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April 19, 2014

Finals are coming up!

Hey, they are smiling because they know their pic is being taken, or maybe it was a great joke.....(bing images)

This is more like it......

Or maybe this, lol....

I am not worried about my forensic anthropology exam.  I'll read over my notes, review the photos that are included in our weekly powerpoint lectures, and look over our quizzes.  No biggie (but not taken lightly, I assure you).  However, statistics is different.  I'll spend hours studying....hours at the tutoring's torture.  Because, basically I feel like a monkey learning sign language.  I'll (hopefully) learn enough to do well on the exam, and then forget it all a week or so later.  In fact, when I reviewed our last exam, I was shocked to realize I probably couldn't do as well on that same test right did I ever pull it off?  Well, hopefully I will be able to do the same in a little over a week.  

Last week I spent some time shopping.....and crying.  I was trying to find some new clothes for work, and crying because everything is so expensive.  Over 70$ for a pair of slacks?  Never.  I just can't do it.  I am going to try Kohl's again.  I usually don't shop for clothes there because I can never find anything that fits me well ~ although I admit I'm extremely picky.  I don't have the body shape of a 16 year old, which seems to be the model manufacturors use.  Aren't they paying attention?  I don't get why so much of the clothing in retail stores is geared toward teens.  They don't have any $$, and although I realize their parents do, I would never have asked my mother for an outfit that cost over $100, but I suppose that today's teens do.  

Ok, off to study!  Enjoy your weekend, and Happy Easter!
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Love, 365


  1. forensic anthropology! have you seen the TV show "bones"?
    the owl is still waiting for owlets, though i think they're in there. i'll post more soon. thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I have shopped at our local thrift stores (mainly Goodwill) for years and years. Buying things at retail prices is really unusual for me. The jeans I wore today came from Goodwill two years ago, and were brand new. I got them for $12.99, but the store tag from the expensive department store (still attached) was over $100.00.

    When I need something, I go to Goodwill first. I almost always find what I need.

    Good luck with the test. It's sort of a sad indictment of our educational system that passing the test is the point of a class, don't you think?

    1. In some cases I agree that testing does not necessarily indicate a person's understanding of the material. Unfortunately, when it comes to math, if you understand the material, you'll pass the test. What testing doesn't do is gage the anxiety level, which can significantly skew how the student does (like when I took the first test in stats). Now, that would be handy!

  3. Hope your Easter was wonderful! Hope your finals are the same!

    1. Easter was lovely. I decided to make stuffed shells (w/cheeses). It had been a long time since I'd made them, and kinda forgot how much it makes...ended up with enough for 8 to 10 people, with another uncooked batch in the freezer for that day that no one knows what to have for dinner! It was delicious though.
      We got our "practice test" in stats today....OMG. Hope I pass. :-}


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