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November 23, 2014

It's another Sunday morning....

Santa Fe farmer's market, summer 2014

Here I am again, on a cloudy, windy morning in Albuquerque.  Winter is tightening her grip, and the leaves on the wisteria look wrinkled and dry ~ I'm sure I will hear a slight "thump" that will signal that all of the leaves dropped off in one go.  

Next week is Thanksgiving.  I have most of my supplies.  I still haven't decided if I want to brine my turkey the usual way (wet) or try the dry brine.  I guess I'll check it out and decide.  It's just that last year I spilled the brine all over the kitchen, and I still find areas on my cabinetry that have a salty spot.  Ugh.  I don't want to have that happen again!

While at the nail salon before the wedding, I was convinced to try a gel manicure.  I liked it...what I really liked was that even I couldn't mess it up.  Usually I wreck a manicure before I even get into my car!  I've read all the reports, and the salon I go to uses the led lights, so it's safer than the other method.  So, when I went 3 weeks ago, I decided I would keep it going through the holidays.  Now, I'm wrestling with myself on whether I should give it one more go, or give it up for now.  Although $24 doesn't seem like much, I have to keep in mind that $24 here and $24 there and pretty soon, it's over $100, which I really need for our food budget.  Ok, I've talked myself out of doing it again, but it will cost around $5 to have it removed.  :-)

Next week will be the first week that I will need to notify the fine state of New Mexico that I am making an effort to find work.  I have already had problems with their web site, so I'm figuring it will test my already beleaguered patience.  Hey, maybe I'll be surprised at how easy it is!!!  I'll see!

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My favorite holiday....Thanksgiving. 
Family & food
Football & pie
Friends come by and crowd my house
But I love the feeling
Of having all my family & friends near
So we can be thankful
And then start complaining 
about Christmas........

Love, 365

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