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April 12, 2015

Of spring, migraines and research papers......

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I was going to post my own photo, but today my computer is being cranky, so I had to download this one from Google.  Stupid, stupid computer.

It has been a great spring so far, with only a few mega-windy days.  My wisteria looks like a fairy tale, and the back yard smells amazing.  I love the scent, but discovered a few years ago, that wisteria does not do well as a cut flower.  The blooms will wither right up after a few hours in a vase.  I just have to open the windows or door to enjoy the scent if we're inside.   In Japan, they go totally batshit crazy for flowers.  This is one example:

Actually, I'm not sure this tunnel is in Japan.  But wow, I would imagine the scent would be a tad overpowering in one of these.  Beautiful, though.

Yesterday, I had a migraine, so I took some imitrex (a friend gave me some to try...yeah, I know) and rested for an hour, and feeling better I took off for the "special collections" library near downtown Abq.  I felt ok.  But soon after arriving, I felt it coming back on.  I thought I would try "relaxing" and perhaps it would go away.  Silly me.  Once I discovered the report I needed, I figured I would have to come back another day, and drove home.  With the a/c on full blast.  I did ok until I reached the street I normally take, then had to pull over and barf.  This is one of the reasons I never leave home without a good quality plastic bag.  Never know when you might need to barf your guts out, ha ha, although not at all funny.  So, apparently imitrex doesn't really do it for me.  I only felt OK for about 2 hours, and it came roaring back with a vengance.  I shall have to make a Dr's appointment to get some better drugs, lol.  I don't have chronic migraines, which the literature defines as 15 or more days a month.  I swear, I would have to quit work and file for a disability if I had them that often. Ugh.

So, I began to wonder if there is something in libraries that makes me feel sick.  No, seriously.  It's happened more than 5 times.  Maybe there is a dust, or some other factor that gets to me in the library, which means if I go, I'll have to hurry.  So, no of the things that also gives me migraines.  Sheesh.

I was most grateful for all my facebook friends who were so kind after the death of my dog.  I have wavered all week thinking maybe we shouldn't wait too long to go to the humane society and adopt one.  One minute I'm ready to go, another, I'm thinking it might be a year or so.  Guess I'll see how I feel in a month.  I don't really want to rush into it.  I miss him so much.  He was such a wonderful dog.

Well, I hope you are enjoying your spring!  Have a great week.
Love, 365

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