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March 26, 2017


Wysteria blossoming...& taking over our backyard

We left the backdoor open yesterday despite the cool temperatures....the fragrance of the blossoms was too wonderful to resist.  Wysteria don't make a particularly good cut flower...they're pretty for about 24 hours, then drop the flowers and wilt.  Romeo usually trims it in late winter, but never got around to it....the blooms aren't as large as they would be if he had, but wow, there are so many, there's no point in complaining!

Week 1 of history class done, only 7 weeks to go.  I believe I will be counting them down, hoping to keep my head above the flood.  Two things: one student asked the prof. to repeat something, who responded with "I don't repeat myself", which on one hand is somewhat understandable, but not very conducive for learning....poor guy was searching his notes to answer a question & didn't hear the prof.  Two: he told us that he would post readings (on Learn, the online platform) that aren't in our book (more about the book later), but when I looked on Friday & again yesterday, the reading wasn't there.  AND I'm to write an essay on that particular reading.  So, I tried to find it on the web ~ mind you with only the last name of the author and nothing else (yeah, no first name, no book title...).  Finally believed I found the book at the UNM library, so had to drive down there to check it out (& pay $2 parking to boot), then come home.  I was lucky to have figured out the book, what with no first name or title, but the page numbers matched for chapter 16, so lucky-lucky-lucky ~ especially since I am not one of those normally lucky people.  You can bet that I'm giving the prof. a bit of chaff about it.  
****Update to that: I just checked and saw that the readings have been downloaded.  Little relief to those of us that need to write the essay with less than 48 hours to read the material and write the essay.  I also noticed he did not reply to my e-mail, which does not surprise me given his ego.  Sheesh.  It's also possible other students sent e-mails regarding the readings.  But given the fact that I was nearly the only person on the first day of class to have the required book, I would be somewhat surprised.  Again, sheesh.

The bed was delivered yesterday, and not without a tad bit of drama.....the sales person ensured me that they would pack up our old bed as #2 son is taking it with him when he moves to Austin in 3 weeks.  The delivery guys were really grumpy about it too....apparently there are things they aren't allowed to do, like take apart the existing bed frame, or help putting together the new bed frame.  They weren't happy about the delay either.  It's possible they are "timed"....I wish the sales person had told me to be sure to take apart the bed & frame and have the new one ready.  It's also possible that I misunderstood.  But the bed is amazing!  I slept very well, and so did Romeo.  One thing I didn't realize, is how much larger king size bed pillows are.  When Romeo put one of the king size pillow cases on our standard pillows, he was surprised....I suppose at some later date I'll buy some.  It's certainly not a priority, since really, theres only so much pillow you can use, ha ha.

Well, gotta run.  
Love, 365


  1. What happened to your blog? It doesn't look like you at all. I'm confuzzled.
    Sounds like your professor isn't very professorial or professional, either. I hate hate hate effing educrats. HATE them. Blech.

    One more reason higher education is the last thing I would voluntarily do.

    I love Wisteria. Our nearest neighbor has a whole big archway and trellis at her house, but they're not blooming yet. Driving by yesterday it looks like we're probably another three or four weeks away from that happening. I guess Oregon is colder than New Mexico. :)

    1. Well, blogger had these new templates that I thought I would try. Still not sure that I like that you have to click on the title to read it. Will give it a bit more time before I decide if I want to change it back. Sorry! I hate making people confuzzled. :-)

      Wish I could send you a little "smell-o-text" or something, because they really are amazing. And wow, we have had much warmer than "normal" temp's lately, so everything is popping out. I'm still waiting a few more weeks before planting my flower garden. We had temp's in the 80's for a week.

      Yeah, I really need to be as snotty to Mr History Professor on Monday. He deserves it, and yet.....what if that snottiness results in a crappy grade for my essay? Hmmmm, may have to hold my tongue. I hate that.

  2. I just don't get a professor or any human who behaves the way this one did. I don't repeat myself. Well I am sure he's said that more than once. What an arrogant ass.
    Enjoy your new bed. Nothing like a new bed. But I'd spring for the king pillows. I love mine. :-)

    1. Yep....I tend to find that the ones that are older (& I think he's in his early 70's) are unhappy about their age, so have to lord it over the students by being grumpy and idiotic. Ha ha
      ***Probably will get the king pillows soon..the standard ones look so small!

  3. Replies
    1. It really has grown....I should probably cut it back by half! Thank you!


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