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March 11, 2017

Have you bought a bed lately? And dealing with salesmen....

Approximately 17 years ago, I bought Romeo and I a sleep number bed.  And yes, it was expensive back then as well.  But I wanted something that didn't have springs, and the sleep number bed was the only game in town ~ that I knew of, anyway.  It has air chambers that allow you to soften or firm up your side of the bed.  That was also one of the main reasons I purchased it.  Romeo likes a firmer feel, where I prefer something a little softer.  Ours was pretty basic.  No "remote control" for adjustments, we had "add/remove" buttons (one on each side) that are attached to the motor (which is quite loud - unless you're an idiot, you don't decide to firm up your side at 3am - if you want to live to see the sunrise).  It is time for something new.  My side of the bed must have a small leak, as I have to firm it up every 2 to 3 weeks or so.  I don't like the Tempur-pedic mattresses - a friend bought one a year ago, and I just didn't like it.  Everything else is either memory foam or spring based.

Sleep Number has a confusing web site, so I decided to walk into the store yesterday to see and try the beds myself.  I did find the bed I want:
It is not cheap.  Drat.

Then I tried this one:
Intersting option.  Considered only because Romeo snores.

The second option is basically twice the price of the plain model, due mainly to the base.  I asked about bedding, and apparently you could put two twin fitted sheets (with some modification, I'm assuming) instead of purchasing the specific sheets that fit it ~ also quite expensive.  

So, I spoke to Romeo, and he doesn't believe that raising the headrest would make any real difference in his snoring.  I read a few reviews that state that the adjustment is only for mild snoring, and then tried to convince the reader that if the snoring is worse than mild (what ever the hell that means) then the person should be evaluated for sleep apnea.  Thanks for that.  

The sales person I was working with was a really nice guy.  But while cruising through the web site, I noticed that the offer of free delivery is good until 3/19, where he told me the free delivery expires on Sunday.  You see?  That's the kind of BS that really pisses me off.  

Romeo mentioned that the flex bed would be great if he was disabled, but not really necessary at this stage of the game.  I'm the one who's thinking that with a 25 year warranty, perhaps we wouldn't have to buy another bed again......and then a few minutes later realized how stupid that thought is.   No matter how great a bed is, you're not going to want to have it for that long.   When you look closely at the warranty, it's really not all that spectacular, although I have no idea what the warranty is on other mattress brands.

It's the second line that hits ya in the wallet, and obviously between years 21-25 they don't expect you will still own the bed. 

So, I guess I've decided, although spending that much money on a freaking bed is irritating.  Especially when I'd much rather spend it on furniture.

Happy sleeping!
Love, 365


  1. So how much is it?
    We need to get a new bed, this one is worn out. But a king sized bed is SO DAMN expensive.

    And I hate salesmen. Almost as much as lawyers, politicians and religious hucksters.

    1. The one we're gonna get is $3000. Stupid, isn't it? This includes the mattress & base, plus delivery. To be fair, they have a much less expensive model of mattress that is around 1200, but the base will be an extra 400. Truth is, if you have a platform bed, you wouldn't really need the base. Every other mattress I checked out doesn't have the option for adjusting the firmness for each side. And I hate memory foam.

  2. We bought a King TempurPedic 16 years ago. We LOVED IT. Then at the 10 yr mark and end of warranty it became too soft, we had divets where we each slept the majority of the time. Now having lost our big money corporate jobs we looked at new beds and said, No, we can't not spend 5K+ on a damn bed. So we bought a cheaper tempur pedic knock off from IKEA. It was on sale. yipee. If it lasts 5 yrs we both will be thrilled. And once installed we were shocked how much we love this bed. Who knew? And the warranty is 25 yrs. I wish we could have done a better bed but as of right now at the 3 month mark we are thrilled with it. We'll see.


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