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February 21, 2015

Back to work!!!!

I'm not a teacher, but.....Credits..

Yes, it's true!  I start my new job on Monday, which is why I haven't posted lately, this week has been rather a whirlwind of events.
I had an interview on Monday ~ it was rather strange, because a friend had recommended me to the company she retired from 6 months ago.  It was rather awkward, because Linda was there with Tim (the interviewer) I was the interviewee, I don't know what label to give Linda.  I think she wormed her way in, is very close to Tim, and wanted to mediate(?) between the two of us.  As a result, they chatted about this and that, I managed to ask a few questions, and got a free lunch out of it.  Truthfully, although Tim enjoys Linda's company, the meeting was more social than business related.   

On Tuesday, I interviewed with a dental practice.  The first thing I noticed was the office setting, which is very nice and up to date...and I was happy to see a kids area with toys off to one side.  You don't normally see that in a general dentists office, although what do I know?  I haven't been in that many, lol.  I had "the tour" and was very impressed with their technology (they have flat screens mounted so the patient could watch a movie, or whatever), the cleanliness (muy importante), the friendliness of the staff.  Everyone was very nice.  Said a quick hello to the Dr's while on my tour.  The practice manager basically began the interview by letting me know how rare an opening in their staff of the ladies in the business part of the office is 72!  OK, I was impressed.  After I left, I couldn't help thinking that if I had been working in an office like that one, I'd probably still be there, and I actually found myself hopeful.....

On Wednesday I cleaned the downstairs, vacuuming and mopping and the like...with a little rearranging of the living room furniture ~ which turned out to be a bust, I didn't like it, so moved it all back.  I heard from the dental office, asking if I could come in on Thursday to meet the Dr's, and to figure out what I wanted as far as salary.  I was so excited!  I might actually have made the final cut!  I finished up my house work, put everything away, and decided to do a little shopping for a new top to wear to the meeting (but surprisingly, an acquaintance who works at the Bobbi Brown counter, when we were talking about it, suggested I simply buy the hosiery, and wear an older outfit I already have, which is what I did).  BUT, I made a major mistake, and sprayed myself with a perfume I love, but too close to my face, and ended up with a migrane to punish me for such a stupid boo-boo.  I did not expect the spray to be quite so large, but I should have known better.  So, my shopping trip cut short, I managed to down a couple of meclizine tabs and sleep for a few hours.  

Thursday ~ I was kinda nervous, and kept wondering if I was overdressed for what the practice manager called a "casual" meeting with the Dr', no one really wears pantyhose anymore.  But given the pasty color of my legs at this time of the year, I had to, lol.  We talked, discussed some of the usual dental office issues, I left.  And I figured "I didn't get it, they are going to go for someone younger" because of the statement of one of the Dr's that they want a long term employee.  After my last experience, I told Romeo that "I will never again invest so much time with an employer ~ I've learned my lesson".  Kinda ironic.  Plus, there was never any question about salary.  Hmmmm.  So, when I got home I called Tim to do 2 things ~ let them know I'm interested in working for them, and to find out if they are making any progress.   While I was on the phone with them, the Dr's office called....I called back......they offered me the job!  

Just to let you know, I'm very excited and happy...but when she asked me my salary requirements, and I told her - she gasped (!) and told me what they are willing to pay.  Which beats the pants off of what the vet hospital offered, and I wanted the job, so of course I accepted.  But I wonder ~ why do they ask what you "require" when they already have a $$ in mind?  I suppose if I had said a few dollars per hour below what they are willing to pay, they would have started me with that amount.  Still, I hate that dance.  And I hate interviewing.  So, I'm glad that I now have a job and don't have to do the dance - for awhile.  I would describe myself as an optimist...but this whole experience has taken the shine off of optimism for me, and I remind myself that there is no real perfect job.  So, a little cynicism has crept into my psyche, which is just as well.

I thank all of you who have supplied encouragement (Ami) and suggestions (Ami).  :-)

Love, 365

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  1. I hope it will be a place where you feel appreciated and where you can form relationships with meaning. Congratulations!


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