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October 26, 2014

Whew! We all survived....

Obviously borrowed from  If you can't read the sign, it says "variations on a theme, next 825 miles.  I can relate.

This will be a real quickie....I was working on my homework, and am ready to hit the work tomorrow at 7am.  
(the next day, lol )

I was too tired.  I'm still tired, but it's mostly just the level of today's activity, and house cleaning.  Man, how I hate house cleaning.  If I leave it all to Romeo, I have to admit it leaves a bit to be desired.  What we need is for one of us to get a massive raise so that I can have someone come out every 2 weeks and clean it for us.  As if.....

The wedding was wonderful.  Here's a photo of the bride & groom:

So, in case you're unfamiliar, this is my oldest son.  As you can see, her dress was really stunning.  She had pretty shoes on too, but you couldn't see them with the dress.  My sister and her husband went with me and we had a good time....even had a whiskey shot (& I'm not much of a drinker, but the occasion seemed to call for alcohol!).  And you know what?  The strapless bra didn't bug me at all ~ even before the drinks.  :-)

The one big drag about the trip was the drive.  It was exhausting.  And for some reason we decided to take hwy 285, which turned out to be a big mistake.  There is a lot of oil/fracking going on around the New Mexico and Texas border, so we had to deal with semi's and big pick-ups.  Sometimes the semi's would drive on the shoulder of the road to give us a chance to pass, and as they were doing that, they were throwing all kinds of stones.  And we nearly got creamed by a semi that we thought was letting us get by, but actually had pulled over to the shoulder of the road to turn into a gas station.  After that, we decided we wouldn't return by the same route.  The drive home was just boring, boring, boring.  10 to 11 hours in the car, no matter how comfortable, is just a big ol' drag.  I don't recommend it.

Well, I need to finish my homework (due tonight by 12am).  Have a wonderful week!
Love, 365

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