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April 19, 2016

I survived......

Here I am in my "blue mood", ha ha

I managed to get through my presentation without embarrasing myself, which I thought was a "win". Right now our printer doesn't work ~ so I e-mailed both my power point presentation and the notes that were supposed to accompany it.  The power point made it, but unfortunately my notes didn't, so I spent my 20 min lunch highlighting in orange the points I wanted to make.  It worked out OK.  It was strictly voluntary, for extra points, so I didn't have to worry about being "correct" in my interpretation.  Holy cow, it was a bitch to read.  I truly dislike "academic writing".  I swear that there is some sort of app that you can run your paper through that will replace some words with fancy ones that make a reader such as myself (and I'm pretty well read, if I do say so myself) have a dictionary handy and use it at least 5-10 times on each page.  I was a bit tempted to put a vocabulary list on one slide of the power point to make my point, but I don't think my Prof. would have found it funny.  

I had a rather disappointing morning at work ~ the Doc wasn't happy with how I scheduled a patient, and although I was able to re-arrange things to suit him, I still felt terrible about it.  He and I just don't speak the same language, and without much feedback, I'm at a loss.  I guess I will need to take the upper hand and try talking to him more often.  It's kind of weird to feel uncomfortable talking to one of my bosses, as I usually don't have a problem talking to anyone ~ at least one on one.  

Well, gotta run, bills to pay, etc! 

Love, 365


  1. I refuse to schedule any of my boss's appointments anymore because it got the point where no matter what day and time I scheduled a client, he would cancel or change it.

    I know a lot of attorneys who probably use that app....

    1. Well, I can't avoid it because it's part of my job! It's only certain appointments that I apparently have issues with knowing how he wants them done. Luckily I don't have to make personal appointments for these Dr's, but if I did, I'd probably have the same issue.


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