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April 1, 2014

Dear Ami.......

Happiness....(Bing images)
***Oh, I wanted to write a little poem, but I kinda suck at, I really, really suck at poetry!  

Last week I took our second exam in statistics.  I studied, was tutored, I fretted and worried.  Today we received our results.....a 91!  I was so surprised, I raised my fists into the air and said "yes!"  So, at least I won't have to drop the class.  I can soldier on and put this last (I hope) math class behind me.

Ami ~ I might go look for that elusive purse this weekend.  :-)

Love, 365


  1. It's always nice to work for something and actually have the effort pay off.
    And if getting a bag is what makes you smile... :)

    I admire people who have the drive to go back to school for whatever reason... I just don't have it. I hated school when I had to go, so going voluntarily is out of the question. Ever.

    1. I may go looking this weekend, not sure yet. And sometimes I wonder why I'm doing this, but I do love it. Although, there are times when I feel so very old around the 20somethings. :-)


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