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November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving is over, but feeling thankful is not!

I don't know who to credit for this (or where it was taken).  I stole it from Facebook, he he.

~As I ponder this sign, I wonder if my inability to knuckle down and work on the paper that's due in 5 days is due to my natural procrastination or maybe wondering if the stress of realizing that I need to finish it NOW is a creative process for me.  Nah, probably not.  Most likely I'll be kicking my own ass for not working on it more often in the past couple of weeks.  This always happens to me at the end of the semester.  I'm tired of it all, even if I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  I just want it to be over (& it will on 12/4).  I plan to write today, after I go to the gym.  It's a rare Friday that allows me to participate with the group that plays racquetball on Friday at noon, and I'm glad to have some time to enjoy doing something physical instead of sitting on my butt.

~Thanksgiving turned out very well.  The turkey was marvelous.  The homemade rolls delicious.  The potatoes my friend brought to dinner were great I guess ~ I don't eat potatoes but everyone else chowed down.  The only dish that wasn't quite up to par was the stuffing, which turned out a tad bit dry, but if you added enough gravy, it was good.  Next year I'll have to remember to add more chicken broth to up the moisture factor.  

~I am thankful for:
-My husband of nearly 34 years, who is my rock, friend, lover, soul mate.
-My Mom, who has taught me how to stand tall during the tough times.
-My family, who support me through thick and thin, good and bad, fun and sad.  I love them so.....
-My friends, who make me laugh when I'm sad, and allow me to help them when they need it.
-My dogs, who always love us all no matter what.  They're always ready to cuddle and play.  
-The ability to attend college, which is out of reach for so many.

Time to do some writing!  Enjoy your weekend!
Love, 365

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