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February 12, 2017

Blow it out.....

Today's forecast.....wind gusts up to 50 mph

There is no sleeping in when it's windy in Albuquerque.  As I sit here in my office the entire house shuddered from the force of it.  Everything creaks, rattles, and groans.  Ugh.  I really hate when it's windy.


Is it just me or does this sound like a really bad idea?

Just goes to show that Trump isn't the only one...
We've had news stories about nabbing the #1 spot for car theft.  Many of these are because Albuquerqueians tend to "warm up" their car in the driveway without locking it.  
Studpidity abounds.

Ha ha ha ha ha.....

Love, 365


  1. You're obviously spending too much time on the internet. :)

    The wind blows here quite a bit, and during the winter it's not unusual for 65-70 mph gusts. My school is up on a hill and we get BLASTED. Big old tree branches land on the playground. So far no one has gotten hit. So far.

    1. Well, I surf when I'm at a loss for inspiration.....ha ha.
      We did have a lot of tree branches blown down yesterday, and lots of cooler covers (we have ugly evaporative coolers here) were all over the place. So, the gusts must have been much higher. Sounds like there's no place you can go to get away from wind.

  2. The wind is notorious here too but tonight we just have a gentle rain falling.

    1. You're in Arizona, right? As in my reply to Ami, it appears there is nowhere you can go to get away from the &(#% wind. Plus we had a 30+ drop in temps, and there was snow on the ground this morning. I'm really sick of winter.


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