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February 5, 2015

...oh, and housework. Bleh.

Exactly.  (All are Google images)

Yesterday: I applied for four jobs.  One must have been an old post, because my e-mail didn't go through.  Did you realize that Craig's List also has jobs?  Someone mentioned it to me.  I notice there are a lot more dental jobs posted there than on Monster, Indeed, and local newspaper job postings.  Why?  I believe that it's free to list a position on Craig's list.  Dentists are cheap.  

     I folded some laundry.  Exciting.  Blissful.  Necessary.  humph.

     I spent nearly 2 hours cleaning the refrigerator.  Someone I know remarked "that must be one big ass refrigerator", but no.  It had been a couple of years since I had done the WHOLE thing.  Not just wipe down the shelves, which is done on a semi-regular basis (like when you go to pick up one of those plastic left-over containers, and you have to rip it out because theres a sticky spot).  Yeah.  This was the removal every shelf and bin, wash/dry, wipe out the walls and bottom (I found a dead fly in there) and then ponder how it all goes back together.  Find yourself telling the fridge "yeah, yeah, give me a minute" because the door open alarm is going off (it's just a beep.........beep........beep kinda thing).  Well, it's all sparkly for the moment.  Truth is I probably won't keep my resolution to do this every 6 to 8 months, lol.  It's not my favorite job.  If it's yours, please volunteer (weirdo).

You know what's wrong with this picture?  She's smiling......

Last night was racquetball "Ladies night" at the club ~ and my friend Pat had decided to do a "vintage" night....which meant that we were to wear short shorts & knee socks & any other vintage clothing we might have.  We played with 80's style racquets.  It was all fun except for the short shorts.  I told Pat I don't have any, so she generously supplied me with a choice of 3 pairs she had on hand.  I didn't want to do it.  I'm very self-conscious.  So I had an excess of wine to remove my self-consciousness (which worked), and woke up with a headache.  While there Sandi remarked on how much I've been cooking (& she heard the fridge story) and remarked "Jesus, you need a job!".  Yeah.

Uhhh, no dress, and certainly no apron..and that hairdo is totally inappropriate.
I wear my old jeans, and old tee shirt, and my hair is sticking up all over.
From attempting to pull it out.

So, here it is, Thursday, and I have to admit to myself that I am not going to hear from the vet's office receptionist position. :-(   I know that I screwed up that interview by admitting that I hoped not to work someplace where the staff bicker, fight, etc.  She looked at me & said "This is basically an office full of women", like I'd just said something profoundly stupid.  Which I guess it was.  Stupid.  Note to self: don't say what you think, just say what they want to hear.  Duh.
UPDATE:  I just had a call from Betty at the animal hospital for a working interview on Monday!! Woo Hoo!  I'm gonna pray ~ and if you're so inclined, please do so for me, k?

Ah, realism.  Other than the fact it's a cartoon.

And you guessed it: I polished the stone counter tops in the kitchen this morning, and cleaned the tile backsplash around the stove.  If only I could make some serious money cleaning, because I'm quite depressingly good at it.  However, I don't think I'd be happy cleaning up someone else's mess, because sometimes I get really pissed at how dirty my family can be at times.

Well, gotta finish up my notes for class this week.  It'll be a great break from cleaning.

Love, 365

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