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January 2, 2016

It's a brand new year......or just tomorrow. You decide.

Cloudcroft NM (courtesy of KOAT 7)

Santa Fe NM (KOAT 7)

Ruidoso snowstorm (KOAT7)

Roswell NM (KOAT 7)

Right after Christmas, we were on the receiving end of a nice winter storm.  In Albuquerque, there were over 100 auto accidents on the Saturday after the holiday, and the temp's were so cold, the roads were still pretty ugly on Sunday.  I wasn't happy to miss racquetball, but had no desire to listen to Romeo tell me that my winter driving skills suck (which they kinda do, but I wasn't interested in hearing it).  Although I do have 4WD, I so rarely use it, and need to pull the manual out to refresh my memory.  My next vehicle will not have 4WD.  It's a waste of gas, and I use it maybe twice every 2 years.  I really feel for the folks in Roswell, who received some rain, then snow and very cold temp's...and the city doesn't have any cinder/salt spreaders nor do they have snow plows.  I understand all shut down, because the roads were too treacherous (see above).  

On Monday, driving to work was a bit dicey, but I made it just fine, and after that the roads cleared up.  If we do get snow, I prefer it on a Friday or Saturday in hopes that the roads on Monday will be clear.  I love looking at the snow, but not driving in it.

Did anyone else see the FB post that Willie Nelson died?  I figured it was a hoax, and it turned out to be just that.  I got caught believing that Betty White had passed away until a friend pointed out that it wasn't true.  Same for Willie.  Why do people do this?  On the plus side, after the Betty incident, I look at those things with a jaundiced eye.

Well, Romeo is having a hissy fit trying to make sourdough bread, banging stuff around and such, so I'm cutting this short for now.  

Love, 365

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