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June 19, 2015

Summer busyness....

Hollyhock in bloom...

It has been a very busy time, taking class (still doing research, and it has become very fascinating looking into nutritional resources of the Anasazi).  I'm trying to increase my visits to the gym, with some strength training.  Plus, it just seems like there is so much to do during the summer....watering plants, dusting inside (OMG the dust), and all the usual stuff.

Plus, I seem to write more when I'm stressed out and frustrated, and less so when I'm happy and busy.  So, there ya go.

Not to say that everything is coming up roses or anything.  My Mom had fallen twice in the same day, and ended up in a rehab hospital.  It's tragic but predictable, because basically she sits 99% of the time and has lost much of her muscle mass (not to hard to figure out why I want to spend more time at the gym....).  She is improving, but my sister and I are a bit concerned if she'll keep up the workouts when she gets home.

Seems like I worked out the problem at UNM...the counselor I met with today said that if I do take the history classes at another college, it won't pose a problem with accruing the hours I need to graduate from there.  It annoyed me though, that she stated "we aren't an online college".  I responded (I was a bitch if you want to know) "well, perhaps there should be some thought about that, since I noted that UNM enrollment has been steadily declining".  There.  That should really change things, huh?  Right.

Well, gotta review the schedule for fall classes and work on my research.  It is so effing hot today.  I'm glad to be sitting inside in the air conditioning.

Love, 365

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