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December 20, 2016

So, it's official..... :-(

Oh, I will miss her....

My coworker *Julie let me know today that she ~finally~ received her offer of another nearly $3 more per hour, benefits, loads of PTO, etc.  I am happy for her....but sad not only for myself, but for the rest of us who will no longer be able to get answers to our questions on the program we use (she knows more than all of us combined), her numbers sense (I've always envied numbers people, cause I ain't one, ha ha), her ability to laugh and seems to usually be in a great mood.  Yeah, there have been a few patients who complained that she was "aggressive", but I never saw that ~ and we sit right next to each other.  The reason she is leaving?  Our OM gave her a really crappy 50 cents more an hour for a raise, and told her "it's because of your attitude".  
Firstly ~ if you have a really smart employee that has the ability to run circles around the rest of us (me included) with her intelligence, you try to resolve the attitude problem, right?  You don't insult them with some stupid pittance of a raise.  
Secondly ~ the attitude problem was between *Julie and the OM.  The OM should have worked it out instead of being threatened by the intelligence and capabilities of a new employee.  Sadly, there is another employee who is likely going to leave over an issue the OM should have fixed before she went on her month long trip to India.  Or, better yet, she should just resign and stick to her real estate business.  She isn't a very capable OM.  I have been in her shoes.  I would never treat people the way she has ~ vacation time was screwed up, she took a month to get back to *Julie on vacation and her raise (that's simply ridiculous, she was "punishing" her for standing her ground).  

So, the result is that around the 3rd week in January, we will be looking yet again for another front desk person and probably a dental assistant as well.  The worst part is that the dental assistant who will probably leave is best friends with the second one, who will probably leave as well.  Leaving a very capable and nice Dr without assistants.  Did you know?  Dentists can't do anything without them.  Rats.
One more bit of news: Romeo's charter school lost their charter (mostly because they don't have enough students, I guess there's a minimum/maximum and they didn't reach their goal).  So, at the end of May, he will be looking for work again.
Can you believe it?  It's like we can't win for trying.
The city school district also announced that they are looking for substitute teachers to finish the school year, and they plan to hire from new college graduates to fill the over 200 openings they currently have.  
If that isn't the stupidest thing I've ever heard.......fucking idiots.  And they wonder why New Mexico has such low ratings in education.  Romeo's class was being "taught" by a sub who simply gave the kids handouts.  All the kids had A's.  Until Romeo tested them.  Wake up call, anyone?

Well, gotta go and wrap a couple of gifts.  Have a great week!
Love, 365


  1. Romeo could work for an online school. There are several out there, I know Connections Academy is rather large. He'd have many students in many locations and communicate with them via computer. I know a couple teachers who have ended up doing that and love it. Just an idea.
    I have NO IDEA what it's like to have an asshole making the workplace so miserable that people leave. After all, only 12 of 14 loyal, long-term people left the company I was working for in the last year.

    It sucks for the people left behind, I'm sure.
    Too bad that someone can't tell the dentist why there are all the issues....

  2. "I have NO IDEA what it's like to have an asshole making the workplace so miserable...." ha ha.


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