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March 5, 2016

How not to ask for a raise in pay.....and other nonsense

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This was the week I asked for a raise at work.  I have been there for a year, and promised myself I would not procrastinate in asking for more money.  About 8 months or so ago I was chatting with one of the hygienists, and somehow the topic of asking for a raise came up.  I knew I was in trouble when she said to make sure to have a plan, and good luck ~ apparently it is not uncommon for my co-workers to go 3 years without an increase in pay.  So, I've been keeping a list of the ideas and suggestions that I came up with during the year, and went in to the OM's office prepared to wow her with my request....only this is what I did ~ "I want a raise".  Incredible right?  She admitted it was time for it, and would speak with the Dr's and get back with me.  And the very next day, two other co-workers asked for one as well.  I suppose in a way I opened the flood gates.

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I figure I will find out next week how much of a raise I will get, because I know I will get an increase.  I know what I'd like (not unreasonable), but I don't really have any idea.  The OM (office manager) has no idea what the current average pay is for those of us that work the front desk ~ because when one of my co-workers asked, she was told "you're already at the top of the pay scale", which is obviously not true.  "Patty" left for one job offer, ended up quitting that one and ended up working for another dental office that is paying her more than any of the rest of us are getting.  

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So, I know I will get some sort of increase, and really it won't matter how small or big it is, because I really enjoy working there.  Plus, I don't think it's a good idea to start a job search while Romeo is still looking.  Actually, Romeo is embarking on a new career path as a teacher.  He has to obtain his teaching certificate, but I know he will do well & have it in hand as soon as it is possible to finish the course work.  In the meantime, as soon as he is enrolled in the classes he can teach on a "provisional" license, once he's done the background check.  The downside is that he most likely won't have a full time position until the fall, since the school year is winding down, although summer school is coming up, so who knows?  He was actually offered a position, but the pay was dismal.  We agreed that taking a risk in turning that job down and moving forward with teaching was the best bet.  

In the meantime, I must get busy with a short paper I need to turn in on Monday!  

Enjoy your weekend....Love, 365

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