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October 23, 2016

That awkward moment.....

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A little over a week ago, I was doing a little shopping on my day off.  It was a relaxed day, I was on vacation, classes were over for the week.  I'm in Chico's looking for a top to wear to work, I turn around, and right there!  is a friend that I hadn't seen or spoken to in nearly two years.  Not because I hadn't contacted her ~ I had left a voice mail, and then texted her right after I was hired at my new workplace ~ to let her know, and then never heard from her.  I figured "well, maybe she moved to Boise", where one of her best friends had moved to, and where I knew she had visited several times.   All I could think to do was say hello! and how have you been? and then watch her try to scramble around with some excuse.  She kept rambling on, so when she took a breath, I said it was great to see her, and I really need to finish up here and get going.  She tried to continue talking, but I just walked away.  Ranks pretty high on the 2016 scale of awkward moments.  

I have to "present" my research tomorrow.  I will be spending most of this afternoon tweaking my power point and reviewing the salient points.  I am both anxious and not....I have confidence in my research and not......   I can't wait until it's over.  Ironically I was going to volunteer to go first, but the Prof. beat me to it.  It makes sense, as I have already written a paper, even though the research continues.  

I have decided to drop the Italian Renaissance class.  I didn't do that well on the mid-term, it took forever to receive my grade, and then another couple of weeks for feedback.  The feedback was vague and implied I didn't understand the readings.  I'm willing to admit that perhaps I didn't interpret the material in the way they intended, but in my defense, I was making 100 on all of the quizzes.  So, how am I to know I'm not interpreting the material in the way they intended?  I didn't realize that there would be no feedback at all, and I was horrified to see that all of the papers one has to write are all turned in at the end of the class ~ no chance for feedback there.  So, I figured, why stress myself out trying to finish the class by 10/31, and dropped.  What I learned: I don't enjoy "independent study".  

Well, gotta run!  Have a great week, and don't forget to vote!
Love, 365


  1. I advocate independent study... but not in any sort of academic or classroom setting. Counterproductive.

    People learn more and learn better when no one is expecting test scores or evaluations. Choose something. Research it. Learn what you want. Move on to the next thing when ready.

    Proving to someone else that I've learned something adequately and in the way *they* want (don't you dare tell me that because my interpretation of something is different than yours that I'm 'wrong', dammit) is a waste of everyone's time. And in some cases, money. Lots of it
    This little thing is relevant...

    As for the awkward friend thing? I have given up worrying about people who don't want to keep in touch. If they want to move on? They should. I won't hate them. My feelings may be a little wounded, but that's really my issue, not theirs. :)

    1. I read your post ~ very impressive, and a fine show of your self confidence! I don't have much of that, although I wish I did.

      As far as my previous friend is concerned, I had already accepted the loss, and moved on ~ so the encounter was as awkward for me as it must have been for her!


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