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September 27, 2015


Radwanska played brilliant tennis....(ESPN photo)

Well, yesterday evening I watched Radwanska win over Cibulkova, which she did rather easily....but it was her game that was amazing.  I was a little dismayed that I now know that she won the Championship over Bencic ~ I still haven't watched the game!  So, I will watch already knowing that she will win.  It's just a little bit of a letdown.

On Thursday I attended a lecture at UNM.  It is the first one I've gone to, mostly because the idea of going and sitting for a couple of hours isn't thrilling after spending too much time sitting at work.  I arrived a bit early and was sitting in my vehicle when a car entered the space next to me.  I look over at an elderly gentleman was opening his door, slowly pushing it until "thunk" it hits mine.  Really?  I roll my window down "Excuse me, but you just hit my car with your door" ~ "I did?  Oh."  Steely gaze (from me).  "Sorry"  After he and his wife exit their car and begin to walk to the building, I open my door and say "See?  I'm being very careful so that I don't damage your beautiful car....all I ask is that you afford me the same courtesy next time".  And, of course, we all ramble down to the same lecture, because many of these things attract the grey haired crowd.  And the lecture hall was big enough that I didn't have to sit anywhere near them.  Sheesh.

At work, we have a new front desk person who started a few weeks ago.  She was previously the office manger at another office (as was I but I didn't list "office manager" on my resume, as I was concerned that it would knock me out of the running).  Our OM asked her about it, as the pay and duties were not going to be the same, and she said she was relieved (or happy?) not to take on that role.  But it's kinda funny because she really gets going sometimes on how we need to do this and that.  She's really familiar with the software we use, so I've found myself asking her questions on how to do certain things.  Which my other co-workers seem to sometimes have problems figuring out.  Over the last 3 weeks she seems to have settled in well.  But I miss Pat* whom I had so much in common with ~ love of tennis, dogs, etc.  But because I only worked with her for 7 months, I don't know if she would be interested in getting together.  Guess I'll have to call and ask, eh?

Next weekend we'll be attending the first day of Balloon Fiesta!  So I'm hoping I'll have lots of cool photos for ya.  

Have a great week....Love, 365

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