, because I realized that if I did, the harrassment might get worse.  And, after the initial rush of adrenaline, I realized this was a scam.  Not only that, but a bit of research indicates that the scam has been going on for awhile.  

So, please....all of you (myself somewhat included) gullible people, do not call these people back, and no THE IRS IS NOT SUING YOU.  Nope, that would be a big fat audit, and you would be fully aware.  I worked for two dentists who were audited ~ the first was just a bit too enthusiastic to write off everything as a business expense and the second was convicted of tax evasion.  I should have known better.  I admit to moments of total stupidity.

So, what's up with you?  

Love, 365

July 23, 2016

You have entered.....the Twilight Zone......

Not of life, or work, or classes.  Nah, it's Hilary and Donald.

Doesn't a nap ~ one that lasts, say until January,  sound good?

What I really need is a puppy.

Love, 365

July 18, 2016

Pakistan still allows "honor killings"...wtf

Qandeel Baloch (Bing images)

So, who was this chick in the aviator's?  Beats me.  I live in the U.S., and rarely read the news....but I was reviewing the news bar at the bottom of the Bing homepage....

Monday morning's page.....

See the line of photos on the bottom?  I sometimes like to scroll through and see what's happening outside of my small slice of the world....I don't watch the news on TV, and I don't subscribe to the daily Albuquerque Journal ~ because I find the news quite depressing.  Stabbings, shootings, bombings....Anyway!

I saw this story about Qandeel, and was appalled.  They titled it "Facebook Star Killed", because I am not Muslim, and don't live in Pakistan, I had no idea who she was.  After reading several stories (or viewpoints, as I think of news these days), I understand that she lived her life outside the norms of Pakistani culture ~ well accepted culture.  Then, her brother (her brother!!) drugged her and strangled her.  And states he is "not ashamed" for doing so, because she has dishonored the family name.  The only difference I see in the story is that the father of the family had his son arrested for his daughters murder.....which puts the brother in a bit of a pickle, since these murders go unpunished many times as the family is allowed to "forgive" the murderer.  

As I try to find words to comment on this despicable act, I find myself unable to go beyond one word responses, like ~ horrific....saddened......incomprehensible.....and so on.

Mostly, I think to myself that I'm glad I don't live in a country that condons the practice of "honor killings".

Love (each other), 365

July 15, 2016

It's a go!!!


It is a done deal.....I will be able to take the honors class this fall.  As with everything that is fine and good, some sacrifices will be made, but I have no doubt this is the right thing for me.  My co-worker will work my Mondays and I will work her Fridays, so the only day of the week I will be gone for a bit is Wed.  Truthfully it was a bit odd to have four other people to intimately involved in something so important to me, but I think the glass is half full....

I have been thinking of my paper all week, while reading The Black Death and the Transformation of the West by David Hearlihy...which I finished this morning.  It's not a large book, but really packed with a lot of information and statistics.  It's rather old (1997) but obviously good or the powers that be wouldn't have put it in the recommended list, I suppose.  So I sat down at the computer an hour ago intending to start it, but instead started reading blogs to catch up, and obviously this isn't part of the paper, which is to write on how the AIDS epidemic has effected Africa.  Mr. Herlihy mentined AIDS a number of times in the book, comparing the societal, economic and culture issues compare.  Fun, fun.

I have to say, I was really shocked hearing about the suicide truck driver in France.  I continue to be baffled as to why someone would be willing to die killing others that don't believe the way they do.  And since I've been reading about Malthusian theory, but I don't think that terrorist bombings, shootings or using a truck to kill people counts.  If you are curious go here for a definition - explanation of what the Malthusian theory is.  Oh, and by the way, it's rather scary.

Well, I really am get started on my paper, so I ought to get going.  Enjoy your weekend!
Love, 365

July 10, 2016

Get me an aspirin, quick....

I'm sure y'all remember me talking about the honors class....I seem to think of nothing else, along with the issues at work with the time off I would need to take it.  Our OM (office manager) said it would be so much better if the class was on a Tues - Wed - Thurs, since that is when all of the staff is in the office.  We alternate Monday and Friday, so on those days, there are only two of us working up front.  I did admit that I could take the class in the fall of 2017, since it doesn't look like I will finish all class work by then & graduate.  Damn, wish I could quit and go full time....I would be done in 2017 in that case, but whatever...

So, on Tuesday of last week, I received an IM (instant message) from the OM saying that perhaps the Monday-Wednesday class would work better, as I would be out of the office fewer hours.  Because, I work every other Monday & Friday.  Got it?  Yeah, it is rather complicated, but it didn't take me long to find an app (for firemen, no less) that allows me to input the proper days, etc.  Anyhow, I leapt up from my desk & wandered into her office with "What???"  At any rate, I mentioned that I still think we should wait for our fourth member of the front desk staff to return from vacation & make sure she at least feels as though we waited to confer with her before making the decision.  This fourth person has been working at the office longer than any of the rest of us, and she might take offense if we made the decision without her.  AND to throw in some more interesting stuff, one of my co-workers offered to trade Mondays/Fridays with me (since we are on opposite schedules) so that it would not be an issue on Mondays as two people would be there to cover everything that comes up.

