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October 9, 2014

Man, where has the time gone.....

ha ha.....(Google images)

Well, this isn't exactly the type of busy I have goin' on.  But close, lol.

I have lots to do at work ~ I am supposed to make things as easy for my co-worker as I can, but since it's been a slow month, it hasn't been too bad.  However, for those of you that hold your breath until my next post ~ yeah, right ~ I probably won't be...posting that is.....until I return from the wedding.  Which is next week.  And I'm not at all ready.  Remember?  I'm a lethal procrastinator.  There's nothing like a deadline to get the ol' juices flowing.  

I have the dress, the shoes, the stupid strapless bra (which is OK, but I know I'll be rearranging it until I have enough alcohol in my system to where I simply won't give a damn).  We're driving (so that ought to be fun..12 hours or less) so we will have lots of time to catch up on conversation.  Hmph.

At least my professor is giving me an extra week to post my assignments, which I was so happy about and grateful for his generosity.  

Now, I just have to gear myself up for 5 days of staying with my Mom, who is a perfectly lovely person, for about 3 days.  Ha ha, no not really.  I just like to dish it out.  

If you don't see any writing after a couple of weeks.....just wait a little longer.  :-)

Love, 365


  1. Best of luck. When not driving, stay in that state where your strapless bra will not be thought about :-)

    1. Thanks! At least I only have to wear it for a few

  2. Did you say a TWELVE HOUR DRIVE!!! If you're a passenger I'd strongly suggest alcohol ;-) That'll be a long one.

    Have fun at the wedding!

    1. The reason we're driving and not flying was simply a matter of $$....$450 for round trip tickets for 3, or rent a car for $137 for the week. Of course, the drive does slice one day off of the visit, which is a drag. Hey, at least gas prices have been declining!


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