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September 22, 2014

Writing, writing, writing.......

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Well, I don't smoke anymore...but I thought the look on her face mirrors my own.  "How do I start?  Will it make sense?  Can I stretch it to 2 pages?"  

When I began this class, I had no idea that there would be so much writing.  I figured like most classes there would be quizzes & tests & a bit of writing.  And, although I don't miss quizzes and tests, the writing is soooo difficult.  The most difficult part is understanding what the Prof. wants.  And apparently he wants us to show we read the material, and give our opinions about it.  Which is cool, I guess.  I've posted 5 so far, with good results. I recall another class where we had to write a lot, and I complained then too.  And figured that it would be great practice if I had another class like it.  No.  No, it didn't help at all, because the *#%*^ parameters are different.  But the material is great.  Evolutionary medicine will help our Dr's and health care professionals treat our problems more effectively....eventually.  

Otherwise, all is going along.  Romeo is still having hits & misses with his culinary endeavors.  Last week he made green chile stew....with bacon.  Sounds good, right?  Except he didn't precook the bacon, so it was slimy and digusting.  I ate around the bacon as well as I could, but no one ever went back for seconds, so it was thrown out.  I think we need to discuss doing ONE new idea per week instead of 3 or 4!  

He had asked me to buy bell peppers in order to make stuffed peppers for dinner, which is fairly straight forward.  Only the bell peppers were humongous. I've never seen an entire bin of green peppers that were all so huge.  I bought them with reservations.....figuring he might be a bit upset if I didn't get know, they were on the "list".  He made them on Saturday, and we finished them off for dinner on Sunday.  When I say they were huge, I wasn't exaggerating.  On the plus side, they were very good!

Let's try a little humor.....

and finally.....

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