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May 18, 2014

It's Sunday, but it ain't gonna be lazy....

I got a kick out of this painting in a New Orleans restaurant..

**Yesterday I went with my husband to get a screen door for the door that takes us into the backyard. There hasn't been a screen door on it for several years...because dear ol' hubby one day got a bug in   his ear and decided to take it off and throw it away.  Why?  Who knows.  He is quircky that way.  So, on a nice day, I can open windows & such, but I can't open the back door to enjoy the breeze (which nearly always blows from south to north in spring & summer).  Have you priced screen doors lately? Wow.  We purchased an inexpensive one for $94, partly because we have no idea if our son's big dog will destroy it (as she has nearly everything in the backyard, ha ha), and partly because I didn't want to spend $264 for the next price point up.  Besides, no one really notices screen doors.....unless you don't have one.  
**While at the store, I began to feel sick.  Long story short, I ended up with a migrane and spent the rest of the day sleeping (after the requisite barfing, of course).  So, we missed our grocery shopping trip, and the restaurant reservations I made last weekend for Mother's Day (not liking very crowded spaces, I figured it would be better to go the following weekend).  Pooh.  This is the second one I've had in a month, and here I was getting used to the 3 to 4 a year I've been getting.  I hope this isn't some sort of trend.  In which case I'll see the Dr (maybe) and see what to do.  I just hate taking pills.  I've never had any luck with any migrane med's, mostly because I don't get a lot of the signs of impending doom.  Ah, well....
**Of course, here's the requisite bitching about my cast - *&#>?(&^< %$%$ #&(().  There, now don't I feel better?  You betcha.

As I've been typing I've been watching and listening to the installation of the screen door.  It must be going door slamming, no cussing, no muttering to oneself of the difficulties.  Of course, I'm inside and they (husband and son) are outside, but I see this as a good sign.  Sometimes these projects produce a lot of irritation and aggravation, but it would seem that this one is going fairly smoothly.  Maybe it's because I'm not helping......hmmmm, food for thought.

Love, 365

A little later.....never mind about the installation going appears I am out of the loop (thankfully), and apparently there are NO INSTRUCTIONS so it's not going as well as I imagined.  I know it wasn't made in China, because there is an American flag on the side with "proudly made in the USA".  So, there you go.......

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