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July 6, 2014

I know it's Sunday, but it feels like a Monday.....

Downloaded from a friend on Facebook.....

The dogs have finally settled down.  Oh, how they hate the 4th of July!  They were both totally freaked out by the loud noises....Sioux paced & whined nervously.  Brodie was so funny, perched under the entry way cabinet, as though he was preparing for a tornado.  He spent the entire night on our bed, which surprised me....usually he'll jump down after a few minutes and sleep on his own dog bed in our bedroom.  We finally cut a Benadryl in half to give to Sioux, which worked surprisingly well, so that 30 minutes later she was relaxed and almost asleep.

I played racquetball for a couple of hours with my peeps, and although we had an awkward number, (6), we had one set for doubles and a singles game going until we were drenched.  It was very humid in the courts, because our monsoon rains have apparently started....when it's humid outside, evaporative cooling isn't as efficient and adds to the humidity.  I'm looking forward to playing today, and I've rescheduled my lesson with Jim ~ the one that I had to cancel because I broke my wrist.   

The mornings have been wonderfully cool (64) so I open the windows to enjoy it until the cooler comes on.  It doesn't last too long, but it feels wonderful.....morning in the desert is the best time of the day!  

I have really faltered on my resume writing.  I must get back on board this week.  I'm going to concentrate on getting a job at the University, although it might be a long road.  There are lots of jobs, but many of them are designed for students, and don't pay very much.  

Do you like to bake?  I was cruising the King Arthur Flour website, and saw this recipe:

Triple Berry Cinnamon Swirl Bread

It's not very difficult, and they have a great video showing how they made it.  I'm going to give it a try tomorrow!

Enjoy your Sunday....Love, 365

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