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May 31, 2015

Baking and playing.......

A few weeks ago I purchased this bundt pan from Williams-Sonoma...truth is, I've been wanting it for the past 5 years, after purchasing one for my Mom.  (She probably never uses it!  But there it is in case she decides to.....)  It is made in the USA....another nice perk.  When Williams-Sonoma first started carrying it, they had a cinnamon roll mix with instructions on how to make it in this particular pan, and I must say it was great!  They no longer carry the cinnamon roll mix, but there are tons of bundt cake recipes out there.  And if you want to try the cinnamon roll idea, just make them and after you put all the goodies in the dough, just wrap it around the pan for the final rise.  Cream cheese frosting is a must!  They really look great too.....   I just had to look a little harder to find recipes that didn't include cake mixes, because "from scratch" means no premade own rule.  That is conveniently broken if the recipe looks too good to pass up.  Lol.

Ironically, this is the shape of my previous bundt pan....which I passed on to someone who wanted it.  
I made lavendar and lemon bundt cake as a tester for my swirly one.

And OMG, it was wonderful.  I made it for the racquetball ladies night group party yesterday.  It took a little doing to find the dried lavendar flowers, and the flavor is fantastic.  The recipe is on the Williams-Sonoma website.  For free.  They have lots of great recipes, and if you're looking for something new, it's a great place to check out!

Key lime bundt cake.  Yep.....

Got this recipe from another blogger.  If you want to visit her site, just click on the title & it'll take you there.  I didn't make the glaze for this one, but decided to make whipped cream instead, and threw in the left over zest and just a little sugar.  I haven't tried it yet, but Romeo said it was good.  However, he says everything I bake is good.  I have to cut a piece for the Ladies Night group for a birthday.  The person who it running the group is paying me to make a dessert when we have birthdays, which plays right into Romeo's plan...I'll have to bake something, and I only need to take a slice to the party.  We used to bring a whole cake, but hardly anyone wanted to eat any....then she was buying cupcakes.....and that got old.  So, now they get something home made & hopefully delicious.

Other than my baking spree, all is about the same!  I am still enjoying my workplace and although I do have a class this summer, it's not terribly taxing.  Which is good, because it's summer...and I want to get out and hike & explore.  Hopefully soon.

Enjoy your week!
Love, 365

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  1. Great, now you made me drool on the keyboard.


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