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May 6, 2016

Windy weather.....and s-l-o-w writing

Yeah, this is how some of it looks.....pretty awful, I'd say.
Bing images.

So, I bet you decided not to come here in the spring, eh? This photo shows the southern area of Albuquerque, along I40....there's not much out there, trust me.  

So, I have a few pages written of my final paper.  It's due on Monday.  But I am determined to finish it tomorrow (?) or at the latest on Sunday afternoon.  I really don't want to be writing on Monday.....I've done that before and know that I don't do my best if I'm scrambling to finish on the due date.  Nerves.  

It was really nice to take a day off Thursday, and no one complained or gave me any shit about it.  Isn't it funny that over a year later, I still have expectations from my previous workplace?   

On Monday I ordered peonies to be delivered to my Mom for Mother's Day, and they were supposed to arrive today (because the delivery price on Friday was a lot cheaper), but I didn't hear anything from Mom about them, so I called the place I ordered them from and discovered they are going to be late one day.  I suppose that's not terribly surprising.  Mother's Day is a big flower day after all.....but I hope they come in good condition.  Mom's caregiver will tell me if they look good or are all wilted from being delayed.  I'll be getting my money back if they look like crap.

I finally scored a Canon digital camera body from Ebay.  I had received a "second chance" offer on a camera I had bid on ~ & lost ~ but after making arrangements with the seller on a agreed upon price, he sent me a message that he had already sold it to the original winning bidder.  I was rather ticked off because it was obvious to me that he used  me to pressure the original winning bidder to pay.  According to Ebay, if a second chance bid is offered, the original offer must be cancelled.  Obviously he didn't do that.  But all I could do was file a complaint, as they can't force him/her to sell to me.  A little lesson learned, huh?  I will still need to purchase a lens, but I know I'll find one soon.  Maybe I won't go on Ebay to find it though.

Love, 365


  1. Hope you got your paper done. I used to leave all of mine until the day before they were due...

    ebay has gotten very corrupt over the last few years. I used to sell on there a lot, but since they've changed their practices so that only the big sellers are protected it's not even worth it trying to buy and sell anymore. >:( I got an amazing deal on a profession Canon camera on Amazon. Was keeping an eye on one particular model for a while, and one day it was reduced from $1200 to $900, and only for that day. Well worth it.

    1. I haven't had a lot of experience on eBay, but will troll it now and again for goodies. I waiting a very long time for my camera, and now just need to learn how to use it! I've not had an SLR for a long time, my old ones are ancient ~ film cameras. This is my first digital SLR.


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