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August 27, 2016

Celebrations and good byes....

Turtles sharing a bit of gossip at the duck pond at UNM

I must first congratulate a blogging buddy for obtaining a new workplace, and sending off a nice little resignation letter (see here).  Ami, although I believe you've finally gotten the attention of the larger powers that be, I would still be surprised if "fluffy" gets her comeuppance.  At the very least, that bitch should lose her job and end up finding out she's not employable  in working with children.  Maybe she could clean toilets and mop floors, although cleaning things up doesn't seem to be her strong suite.  I shall be hanging on the edge of my seat for future details.  

One of my favorite bloggers, "Mais Fica" has not posted anything in over a year.  I'm afraid I'm going to have to delegate your blog, no matter how much I loved it, to the recycling bin.  I realize you are busy with a baby that you never expected to have.  However, I feel the need to move on. I hope all is well.

In the meantime, I am studying for my Italian Renaissance mid-term.  Then I gotta get going to finish the damn class that will be over at the end of Oct.  Because I procrastinated big time, I am wallowing in my own filth here.  I actually had to buy an extension.  For a class that I had a freaking year to complete.  The problem?  Well, there were lots of things actually.  One, my Mom fell and broke her hip, then was in hospitals and rehab units for nearly 6 months.  The biggie though, is that 
#1~ other than finishing it within the year, there really aren't any deadlines.  And I now realize I need them.
#2 ~ I thought the subject matter would be interesting, and it is, just not as interesting as I thought it would be.
    So, the mid-term is waiting for me at the UNM testing center on Monday at 10am.  I have been fighting the urge to reschedule.  I am just going in there and doing it.  I am thinking that if I really stink, UNM doesn't need for me to transfer the credit.  So there.

Well, back to my review.  
Love, 365


  1. Ughhhh... school. I love learning, I despise ed-u-ca-tion. Learning and going to school are vastly different critters, at least in my lexicon. I'm always glad for my friends who love being in school, though. It's where they're finding joy... and that is almost always a good thing.

    I'm working on the emails I plan to send up the line. I am being assisted by one or two people who won't even get an alias, because in looking at recent stats, the company I work for has read a few posts.

    1. Wow.....I hope they figure it out, but if they have ignored you thus far, what's to say the future will be any different??? I've given up on Fluffy and Big Fish, because as you mentioned, they just won't change. It's just one long "butt cover".

      When will you begin the new job?


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