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May 13, 2017

The sun is shining.....

Son #1 & Grandson

#1 on left, #2 on handsome!

Well life in our household has somewhat adjusted to Son #2 moving to Round Rock/Austin.  We've settled in, but haven't yet had the time to convert the third bedroom to Romeo's office/guest room.  I did check out beds at Costco, and I saw a contender....nice enough, but not terrible expensive.  This way we have something for two people to sleep on, and if necessary, an inflatable as well (which I hate ~ I've slept on it before and always felt I was about to slip off).  The daybed that Romeo made & carved is so beautiful that I hate to get rid of it, but we must in order to fit the full size bed I intend to put in there.  I'm still trying to figure out what could be done with it ~ maybe I can take the back of it off and use it for a headboard.  I'll have to do some measuring. 

Work has been going OK.  I still enjoy working there, but also have some issues with *Linda, who is, at times, an obnoxious blow hard.  Although I admire the confidence she apparently has in abundance, I find her ..... well, obnoxious.  Last week I met with the OM and told her that yes, I'm intimidated by her and don't feel comfortable confronting her.  This is in response to scheduling for the Dr., which she is supposed to be responsible for, but has pushed that responsibility to me, even though I already have so much to do, that I don't feel I have the time to manage - not to mention that it's not up to her.  Yeah, I'm not comfortable with confrontation.  I'm not clever with words.  I'm more of a "you're fly is open" instead of "you need to check your clothing for errors" kind of person.  She voiced her displeasure over a schedule change the Doc asked me to do, and the best I could do was say "I think you're over-reacting".   

The exams went well....I did better on the final than I did on the other two exams.  I also managed to get 20 out of 25 points on the extra credit, which brought me up to an A for a final grade.  I'm convinced the extra credit pushed a solid B to the A, so I'm glad I put the effort into it!  I'm looking forward to the 4 week break between now and the start of the summer semester.  

Tonight is our semi-annual racquetball party....we eat, we drink, we play ping pong!  I'm taking "fiesta salad" which is really delicious, and Denise always brings her famous stir fried rice dish.  Guess I better quit blathering and get ready for the day.

Love, 365


  1. I'm trying to figure out how I can fit my grandmother's four poster into our house. My mom doesn't want it in her guest bedroom anymore and I don't want it to go to Dick and Snatchie, my brother and his wife.

    You should explore the headboard idea, it's a good one. Also could make a nice back for a bench in an entryway or against a wall for extra seating. Easy enough to upholster the seat area.

    Also, you have good lookin' kids. :)

  2. Well, thank you....of course I think they're quite handsome. :-)
    I love your bench idea if it doesn't work out for a headboard. I truly dislike the piece I have in the entry way, and a bench would be so much nicer!

    If nothing else, take the bed apart and store it until you figure it out. That way Dick and Snatchie don't get possession. Love those monikers. Ha ha


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