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August 16, 2015

Gettin' around to it.....

I forgot to show the before and after photos of the stair remodel.  I don't really have a before photo, because Romeo had removed all of the carpeting on his first day of vacation, and didn't think about it.  I would have mentioned it, but I was out of the loop for his plans.....I simply came home and the carpeting was gone and he was pulling tack strips, nails and staples out.

Our stairs, sans carpeting, because some people are impatient and impulsive.

Here is a little bit of the carpeting that used to be on the stairs.  Here, I took the photo while looking down at the stairs from the second story.  

Going up, anyone?  I think the risers look lighter than the wall on the left because the sunlight is more direct....but they are painted the same color as the wall on the right.

Another photo of the lower set of stairs.  

No, it's not done yet.  We still need to patch and paint the nail holes on the risers, and caulk the small spaces between the wall and the stairs (& paint that too).  We haven't yet started the flooring for the landing either, but the plan it to finish it before cold weather, because we will need to polyeurethane it after installation, which smells awful.  Romeo thinks we can stain it before fitting it in, although I wonder if that is doable.


When I turned on the computer this morning, I discovered my wireless mouse would not connect.  I've had this issue a few times before....
      I spent 45 minutes restarting, turning the blue tooth off and on, replacing batteries in the mouse......over and over with no results, until finally it connected.  I find this so frustrating and irritating.  Why does this always seem to happen when I am trying to get things done in a limited time frame?  ARGH!  Get me a hammer, I'll fix it good!!!

Love, 365


  1. The stairs look really nice.
    I bought a wireless mouse awhile back and stashed it in the cupboard just in case, and while going through some stuff to donate found one with a cord, which I also kept. And I thought we didn't want to keep mice in our house!!!

    1. It's crazy how many we have sittin' around, but luckily they leave our cheese alone, lol.

  2. Those stairs are perfect. I'm envious. Ours need covering with carpet. By the way I tried to find a way to follow your blog. I prefer the regular follow button as it comes up better on my feed but I do also use Atom. however it linked to huge quantities of code.

    1. Well, photos don't show all the little boo boo's, but thank you!
      I will work on the follow button issue. I'm really not very savy on blogger, I'm afraid.


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