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November 17, 2013

Once upon a time.....

Courtesy of Huffington Post, Dan Snow

When I first decided to return to college to earn a bachelor's degree, my goal was to teach high school students science....biology to be precise.  I was/am literally "working" my way through while holding down a full time job and taking classes online, in the evening, and once on a Saturday (it's rare to find classes on the weekend).  Then I hit a snag.  Chemistry.  I tried it twice, and failed both times.  Oh, I didn't go all the way through and fail.  I realized 1/3 of the way through the class that I was never going to make it and dropped the class.  I changed my major (as most college students do) and chose Anthropology, mostly because I thoroughly enjoyed my Intro to Anthro class, and figured "why not?". I am still enjoying anthropology.  But not because I'm going to make any money at it.  It's a joke I've heard from nearly every professor I've had who's an anthropologist.  I remain thrilled, because after all these years on earth, I have come to the conclusion that making lots of money might make having a nice car, or taking a European vacation for a month easier, because I simply want to do what I enjoy, and to hell with money.  Truth is, retirement isn't terribly far away for me anyway. I jokingly tell people who ask "my goal is to be the oldest archaeologist on earth", although the truth is I'll probably be the oldest person to earn a degree in archaeology, lol.  

Anyway, I have a quote on my blog that caught my eye some years ago.  "Always remember that you are unique...just like everyone else" with an unkown author.  Well, this morning I was catching up on reading my fairly new subscription to the Wall Street Journal and ran across this quote:  
"Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else" by Margaret Mead, an anthropologist.  

Somehow, I'm seeing that I've always been a student of anthropology...I just didn't realize it.

Love, 365

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