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December 26, 2015

Looking back at 2015....

Blue skies, tumbleweeds.....(Yahoo images)

I saw this photo and was reminded of the tumbleweed snowman that the city puts up in November for the upcoming holiday.  

I saw it while driving down I40, but it sure didn't look this big....this looks more like a tumbleweed gargantua.  Must be the angle or something...

Well, we survived Christmas!  As this is the second year we essentially cancelled gift giving, I couldn't help but look back over the year.  In February I started a new job, and things seemed to be going so well.  We even started to discuss buying me a new car and keeping the current one for this and that.  Then in late October, Romeo gets laid off, and the same process we had at nearly the same time of year happens.  

I could get used to not exchanging gifts.  It certainly takes a lot of the pressure off!  However, I've noticed a few things (about me).
~I didn't do hardly any cookies, fudge, etc.  
~I cancelled the order of luminarias for this year.  It isn't expensive, I just didn't want to do it.  I think that I might look for some outside decor in an after Christmas sale.  Maybe.  
~I only put about half the decorations on the tree.  No one said anything, but I thought it looked a little bit pathetic, and regretted it.  *Although I must note, I never did anything about it even though the decorations were easy to pull out.  

I certainly hope that Christmas in 2016 is a little more festive than this year.  I will have to mark on my calendar a note about increasing my enthusiasm.  I gave a few gifts out, and received a few as well, but at home Romeo and I didn't do anything.  #2 son put a few gifts under the tree for us, which was a nice surprise.  Nothing expensive, just thoughtful.  And it looks like there might be a new romance going on, as he spent the evening with said girlfriend last night.  It is so good to see him going out. 

Plus, I spent more than one hour wishing that Romeo and I were more social.  He is a real homebody, and although I can appreciate the idea of hangin out at home, I sometimes wish we were going out.  I'm not sure what to do about that.  If I mentioned it, I'm sure he would encourage me to attend this party or that, but I'd rather be with him, so there you go.

Love, 365

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