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March 28, 2014

New Orleans

Spring break, here only a week ago, is now a foggy memory.  I have 2 tests this week, one already done..and another to do.  I'm not so worried about the one I still have pending, it should be.....well, easy isn't the word, but slightly challenging, I guess.  The statistics class still gives me freaking nightmares.  I believe I passed, but really have no idea until I get it back, which I hope will be Tuesday.  I told my husband that if I don't do well, I will drop and take the class again later.  I hate to waste the money.  So I hope I did OK.

On a personal note, I seem to be having issues with how to deal with difficult people.  There is one difficult person in particular that I have to deal with 4 days out of 7.  I really can't avoid her.  
I consider the problem mine to deal with.  I can't really ignore her, but I can't give you any details.  I just wish I knew how to deal with this (occassionally unbearable) situation.  I've tried being cordial, asking about her weekend, her pets, etc.  She will answer, but tersely.  If I walk into a room, she will walk out if she is able.  She acts as though I have some incurable disease.  Quite frankly, it makes me "mad", and I don't mean angry, I mean crazy!   Ignoring her doesn't work.  Being nice to her doesn't work.  If anyone out there has any ideas, please don't hold back.  I could use some advice!

Well, I have a busy weekend ahead of me!  Enjoying catching up on past episodes of Game of Thrones before the 4th season starts!

Love, 365

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