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December 20, 2015

Merry Christmas, everyone!

As the blogging slows to a crawl, I just wanted to post Christmas greetings to all of you!

I thought it was interesting that of all the images I cruised past, I didn't see one single Xmas!  Hurray!  I never like it, nor did I ever believe that it was PC, but just plain old stupid.  I suppose progress has been made.....although all the stores have Happy Holidays, but that doesn't really bother me.  

I went to our Christmas party for work on Friday, and took some photos, but was disappointed that they didn't really come out well ~ it was too dark in the room we were given.  The meal was wonderful (I was stuffed to the gills, lol), and it was fun.  Next week we only work 2 days and then we will be off for 5 blissful days.  I'm looking forward to that, and have some projects to work on.  I need to quick brine the turkey ~ Williams-Sonoma has a brine that is dry that you rub on the turkey.  I was missing the brine mix that I was used to getting from them, although I won't miss spilling it on the floor like I did a couple of years ago.  I will post my results & opinions for those of you that might want to try it.

Merry Christmas!!!

Love, 365


  1. Merry Christmas to you! I hope you have a lovely and relaxing 5 days off!!

    During this season, I respond to every greeting, whether Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa... whatever, with a smile and a completely sincere, "Thank you! You too!" I appreciate good wishes from people, they don't have to think the same way I do. :)

    I am going to take off a LOT of time this year. I'm burned out.

    Also I'm crabby because we have this abrasive asshole who does the same job I do... only she thinks she gets to tell us all what to do.

    It's aggravating, mostly because she really is a jerk and I don't like her.

    I always write Christmas. My mom was pissed off recently about this topic, though. So I looked it up. I had heard bits of it before, but had never seen it all laid out. From here..

    "the history of the word “Xmas” is actually more respectable — and fascinating — than you might suspect. First of all, the abbreviation predates by centuries its use in gaudy advertisements. It was first used in the mid 1500s. X is the Greek letter “chi,” the initial letter in the word Χριστός. And here’s the kicker: Χριστός means “Christ.” X has been an acceptable representation of the word “Christ” for hundreds of years. This device is known as a Christogram. The mas in Xmas is the Old English word for “mass.” (The thought-provoking etymology of “mass” can be found here.) In the same vein, the dignified terms Xpian and Xtian have been used in place of the word “Christian.”

    1. Well, who knew?
      I suppose my dislike of "Xmas" comes from it's overuse in retail stores. Like me, I suppose it was considered less "religious".
      Romeo thinks that for the majority of humans, Christmas is no longer a religious holiday. In fact, one of our local high schools made the news headlines when someone (1 person) complained that there was a Christmas tree on campus, even though the purpose of the tree was to collect teddy bears to distribute to children in need. A cry of dismay rose up, and the tree was back in the school in no time. If I recall correctly, the arguement was made that the tree did not represent Christianity, but was more a gesture of giving. Hmmmm.


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