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December 11, 2016

It's that crazy time of year.....

The month of December is out of hand.....baking needs to be done, gifts purchased-wrapped-boxed-shipped to out of town family, more baking and a few parties.  Even though my class is over for the semester, I don't have much leisure time.  I actually took a 1/2 day off on Thursday so that I could get started on some of my baking, and I woke up this morning and noticed that all of the gingerbread cookies are already gone.  Sheesh.

I am very happy that I have a dishwasher.....

Our racquetball group had a semi-annual party yesterday, and included a birthday party for two of our members...and I had the request for that damn carrot cake again.  I swear I've baked 4 of them this year.  Included in this mess is the goody bags for friends...I hope the gingerbread cookies in the bags are still there by Monday, lol.

Christmas tree in front of the Inn at Loretto in Santa Fe

Romeo and I took a short trip to Santa Fe yesterday morning to do a bit of Christmas shopping.  I ended up with a cool pair of vintage cowgirl boots, and Romeo found a pair of boots as well.  Just to show you that there are still things we don't know about each other ~ even after celebrating our 37th anniversary 11 days ago ~ as a teenager he had a whole wardrobe of cowboy boots, and hardly wore anything else.  When you live in El Paso, you can cross the border and custom order boots for a song back then.  I was really surprised, because in all the time we've known each other, I've never seen him wear them.  

Our work party is on the 22nd, and I'm hoping that my coworker *Jean ("I'm not angry") will have quit the childhood paradigm of "you're invisible/dead/insignificant" to me by then.  We worked together on Friday, and she did her best to ignore me the entire 5 hours.  Which was really OK because I had a lot of things to accomplish on a rather short day.  Our Dr was in a karate class....he is a master black belt (or something more impressive, I don't really understand how they rank your level in karate) so it was just us and two hygienists.....a quiet day.  And also a short day for me, but I used that time to ~ yeah, more baking.  I'm tired of baking already, and not done yet.

I hope all of you have a great Sunday & a marvelous week ~ hopefully you won't have to go to a mall.
Love, 365


  1. There are things I dislike in this world. Petty assholes are one of them. Tell Jean to give me a call.

    I also don't like gingerbread. So eat all you want. :-D

    Happy anniversary! I know there are a ton of things I still don't have a clue about when it comes to the hubby, but I know I still like him.

    Cowboy boots are against his religion, though. Haha.

    1. Well, ya could have knocked me over with a feather when he mentioned all the boots he had as a young man. I wonder what else I don't know?
      *Jean can suck it......ha ha

  2. I will help with the baking (and the eating...)

    Have a Merry Christmas :)


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