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October 2, 2016

Albuquerque's International Balloon Fiesta!

I took these last year......
Notice the finger hanging out of this monster's mouth....ha ha
Up and away....
We were standing right in front of "Airabelle" the cow....she is ENORMOUS!
The end :-)

We didn't go this year.....neither of us felt the need to get up at 3:30, get to the park n ride by 4:30, and then ~ desperate for coffee ~ burn our tongues on the hot brew.  It is a lot of fun to go, the food is similar to the carnival good but fattening and delicious.   When we first moved here we went every year for about 4 years, so fun with the exception of how early you have to set the alarm.  I did score a balloon ride one year, and loved it.  It was free, which was why I was able to do it, and although I haven't flown again, I will do it again sometime.  

Romeo starts his new job tomorrow.  He seems so much more relaxed than he did last time.  His class sizes will be much smaller (probably a bit over 15 as opposed to 30), and the school is much smaller as well.  He is concerned that the students will be behind in their studies, since they've had a substitute since the beginning of the school year, but I think this is the type of challenge he will look forward to.  His previous employer still has ads on Craig's List for teachers, and I don't see that changing.  One of the first things I asked was if he had a desk and chair, and with relief, he said yes.  At the previous school they had decided that teachers don't need desks or chairs, so he was on his feet the entire day, and his plantar fasciitis really flared up.  I really don't understand why they believed that teachers would be more effective if they couldn't sit down.  Baffling.  

Well, I finally got my grade for the mid-term.  And it was worse than I thought, at a 76.  The way I see it, I will finish up this class and if the final grade isn't very good, I just won't transfer the class to UNM.  Just one more reason I dislike this program with BYU.  And I didn't get any feedback, but I will be sending the instructor a request for feedback.  We'll see how long that takes.  

Looking forward to vacation time!
Love, 365


  1. I used to live in Temecula, California. They did a big balloon festival there every year, although not nearly the size of Albuquerque's. I really loved seeing all the balloons. I never see them here.

    I hope your husband likes his new job. You could not pay me enough to be a public school teacher. They have to put up with appalling circumstances, be judged by people who have NO idea what they do and evaluated by the test scores of their students. Insanity.

    1. Agreed, school teachers can have it bad. I think that's why there are so few openings at APS schools near where we live. Not that being on the better side of town means all the kids are respectful, diligent and kind (to others and each other). But there are so many positives ~ fewer kids, fewer miles to drive, fewer hours, that in comparison I think it will work out. Time will tell.....


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