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March 26, 2016

Anything goes...

The "Spaceship house" in Albuquerque (Bing images)
Nope, never been.  This is one end, the house extends back from this end point.

Happy Easter to you all.....although I have to admit that I find the whole "rising from the dead" just a tad bit unbelievable, although explaining my individual beliefs is not the purpose of this post.  What can I say ~ I often say things in this post that I dare not say in public, because it's really no ones business and I don't want to get into a philosophical debate with anyone either.  Mom constantly told me to never (ever) argue politics or religion ~ with good reason, because unless you are open minded and truly interested in the other persons point of view, it's an arguement.

No, the real reason for this post today is to comment on my current class, "Health in New Mexico".  Which I believe some would characterize as a left leaning, communist bunch of horse shit.  Although I do agree with the concepts of the material, it's really starting to annoy me as it makes me feel like an undeserving white piece of trash.   I can't wait for this class to end.  Here is an example:

1. Historical trauma ~ this is trauma experienced by a social, religious, or ethnic (could apply to other groups as well) groups that continues to effect the group for generations.  Example would be the Jews and the holocaust, any example of ethnic cleansing, and the relocation of Native American tribes (Trail of Tears, etc).  Historical trauma is an attempt to explain the phsychological, physical and social issues they currently experience as the result of the trauma (alcoholism, drug dependence, anxiety, PTSD).  Interestingly, one of the students described how her Grandmother would talk about how many family members were killed in a desperate struggle to escape Germany and Poland.  In fact, our professor is also Jewish and mentioned a story where her Grandmother discovered that her Granddaughter's passport had expired, and what a big deal she made of it ~ "What if you have to leave????".  
I get this one, it makes a lot of sense.  I struggle with the "why can't they get over it and move on" mentality none the less.
2. Microaggressions ~ an example would be telling an Asian professor "You speak English really well!" or "Where were you born?" when the person in question is an American, and was born in San Francisco.  Yeah, this is considered a racist issue because racism is so pervasive in our country that we don't even recognize it.  Ok, I get it.  Personally I would never say anything like that to anyone unless I knew without doubt that this person had just moved to the U.S., although I doubt that gets me off the hook.  
3. Critical race theory ~ again, this is the subject of consistent and pervasive racism by those of European descent to anyone of color.  Because racism is part and parcel of our society.  Hey, if you don't believe me, just google "critical race theory".  You'll find lots of info, some good, some really radical.  CRT is a guide for those that are researching different issues to be mindful that they need to make certain they recognize racism (being denied entrance to college based on ethnicity, same for hiring practices, treatment in hospitals and other medical facilities, etc) and to include that finding in their research so that "everyone knows" (oversimplification).  Again, unless you adhere to the whole "white supremist" bullshit, it is perfectly understandable.  

Here is where I start to feel annoyed by the knowledge that I am part of a system that puts a foot on the neck of anyone who isn't white.  

There is so much more to all of this.  Lots more.
And it's worth learning about, although it's difficult to hear.

Mostly because humans are part of our "animal planet".  And animals are pretty vicious.  If you've ever watched National Geographic, or any other of the shows that give us a glimpse of what life is like for prey and predator.  Driving around town is enough to convince me that we still exist in that philosophy! 
We're animals too.  

Until that day ~ if it ever comes ~ where we all decide not to trash the planet, never abuse another human (much less kill others in the name of religion), make sure everyone gets the education they want/deserve, make sure no one ever dies of a disease, create a world where everyone has access to food that maximizes our potential ~ we are still part of the wildness.  

I'd like to see that utopia.  Would you?  

Love, 365


  1. I have very strong opinions on things... perhaps you've noticed. :)

    I utterly refuse to feel guilty over being white, though. I had nothing to do with it, I was born that way. I didn't enslave anyone. I hate that those things happened and are still happening around the world, but *I* didn't do it.

    As for asking people where they're from? I ask all kinds of people that same question. It's not a racist question.

    When my son was in college, he said that almost every class he was in was blatantly liberal and speculated that writing with his left hand would probably give him a better grade.

    I have no answers, by the way. :)

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  3. Whatever the principles and actual views expressed, I think that any course like the one you describe simply has to be H**** S**t as far as I am concerned and would annoy the heck out of me. I think life is more complicated than this. I know they're just trying to pin it down into manageable bits, but I always end up thinking, "I'd rather make up my own mind."

    Which just means that I am a hopeless student, I suppose.

    1. Yeah, well......I have to admit that there are times that "opening my mind" is like doing yoga. Some poses are easy where others are completely out of my range of ability. You're right, life is way more complicated than this. BUT ~ it wouldn't hurt us to look around a bit, eh?


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