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October 12, 2013

Ah, Saturday....

Let's go!!

Ahhhh.  I've had 2 cups of coffee and some delicious pumpkin bread.  Had a slight issue with the coffee pot this morning, as someone (me) forgot to empty it the last time we made coffee and it ran all over the counter.  Had to wash everything out and start over.  In the meantime I made some pumpkin bread which finished up about the time I had my second cup.  Delicious...thanks to Costco and the huge box of Krusteaz pumpkin bread mix ~ it'll make 4 loaves, so I plan to take some to work on Tuesday.  Can't be eating it all ourselves!  To prevent the overflow issue with the coffee pot, I put a label on the inside to remind me to check the pot to make sure it's empty.  My husband mentioned "alzheimer's", which I didn't find at all funny.

****I somehow allowed myself to get roped into a racquetball tournament this weekend.  I won my first match last night, but the games I play today and tomorrow will be much more difficult.  It should be fun, though.  

***I watched a video on this guy cutting bread, burritos and cake with dental floss.  No joke.  If you want to watch it, go here .  This guy is quite serious, but I think I'll just stick with my knife.  They made sure to mention you shouldn't use flavored floss.  Really?  If you're going to use floss for slicing food, you need to be told not to use flavored floss?  Then on the other hand, yeah, I suppose you do, ha ha.

****Weird job loss stories:
1)  2 girls put on their bikinis and took a soak in the company wash sinks (which are apparently quite deep) and then uploaded the sexy video to Myspace.  

2)  An employee of Subway was fired for putting his penis on the bread for a sandwich, then uploading it to Instagram.  

3)  A TV news reporter in South Dakota said "f***g sh**t live on the broadcast ~ his first and last day of work.

4)  A South African man went on Facebook and called his boss a "serial masterbater".  

5)  A Cold Stone Creamery worker referred to President Obama with the "n" word on Facebook and said she wouldn't care if he was assassinated.  

6)  A Washington state gym teacher was fired when went to work drunk, with a .15 blood alcohol level.  He fought it by saying "he did not engage in "flagrant misconduct".

7)  A IT guy for Farm Bureau Financial Services was fired after being caught on video urinating on his female co-workers chairs.  

Feel bad about something stupid you've done?  Well, in comparison, I'd say we should give ourselves a break.

Love, 365


  1. About #1... not only did the girls lose their jobs, but the place went out of business, too

    There are some really, really immature folks around here and, of course, they are the ones who're noticed because other immature folks find them entertaining

    What's that say about the media?

    ...and me?

    BTW - thanks for visiting my blog

    1. Hey, I enjoy your blog and your "ahem" crazy thoughts....
      I am shocked to hear that a KFC closed (#1).
      I am so totally not, like, immature, ya know?

  2. #2 gives whole new meaning to 'sliced lengthwise on Rye, hold the mustard' doesn't it?


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