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February 13, 2015


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Wow.  In the morning I might be feeling very positive, thinking all is going to be well, the afternoon might find me despondent or angry.  I don't really know how it's going to be until I get up in the morning.  I mentioned the working interview.....what a bust that was.  Why didn't the office manager tell me of the pay situation before we ever got to that point, I'll never know.  Either she assumed I knew the going hourly rate for receptionists at a vet's office, or purposefully didn't say.  Truthfully, I feel bad for those women working so damn hard and getting bupkis for doing it.

Anyway, I mentioned the phone call with my idiotic response.  Oh, that was fun.  I alternately laughed and berated myself for that blunder.  Then, I had a text from a friend who's previous boss (she is now retired) asking if I wanted to meet on Monday at noon regarding an opening they have....then yesterday afternoon I received a call for an interview on Tuesday.  Somehow, I have the feeling that one of these two interviews is going to culminate into a job.  Hopefully.

Otherwise, I am slowly working on my homework with mixed results.  It's very interesting, but it's rather like slogging through mud.  I need to transcribe my notes & have a list of questions and comparisons ready by Monday.  A friend asked me to lunch tomorrow, and as of right now I have 2 hours to decide if I have the time to do that, or if I should really be hitting the books.  I hate to disappoint her, she's been a good friend.

It has been truly beautiful here lately.  Warm, like in the 60's.  Sunny.  Not windy.  We are all loving it, and dreading the return of cold, windy weather.....surely winter will give several last gasps before spring arrives ~ which can be pretty chilly & windy as well.  

Well, gotta go!
Love, 365

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