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August 9, 2016

It's like "Days of our Lives" around here......

UNM prof again suspended over sexual harassment complaints

Headline and photo from the Albuquerque Journal, 8-9-2016

Well, folks.....looks like I needn't worry about my honors professor, as it appears as though either  more women came forward to lodge complaints, or the outcry of everyone (?) put enough pressure on the powers that be at UNM that they suspended him again.  Really, I can't imagine that he will be given anymore classes to teach, although I don't know if they will fire him.  Although they should, without fear of a reprisal in the form of a lawsuit.  He kinda looks like a regular guy, right?  Of course, after having read all these stories, I'm not sure.  Perhaps a bit of predator in the eyes.  Very interesting.  Now I am wondering who will teach the honors class.  It would be so cool if Prof. Stewart could do it, but I don't think he would want to, as he's basically inching his way toward retirement.

How embarassing for New Mexico, UNM and the general state of academia.

Love, 365

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