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May 17, 2014

18 more days, but who's counting?

Chaco Canyon ~ Keyhole door

**If you are ever in New Mexico, make Chaco a destination stop.  Yes, the road sucks.  Yes, it's out in the middle of nowhere.  Still, it will amaze you.  It is a very special place!

~~~~~~I have had this cast on for 18 days, and have 18 more to go before they remove it and x-ray my wrist to check for healing.  This damn thing had better heal up, because I don't think I can take much more of it.  It has forced me to "educate" my left hand, but it's no fun at all.
~eating....just you try to eat with your non-dominant hand.  My husband and son watched me with fascination the first few times, and commented "You eat like a 3 year old!! ha ha"  
~opening doors....I forget and am rewarded with pain when opening doors with my right.  I suppose it doesn't like the twisting motion.  I thought there wouldn't be any pain after I got the cast.  Now why would I think that?  Perhaps wishful thinking....
~washing dishes....I did finally try putting on the rubber gloves and washed dishes last night to give my husband a break from it.  It worked out alright as long as the items weren't heavy.
~I simply cannot make the bed.  What a pain in the ......
~people who ask me "What Happened To You??" 20+ times a day gets old.  However, I know they are just curious and trying to be kind.  My co-workers are probably as ready for for it as I am.  
~I know it's disgusting to think about, but using the toilet is difficult too.  I'll let you use your imagination.
~sleeping....if it weren't for the benadryl I've been taking, I probably wouldn't be sleeping much.

I have also been thinking about people who have lost limbs or are otherwise permanently lost the use of a limb.....I am humbled that they get through and do so well without it.  I realize my "disability" is only temporary, and in no time at all I will be able to resume all my normal activities.  I am not a patient person...I anticipate arriving early to the orthopaedist office and hopping from one foot to another.....

On the plus side, the semester is over.  Ended with a B in Statistics, and an A in Forensic Anthropology.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do in the fall.  I have an appointment with the adviser on Monday.  The problem is that there are very few classes available to me as a "non-traditional" student ~ in other words, most classes are 10:30-11:45 Mon, Wed, Fri.  I simply can't take that class.  I may have to switch to OSU, which offers an anthropology class online.  The downside is that I won't be able to attend a real graduation ceremony, which is not really the point of education, but I sure was looking forward to one.  I guess I'll find out on Monday where I should go from here.  

Maybe I'll become an activist for non-traditional students in Albuquerque with UNM.  Community colleges are very accomodating to us, but not the university.  

Love, 365 

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  1. God bless you. It really sucks, doesn't it? I've never had a big old cast, but I did break my thumb once while playing ball. Just the cast they put on that made things difficult (and it was on my left hand, not my dominant.) Here's hoping everything comes out the way you want!


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