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August 29, 2016


And these are an example of two of the women I work with...
I call them Mario & Luigi

I did it....I took the mid-term.  Despite the feeling I wasn't prepared.  And I think I did ok on everything except the very last essay question, where I understood the terms I was to write about but couldn't bring up any of the names I was supposed to include.  So, maybe not too great, but it is done and I can now move on with my life....ha ha

Just a smattering of the thoughts that go through my head....

While in the testing room (where they watch you with video cameras to make sure you don't cheat) ~ I should pick my nose and wipe it on the table.......I should chew on this pencil (& the darn thing very nearly went into my mouth ~ I refrained with mere milimeters to go).

While I'm sitting in class desperately trying to keep up with the blather that is coming out of the professors mouth ~ wouldn't it be hysterically funny if one of the 5 of us in class let out a really long and noisy fart.  I kept imagining different senarios in my head, which went from outright, falling down laughter, to awkward silence and nasty looks.  

Really, why do I think this stuff?  I must be twisted.  Or really really bored.

Love, 365

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