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June 21, 2014

And I have made a major decision about my future......

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As I write, I can feel my heart pounding, my palms are slightly sweaty, and no small amount of adrenaline is coursing though my veins.  I have decided to find a new job.  After nearly 19 years at my current one.  I'm excited and nervous.  It's a perilous thing, looking for a new job while working at your current one.  Hopefully current boss won't find out I'm looking, which is somewhat a risk when you send off your resume (another thing that makes me nervous, I hate writing resume's).  If anyone has any suggestions on how to word "please don't call my boss until you're sure you want to hire me", please feel free.

I deserve happiness.  I deserve to feel good about going to work everyday.  

Ok, here goes...........
Love, 365


  1. Good luck in your job search.
    I kind of get around the 'can we contact your employer' thing by asking for letters of reference from other people I've worked with/for.

    1. I am planning to ask a few of them for reference.
      Thanks for posting, and for your well wishes!


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