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September 12, 2014

Car remote ...... broken. No biggie, right?

Nah, mine doesn't look quite like this, but similar....(courtesy Google images)

As you might have already guessed, my remote stopped working last week.  Every day I would get home, telling myself I would replace the batteries.  But, then something would happen, and the result is a whole week before I finally got around to it.  Except....when I opened the the case, I had a couple of tiny little pieces fall out, and after I put it back together, it didn't work.  At least I have another one, and after replacing the batteries, it worked just fine.  

What really surprised me was just how dependant I had become on it.  I would keep forgetting that I couldn't walk away and lock it, I had to keep going back and locking manually....and then I would check at least 2 doors to make sure it "took".  Funny ~ I wouldn't have thought that I would feel more secure on the "beep" of the car horn than manually locking it.  I guess I've become more secure in technology than I thought!  I kept feeling irritated that I had forgotten to fix my remote, then feeling ridiculous that I trusted my remote more than locking with my own hand!  Weird.  

Considering they are now 12 years old, and have been dropped, stashed in my bag with no thought, been wet from rain and other hazards, I feel lucky that it worked as long as it did.  Maybe the remaining remote will last long enough to get me to a new vehicle in 3 to 4 years.....

Love, 365

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