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November 7, 2013

I think my SUV has a sign that's invisible to me....

Nah, this ain't Albuquerque.  Image courtesy of Bing.

~It's true.  I do think my 12 year old Isuzu has a sign on it that is invisible if you aren't driving, or if you're in it.  Because, if I have just a smidge over a car length in between me and the vehicle in front of me, someone has an overwhelming desire to swerve in front of me, causing me to either slam on my  brakes, or at the very least, stop the cruise control.  This includes driving on the freeway at 65mph.  It never fails to freak me out.

~Did your city/town once have red light cameras?  We used to.  People kept getting pissed off that they were caught going through a red light or speeding through the intersection, so Albuquerque halted the use of them.  Now, the left turner's just keep on going even though the light has turned red - like, 3 cars ago.  It's stupid, but they just keep going.  They don't care if you have the green, because, "I know they see me and will wait until I complete this completely illegal traffic maneuver before starting up".  *&#&@%#* stupid drivers. 

Slightly irritated.

Love, 365

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