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February 11, 2017

It's either time for a break, or time to knuckle under.

As in....nope I don't have a clue.

My class this semester, which is online (super convenient) is not an easy one, although it is very interesting...basically studying the adaptations that we humans have experienced since the Pleistocene (12 thousand years ago, give or take a few thousand).  In case you're interested, lactose tolerance is one.  But since this isn't a paper I'm writing for class or a test, I'll let you do your own research if you want to know, ha ha.

Once again, I am wondering if, after over 6 years of part time college, if I need a break from classes, writing papers, taking tests.  Perhaps it would renew my enthusiasm.  My biggest worry is that I will never go back and finish.  And I desperately want to finish what I've started.  So, I suppose that the answer is already there, and I should continue on and finish.  Even if I break for the summer, it will probably mean I won't graduate until December 2018.  Ugh.  I suppose what I need is a peer that works and goes to school like I do.  I do know someone who is close to my age, but he doesn't work, so it's a bit difficult to relate.  

I'm also a little irritated that I haven't heard yet from the professor if I can delay a paper that is due the Monday after I return from a week visiting my family in Texas.  I could take my computer with me and try to find some time to study, but the truth is, I'd rather not.  I've done that before, and it wasn't very productive.  Normally I would work ahead, but we have our first test on the Satuday before I leave, so I don't see that as a viable option.  Hmph.

Otherwise, we have been having wonderful weather, warmer than average, and for the most part, sunny.  But apparently the bottom will drop out tomorrow or Monday with a chance of snow and rain, with normal temps in the 30's and 40's.  I guess we'll have to wait for spring a bit longer.  Just as the stupid little rodent groundhog predicted.  

Love, 365


  1. I've found that studying (or reading) is more pleasurable if one can not have to worry about tests or graduations. 'Course that's just me.

    1. Absolutely. When I read for pleasure, it's never a text book.....I think that's pretty telling, lol.

  2. My youngest girl, who is teaching her second semester at University, says it's just as hard on the other side of the front desk.

    1. That's a relief! Nothing worth doing is ever easy.


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