I might actually be able to take the class.  Something I have been wanting for a year.  And recall that I had not yet dropped the class in hopes of a miracle?  Yup, looks like I might have one.  Maybe.  I guess I will find out on Tuesday.  Crossed fingers, and all that........and of course, now that it might be a possibility, I'm really nervous about the class.  Hmmmmmm
Romeo signed his contract with the charter school ~ so YAY!  we will be insured before you know it. We had to go through a very long outline of how much everything is, what is covered, etc., but truthfully I am relieved as hell that we will have coverage again.  I have gone 8 months without anything (because at $450 a month for the crappiest plan for one person) it's cheaper to pay the government the penalty for not having any.  Regardless, that law really rankles.  I get the idea behind it, but really?  Ah, well, I'm not going to rant about that.  I hate politics, and especially our politics, and most especially the current presidential election.  Pish.

Well, gotta go....just discovered I have to write a 3-5 page paper for the history class on how AIDS affected Africa - economically, population wise, etc.  You know how I love to write.  Ha ha

Have a great week, everyone!
Love, 365

July 4, 2016

Happy Birthday, America!

Bing Images....

This is our day to ~ put our flags out to flap in the breeze....
Enjoy a baseball game with a dog and a beer.....
Swim in the pool 'cause it's hot outside.....
Have a neighborhood cookout, and have a great time......
Grill your own brats & burgers, with chips and fries.....
Or grill up a pizza and eat it outside.....
Most of all we celebrate the freedom we love...
Happy 4th of July!!!!!

July 3, 2016

Where is everybody???

Cedar Crest trail, Sandia Mountains

The view from Cedar Crest

Flowering pines

Keeping a strong grip on the cliff's edge

Not all the trees have leafed out yet

Alien life forms? ha ha ha

For us, Sunday morning is lazy......for awhile.  This is when I most often write a post, and try to catch up on my reading.  Lately, I've noticed a lag in postings, and why not?  It's summer, and the trails (or chores) call to us.  Our gardens need watering, the dog is begging for an early walk.   

As far as the letter to UNM, the words are still floating around in my head.  I've yet to feel motivated to put them down on paper.  I plan to outline the points this afternoon.  Exercise always helps me organize my thoughts.....at 9am I'll get dressed and head on out to the racquetball court.  It's easy, because I go no matter how crappy my hair looks.  No makeup.  Although to be fair, I do try to tame the locks so as to avoid gasps of horror.  I hope that "wailing on the ball" ~ as my friend Denise puts it ~ will help me separate the wheat from the chaff.

Enjoy your Sunday ~ and Happy July 4th, Americans!

Love, 365

July 2, 2016

Wimbeldon, Santa Fe, and why I'm so freaking far behind on my chores....

This photo was taken just outside the Santa Fe Convention Center.
Fishy Garden.

Romeo and I went to Santa Fe & stayed the nite in a nice hotel near the city square.....we had lots of nice walks, and saw parts of Santa Fe we were unfamiliar with ~ like the area pictured above.  I was charmed & wanted to do something really silly, but Romeo wasn't really into it.  I wanted to ride the fish.  Next time I'll take a cowboy hat and do that.....

We stayed at the Inn at Loretto ~ very nice touch on the kiva fireplace even if it can't be used.
View from our balcony.

It was funny that the front desk staff mentioned that we've been "upgraded" to include a balcony.  I was (& still am) wondering if they do that to eveyone who walks in.  We were there on a Thursday night, which wasn't terribly busy, so perhaps that is why.  I still think it's just a marketing ploy to make us feel better/special.  

Crab cake appetizer at Geronimo's in Santa Fe.
It was OMG fabulous, as was all of the food ~ and the service was incredible. 

Novak lost in the opening games at Wimbledon....holy cow.

I didn't get a chance to watch all of the game between Djokovic and Querrey, only bits and pieces.  Just goes to show you that the #41 men's player can have a very good day and beat the world #1 player.  Never give up!  Right now I'm watching the Tsonga~Isner match.  It's very close right now....I would love to see Isner win!


We didn't sleep very well in Santa Fe ~ I attribute that to their noisy air conditioner, and the occasional door slam from neighbors.  When we arrived home yesterday, I was tired and unmotivated to unpack and put things away.  I even took a short nap, which I rarely do.  I have so much to do, it's interfering with my enjoyment of watching Wimbledon.  I really need to go to Costco and do some shopping, but I keep telling myself that I should wait a little longer to go since it's probably at it's busiest right about now.  

In fact, I need to stop now and check the clothes in the dryer.  
Love, 365

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