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June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!!

I was going to write about my father, but changed my mind (I'll write about that later).  This post is dedicated to my husband.

~Thank you for:
-always being there
-being calm when the situation is chaotic
-helping with homework, all the way up to helping with fixing the teenagers car
-your support and advise
.....and lots of stuff that just goes along with being a Dad, like teaching your son how to grill a good steak, and the finer points of changing the oil in the car.

When the car my son's grandmother gave him finally crapped out, my husband found & bought this for our youngest:

(although this isn't it...this is a photo from bing images, and doesn't show the hardtop).  It didn't have seat belts (we had to put them in), but did have an 8 track ("what is that thing???").  He loved taking it out 4 wheeling, but hated the fact that the top speed was around 55, so he couldn't take it on the highway.  When he was in an accident in it, I was terrified....but the other car ended up being totaled, and his truck only had a dented fender.  Oh, how my husband loved that vehicle....he should have kept it for himself when it was finally sold for a Toyota.  

Of course, parenting is one of those things that teaches the parents lessons that they never expected.  It's wonderful and terrifying.  

Happy Father's Day to all of you Dad's out there!  We love you for all you do!

Love, 365

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