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October 19, 2013


Taken near Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

A few weeks ago I received notice that my payment was due to UNM for classes, and my credit card on file had expired.  So, I began the search for my replacement card so I could update my payment info with the bursar.  After a few hours of fruitless search, I called and explained to the representative what was going on.  I explained that I had not noticed any activity to the account that wasn't my own, but I just couldn't find my new cards.  He cancelled the account and issued a new card, which is probably in my mailbox as we speak.  Not 15 minutes later I found my cards.  ARGH.  How typical.

It has been a long week, and very busy.  I keep thinking of the upcoming trip to New Orleans for a convention for work.  I love Louisiana (it is where I was born, after all).  Great food, great culture, great music.  The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the return trip home, which leaves at 6am.  :-(

Fall is in full swing here in Albuquerque.  Trees are turning golden, red, and orange.  I love this time of year, with the cool mornings and warm afternoons.  For some reason, I also end up baking and planning to bake all kinds of goodies.  Thanks to Krusteaze & Costco, I have made 5 pumpkin quick bread loaves and distributed accordingly.  I still have one mix left, and although it doesn't truly fit the bill of "baking"(implied from scratch), my family and I have enjoyed them immensely, and they are so easy to do.  In a recent issue of Sunset Magazine, I saw a recipe for pumpkin bread pudding, which I want to try soon.  If it's as good as it sounds, I'd like to make it for Thanksgiving, but I think my husband will be a bit put off if I don't make the usual pumpkin pie.  

Have a great weekend, everyone!
Love, 365

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