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March 13, 2016

Spring forward.....again

Rub right there.....ahhhhhhh (Bing images)

In case you missed my Daylight Savings Time rant last year, go here.......

Wow, how time flies by....February marked my one year anniversary at work.  I am sooo happy to be there, but as I've mentioned before in previous posts, not all is flowers and rainbows ~ sadly I've never worked at "flowers and rainbows" ~ because it doesn't exist!  Because we're people, and people are weird and wonderful and exasperating and thoughtful and....well, you get the idea.  Last Tuesday a couple of our younger staff members played a little practical joke on *Violet....just moving stuff around on her desk (because she does have labels on her calculator and is very picky) and putting her chair in the lab.  It was funny, and now of course it's "game on!".  So we shall see what kind of shennanigans goes on from here.  There are 2 dentists in the practice, *Dr H and *Dr T...Dr H was in Germany this past week teaching a course on Cerec (which is a mill machine that makes crowns and inlays and such).  So although we were short one doc, the week was surprisingly busy.  I finally got the new welcome letter typed, and worked on insurance calls ~ which are terribly irritating.  Insurance calls are exactly what they sound like.  We check with your insurance to find out why they haven't processed and paid on your claim.  The responses are so predictable ~ "I don't see any claims for Todd on 2/10/16", or "That claim was denied because they didn't have coverage for that date of service" and so on.  It's slow going, especially if you have to call Blue Cross Blue Shield ~ because they don't have a web site where you can go and check have to call and wait on hold for 20 minutes (while working on something else of course) ~ and they will only let you ask about 2 different claims even though your list is 80% BCBS claims.  I wish they would develop a web site where we could check your eligibility and claims status.  Cheap bastards.

It's spring break week here at UNM, but other than not having class, it will be really busy.  We have a mid-term exam, ethnographic review, and a paper describing the research we will do that is due at the end of the semester.  Not all on the same day, but close enough.  I haven't even started reading book two yet.

We have had wonderful weather here lately, but it is spring ~ our windy season.  It was nice yesterday morning, but the wind picked up in the afternoon.  Have I ever mentioned how I hate the windy season???

Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting!

Love, 365

P.S. No, I didn't find out about the raise yet because of the Germany trip.  Guess I'll find out later this week.  Fingers crossed and all that....

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