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July 18, 2015

The real trouble with reality is that there's no background music.

Sun Dagger, Chaco Canyon ~ New Mexico
Courtesy Bing Images

Hello!  It's been awhile....and my excuses are the usual....busy, enjoying the summer, not much desire to write.  My summer class is going along, and sadly I've not really put forth as much effort as I should be.  I'm torn between taking another single credit class with my current professor mostly because I think the university might ask him to retire soon.  He mentioned that he feels that his ideas have become outdated and other newer theories overshadow those that he has held so dear, and worked so hard to promote.  I like him, and find his theories plausible.  We will never know all the details of the Chaco phenomena.  Not only is there no written language, the native Americans are very tight lipped about their history and origin stories.  

Otherwise, life keeps moving along.  I have procrastinated again about what to do for fall semester.  I need to go to the Univ. of Texas at Austin to check out their history classes, and go on to the Univ. of NM, and cancel the class I was thinking of taking.  I'm not going to take it because I would have to ask to leave work early one to two days a week, and although I don't think it would be a problem, I really don't want to ask until I've been there a bit longer.  

My Mom has not been doing well.  She has, over the years, lost much of her muscle mass ~ because she doesn't exersize, not even walking.  She has a wheel chair and a walker.  It's not because she has an underlying medical condition, it's just that she doesn't want to do stuff that hurts or is uncomfortable.  Which I get, but is unrealistic.  My sister and I have been encouraging, but as my sis says, it's really up to her.  And she just doesn't want to.  The depression is probably a direct result of her isolation, which is self imposed....mostly because she won't work on getting her strength back.  It's not a fun circle to be in.

A few days ago, I finally broke down and realized that there is no financial way for me to go and visit my Mom (& sis, son, nephew, etc).  I had been fooling myself figuring I could work it out, but with no vacation time until February, and having taken a pay cut (although I really enjoy my new workplace), I just can't swing it.  Sometimes being terminally optimistic is not a good thing, eh?

Before I go, I wanted to share this recipe (I apologize for the stupid pop up ads & other crap, which really drives me crazy).  Very refreshing during the hot summer months!

Well, gotta go and run a bunch of errands, finish laundry, and figure out what we're having for dinner.  

Love, 365

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